Microsoft office 365: How to set up Email hosting

Microsoft office 365

Microsoft office 365: How to set up Email hosting

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What is Email hosting and How to set up Email hosting with Microsoft office 365?

Email Hosting is basically a service that runs email services over the internet. You need to have a domain name to access the email hosting. There are most of the companies which run email hosting services over the internet. Some even provide you services for free which are adds support. If you have a small or medium size of business you should use email hosting in order to grow your business. The email hosting is very useful as it will help you to manage all the emails easily. It even reduces the workload. Email hosting provides you features such as autoresponder which is really good for your business. If you are not active your mails will be sent automatically. A professional email hosting is not that expensive which each business can easily afford to use in the business. You can even startup with the free email hosting services and in the future, you can shift to the paid ones.

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How to set up office 365 Email hosting

It is a good option to set up office 365 email hosting. using a Microsoft software provides you with various tools such as Skype for business, office applications to grow your business easily. It also provides you with an online storage facility which is really good for any business. By using office 365 email hosting you can easily create a brand name for your business. Office 365 email hosting provides you with more security besides all the emails you can even schedule the meetings to share documents over the internet business-related resources easily without any lags. Microsoft office 365 business email hosting is a complete package for any business to grow in the modern world.

To install Microsoft office 365 business email hosting in your system you need to follow these steps given below

Microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365, Microsoft Office
  • To start the process you need to create your account from the office official website. You will be notified to choose the option between home and business select Microsoft office 365 business email hosting. the best part about Microsoft is that it provides you with a company name address even if you don’t have your domain name.
  • You need to configure Microsoft office 365 business email hosting once you have created your id you need to go onto go setup. Once things are completed You need to click on the setup mail and get started with it. You need to enter your domain name and click next.
  • Configure your domain: You can go to the home page from the left-hand side navigate your setup and click domains and configure it. Once the configuration is completed you need to click on the start-up
  • Click on your DNS host to verify the domain name. If you are not able to register you can do the process manually. To do it manually you need to go to the DNS host and copy the values manually. If you don’t have a domain you can buy on the spot which will be easy for you to do accordingly. A new window opens you can select the domain you want and check the availability to buy it.
  • Adding a new user: Just click on the left side and add users. A new window appears. Enter the name of the user select location and Domain. Click to add or create a user.

In this way, you can easily set up Microsoft office 365 business email hosting easily. These methods are tried and tested and are recommended for each and every individual.

FAQS (Microsoft office 365)

Q1. How is office 365 email hosting managed by DNS records?

We can use several options to manage and control it

The simple and easiest way is to change your nameserver and then its the duty of office 365 email hosting to manage and control all your records.

Another option you can use is to add up DNS records for emails and then office 365 email hosting will help and manage it.

Advantages of office 365 email hosting

  • You don’t have to worry about the mistakes in the values as DNS will manage everything.
  • You will have more flexibility in domain registered
  • When Office 365 adds up new DNS records it becomes simpler to work with it.

Q2. Can I transfer my domain purchased from Microsoft to any other service provider?

Yes, you can transfer an office 365 email hosting to any other service provider but not before 60 days of purchase. If you need to change to any other domain you need to follow some steps you cant do before it

  • In the admin, section goes to settings click on the domain pages.
  • Once you have reached the domain section click on the office 365 email hosting and select domain transfer. You need to enable domain transfer.
  • Now you need to follow the steps to start the process of domain
  • You will be provided with a code follow that step by step and click on next.
  • After following all these steps your domain will be transferred and you can renew your domain to your new service provider.
  • To finish your process go to the admin section go to the domain section and click to domain transfer.
  • By following these simple steps you can easily transfer your domain easily.

Q3. Can I add subdomains to my office 365 email hosting?

Yes, you can add subdomains you need to manage your own DNS settings at your registrar website which is a simple and easy process. If you are letting Microsoft manage your settings then it will be difficult to add up subdomains. When you add up a domain it is verified by the parent domain and then added. When you add domains to office 365 you can access all the services easily without any problems in the future. If you change your email to office 365 email hosting you will tend to start receiving mails over here and will be managed easily without any of the problems. This is a really good way to manage your entire mails and use the services of office 365 even office 365 provides you with a support center.

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How to set up Email hosting with Microsoft office 365
How to set up Email hosting with Microsoft office 365, Office 365 email hosting

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