What is photoblog? – 2020

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What is photoblog? – 2020

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Photoblog is unlike the normal bog but in this blog rather than adding up content, pictures are been added to create content. Photoblog tens to be more visually appealing to the viewers rather than the normal blogs. Such types of blogs are easy to understand. You can easily run such types of blogs on blogging websites and even on a single domain. Whenever you start reading the blogs the images are arranged in reverse order so that you can see the latest images on the top.

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Why do people do Photoblog

Photoblog is a great medium to express your content. In the past few years, it is booming gradually. As you know there are most of the people that do not love to read articles and blogs and love more of video content and photography. This is the main reason people are shifting to photoblog to cater to a large audience. In total with the help of Photoblog people are able to get connected with the help of images and photoblog. With the growing population, most of the people will shift onto a Photoblog platform as it will be easy to understand.

How to start a photoblog?

Starting a photoblog is very simple. No specific knowledge is required to start up your photoblog. There are various platforms on which you can start your photoblog but the best is to start from WordPress it is free software that provides you with a variety of tools to set up your photoblog. WordPress is flexible to do all your works. If you want to start a photoblog you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Register the blog with a domain name: The first step is to buy a domain name. The domain name is like a name for your website over this internet. Without having the domain name you can’t proceed further. The domain names are quite reasonable and can be easily affordable. There are a variety of websites over the internet that provides you with cheap and affordable domain names like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Hostpapa, and many more. When you are selecting a domain name make sure it should be unique and not copied. Special characters are not accepted in the domain name. You can even select your personal name as your domain name 
  2. Set up website hosting- Another important step is to set up your web hosting. Web hosting is a platform where you build up your website. Once you have purchased your domain you need to purchase the hosting. There is a variety of web hosting you can choose to develop your website. You can choose the web hosting you need based on your budget and needs and preferences. If you have already purchased a domain name then you just need to only buy a web hosting. While choosing the web hosting to make sure to enter your country and if your country is not mentioned just select U.S. It is better to select the domain name and hosting from the same company to make the process easier. Once you have completed all the processes complete your billing cycle. You can select the desired options if you want to pay monthly or yearly. It is beneficial to select yearly plans as it costs cheaper and you can save more money. You just need to enter the payment details and enter it the work will be done and hosting will be purchased.
  3. Download WordPress in your device- Once you have purchased the domain name and web hosting you need to install WordPress in your device. WordPress is the easiest way to develop your website. You can easily customize your website with the help of WordPress.Easy to understand the tool with plugins to downloads and work with it. To download WordPress you need to login to your dashboard and you will find a variety of tools to download it. Select the WordPress option and install it. To install WordPress you need to set up a login id and password Enter the heading name of your website and install it. WordPress will be installed automatically.
  4. Setup your Website theme- Now your website is live on the internet you can access your website but the website seems to be empty. To design the website you need to select a theme. Every WordPress website needs to have a theme in order to design your website. The theme helps you to make your website more attractive and good looking. When you install your WordPress you will see a theme installed into it that is quite decent and heavy but not good for your photography blog. If you want to add a new theme on your WordPress website you need to select the appearance button on the left side and select themes from it. A new window appears just click on add new. WordPress provides you with a variety of themes that you can choose to design your website in the best way. You can customize the website the way you want and use it.

By following the steps above you can easily create your photoblog and publish it.

How to create a successful Photoblog?

There are many ways tips you can find to create a successful blog but the first and the foremost step is to ask yourself whether you have an interest in photoblog or not? People generally start to create photoblog seeing other creators and they tend to start too. This leads to a lack of success in their blogs and they fall. The driving force is needed to create a successful photoblog.

Find a good reason to start up your photoblog

There should be a valid reason to start up your photoblog. It’s not just to start a blog by seeing others have a motivation in your mind. Try to follow out on the blogs in your niche this will give you a reason to start up your photoblogs.

blog photography, how to start a photoblog

Find out the target audience?

It is necessary to find out the target audience before starting the photoblog. So you need to understand what the people require and love to read. So the readers of photoblog are growing regularly and this trend is increasing. In order to find your audience, you need to be more specific in terms of the language they speak the country they belong to and even the trend going in that area. If you are able to find this type of audience you can easily grow up. Taking up reviews from your audience constantly gives you an idea about how people are liking your blogs. This step should be followed before moving further in order to find a good audience.

What message do you want to communicate through your blogs?

When you start creating blogs the audience starts connecting with you. Visitors start reading each and everything from your blog. So it is very important to create blogs in a way that gives a message and is meaningful. When you are creating a photoblog it is most important to give the right message. At times images create 2 different meanings that may confuse the readers hence it is necessary to be more precise.

Promotion of the blog?

Once your blog is ready and live promotion is the most important step you need to follow is to promote your blog. To monetize your blog you need to promote your blog to gain viewership. You can promote your blog with the help of various social media platforms that will help you to gain more viewership.

The final step is to take an initiative

When you plan to start your blog there will be most of the people that will degrade you while some will support. Taking suggestions is really good but you need to initiative just start up the photoblog don’t think if people will like or not just follow your passion. give your 100% consistency is the key to a successful blog. Take out all the excuses just give your best. Even with a mobile phone, you start up your blog no special devices are needed to create a successful blog. Once you start creating photoblogs slowly and gradually you will be able to improve yourself in better ways.

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Top Photoblogers in India

There are numerous top Photoblogers in India that are doing extremely well and are managing to grow day by day and our doing extremely well. We will be discussing below some of the Photoblogers of India mentioned below.

  1. AJAY SOOD- One of the finest bloggers in the community. His passion is to capture all the moments wherever he travels. With his consistency in blogging, he has now created a big name in the internet world. Ajay Sood is a travel influencer since 2010 and with his hard work and dedication, he is been featured in the top magazines of India. He is been inspiring many youths for a long period of time and with his motivation, many new bloggers have come up and all are working really hard in the photoblog field. Ajay Sood was the part of the blogging exchange meet in Europe and was the first Indian speaker out there in the year 2016 that is a great achievement. He is also been awarded many awards over his journey.
  2. Himanshu Khagta– One of the top bloggers in the community. Himanshu Khagta is the person who has covered some unique places in the Himalayas. He is growing massively in this blogging industry and already his work is been published in the New York Times. His never giving up attitude manages to give him constant success.
  3. Vibha Malhotra– She is one of the finest bloggers that focus on her content in the best possible way. Vibha Malhotra is an author, poet, writer, book reviewer, and even a traveller. You can even call her a big foodie as she loves to try different cuisines even a good explorer. She is even keen to learn new languages and loves to keep herself busy into different activities not only this Vibha work is been published on the top books and poetry pages that is a huge achievement for her. An inspiring person that you all must follow her would find a lot of valuable content on her website and blog posts.
  4. Swati Saxena– Swati is a blogger from Uttar Pradesh who loves ancient agriculture she loves to capture about history. Following her passion, she left her job of an accounting desk job and continued her blogging passion. Now she is among top bloggers on India. She shares her personal stories as well as nonpersonal over the internet. Swati has done a great struggle and now has reached a mark.

Best themes for photoblog?

  • Real Photography– Best Photoblog theme you can choose for your WordPress. This is the lightest theme you can apply for your WordPress website. The theme is easy to be customizable and anyone can manage to use. Best theme for freelancers and photographers. It has more than many features that you can use. The theme is totally free to use. The theme allows with special features. It provides you with a blog feature wherein you can share your ideas and views. Real Photography has a thumbnail slider feature wherein you can add up your images. You can copy and paste the image from the website that makes your work simpler and easier
  • Photography desire- One of the lightest theme for your photoblog. The highly recommended theme that is been used by most of the people. All the cameraman are freelancers use te theme. Photography has a variety of features that a paid theme generally includes in it. The theme comes with a beautiful set of 12 colors that you can choose accordingly based on your needs and desires. The theme includes a full page of the contact form that can be used in your theme
  • Snapcase: A very well optimized theme you will see on WordPress that helps you to design excellent photo blogging content. It is a light theme that you all can use. The website will not crash if you use such types of theme easy to use and understand. Snapcase theme allows you to display images with a caption that makes the image more interesting and people are attracted to such type of content. The theme is responsive and each and every individual can use it without any technical skills and knowledge. This theme includes 6 different background patterns you can choose them with the help of your website. The theme allows you to use a variety of widgets for your website this enhances your website looks and design. Must recommend a theme for all the photobloggers to grow their business and blogs through it.


Q1 Is it beneficial to choose WordPress as a Photoblog?

Yes, WordPress could be one of the best software you can choose to create Photoblogs. When you try up other software rather than WordPress you need to pay up heavy amounts as WordPress is a free software hence you need to pay amounts monthly that each and every individual cant afford. While if you use WordPress not even a single amount you need to pay. Apart from WordPress when you use other features most of the features are blocked or not available this generally creates a problem in creating good photoblogs. In other platforms to do something new or add an additional feature, you need to hire a website developer that increases your cost.

So overall the WordPress features are free and easy to accessed and highly recommended only some tools need to buy that too on a very minimal cost that any individual can manage to buy it.

blog photography, how to start a photoblog

Q2. Is it necessary to have expensive gears for a Photoblog?

Not all expensive gears are required to startup a photoblog. Even with the help of your smartphone, you can start your Photoblogs. Generally, people give this as an excuse for not buying expensive gears but there are top bloggers across the globe that still don’t use expensive gears inspite of having a massive audience just your dedication and determination matters a lot.

Q3. Which is the best hosting company to host your Photoblog website?

There are numerous websites on google that are running and are doing extremely well in their fields. Deciding a website hosting provider is very simple each company is having its pros and cons. If you are planning to grow your work online over a large scale then a free hosting provider might not work as your website can crash at any point in time. Before selecting any company we need to first check about the security. This is the major point these days websites are getting hacked easily hence good security is needed and checks the uptime and storage. If a company manages to provide you these things and it fits your budget you should definitely purchase it without thinking much. If you are planning to start as a trial version then you can plan to purchase a cheap one or a free website to check how the whole system works out but for the long run, good hosting is needed.

Q4. Can I start a blog with no technical experience?

Yes, this is the main thing that strikes a person’s mind before starting a blog but yes now blogs can be designed and developed without any technical knowledge and experience. There are simple guides and steps that are available on the internet you can use to create your blog in the best possible manner. Some websites may require some piece of technical knowledge to use some features on your website but the majority of websites do not even need expertise just a website and hosting is been needed to develop a website.

Q5. Is it possible to generate money from blogging?

These days people criticize the jobs and feel shifting onto online work might provide them more money with the flexibility of time. Hence it is rightly said that most of the people are generating money from online business and blogging can be a good option for you to startup and earn money. Blogging is been growing tremendously in the world and people are adopting this change. Firstly the setup cost for the blog is quite reasonable and without quitting your job you can work part-time on your blogs and earn a good amount. So once your website is set up the income does not flow monthly. Income totally depends on the adds and hard work you put in and the viewership. If you want to create instant money blogging is a bad option but for the long run, blogging can even fulfill all your dreams. So in total blogging provides you money only when your google approve adds on your website and with the help of additional revenue you manage to earn a good amount.

Q6. What is the cost of setting up your own blog?

See setting up a blog can be free as well as paid only. See you there are free websites available on the internet that you can use and work on them. These websites do not have any stability no privacy protection and content can be carried away. So all the people generally manage to buy the website. You need to buy a domain and hosting in order to set up your online presence. So depending on the type of website what all features you want to include in your website price tend to vary easily. The average cost to start a blog is $20to$50 you may find a cheaper plan but for a good and decent website at least you need to invest this amount. It is always recommended to buy plans for more years like those plans as these plans are generally cheaper. The more months you buy the lesser the price of your website becomes. Once your website start to monetize or grow you can even sell your website in double the prize on google.


We hope that all of your doubts about Photoblog are cleared

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