Top 10 Best Linux Web Hosting Providers

Linux Web Hosting

Top 10 Best Linux Web Hosting Providers

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Linux Web hosting providers basically provide a Linux operating system to the users. Linux operating system is much better and allows web developers to work on PHP, MYSQL, SSH, Python, Postgre SQL, etc.

Linux Web hosting providers provide you different features in addition to the Linux operating system and comes with various pricing plans. We have reviewed many Linux web hosting providers and brought you the best 10 Linux web hosting providers to you so that you can make your best decision.


Let’s get started!! Here is the list of Top 10 Best Linux Web Hosting Providers.

1. HostGator

The top in the list of Linux web hosting providers is HostGator.It provides the varying features and you get plenty of space to grow your website, this can come s boon to you if you find your traffic increasing tremendously. Moreover, its average uptime guarantee is 99.99% this means your website will always be up. HostGator usually doesn’t falter in its uptime and provides you one month free if it ever does. HostGator provides free SSL certificate to you, just to ensure the security of your website. HostGator also provides a free domain with its annual plan. It allows free website migration. It has a tremendous customer support system, providing 24*7  customer service via live chat, mail, and call. However, plans are very expensive and also there is a huge hike in pricing in the renewal plan.  Pricing plans of HostGator are –

  • Shared plan- $2.75- $5.5 per month
    • VPS plan – $29.5 – $49.5 per month
    • Dedicated plan – $118 – $148 per month.

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2. BlueHost –  Best Linux for WordPress!!

This is another Linux web hosting provider that provides its users with a Linux operating system on its server. This Linux web hosting provider is often known best for WordPress hosting, it provides various specialized features making  WordPress hosting advanced and easy for the developers.  This Linux web hosting provider provides many features apart from this. It maintains strong uptime guarantee of 99.99%, it is very stable. It provides a free SSL certificate at proving and above level plan. However, unlike HostGator it doesn’t provide free site transfer to the developers. It provides a free backup plan, however, this is with a high pricing plan, if you are going for a low pricing plan then you need to buy the backup feature paying extra amount.

Moreover, it provides you 30 days money-back guarantee, that is if you aren’t satisfied with the service you can ask your money within the 30 days of its use. The customer support system is praisable. There is a team of dedicated workers working day and night providing high-level customer services to their clients.  You can avail of the services 24*7 via phone and chat. If you are in search of the best Linux for WordPress hosting then you are at the right place, no other company can offer you the features it provides. With Blue host you need to sign up an annual contract, hence if you are in search of monthly contracts then the Blue host is not suitable for you, you can go to other Linux web hosting providers in the list given by us. The renewal plan like other Linux web hosting providers is exorbitant.  Its pricing plans are – 

  • Shared plan – $3- $ 5 per month
    • Vps plan – $18 – $ 59 per month
    • Managed WordPress plan- $19- $49 per month
    • Dedicated plan- $ 79- $119 per month. It provides cheap Linux hosting in comparison to HostGator.

3. A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is a prominent name in the industry of Linux web hosting providers. It provides a Linux server for cloud hosting. A2 Hosting has higher RAM  and more CPUs.It is one of those Linux web hosting providers which provide free site transfer. Moreover, A2 Hosting has maintained its average uptime guarantee by 99.98 %, hence developers need not worry, it is most stable. A2 Hosting has some smart features that are liked by the developers a lot like it provides free office 365 email, free SSL certificate, hence it ensures the security of your website. It also provides a free domain name.

Moreover, A2Hosting is so confident in its services that it gives you a money-back guarantee anytime, well you can work on A2 Hosting risk-free.

Its pricing plans start from $4 and varies from one hosting plan to another.

4. GodaddyLinux Web Hosting

This is the most popular among the best Linux web hosting providers. Godaddy is always listed in the names of top companies, well it’s because of the quality features it provides. Godaddy provides free office 365 emails, free SSL certificate to ensure the security of your website, free domain to the developers for the first year. It provides a free backup plan to its users where many companies charge extra costs in the market. However, we would like to caution the developers that it is for the first year.

It maintains the uptime guarantee of 99.99% all the time, hence we can be ensured of its reliability. Godaddy is one of those Linux web hosting providers which provides robust customer support to customers. However, the customer services can be availed via phone and there is no option of live chat or email. It doesn’t provide any money-back guarantee. Renewal prices get double of what you paid, well that is something not appreciable, as customers are often unwilling to pay such exorbitant prices for the same services. The basic pricing plan starts from $7.99 and gets increased with other plans which include additional features and services.

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5. Inmotion

Linux Web Hosting
Top 10 Best Linux Web Hosting , Linux Hositng options

No one can beat Inmotion when it comes to providing Linux web hosting to the new and small websites. When the market is full of Linux web-hosting providers, Inmotion has played a crucial role in providing shared hosting to its users. 

Inmotion provides many features at very low rates making it a cheap Linux hosting provider. You will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Moreover, you will get a free SSL certificate and even a free domain. That is the reason experts have considered it best for small businesses who are always looking for cheap Linux hosting.

Not only this it trains its workers so that they can provide professional services to their customers. Inmotion provides 90 days money-back guarantee that makes it much more easier for the new businesses to work on it without having to take any risk. It also doesn’t charge its customers for site migration.

Its shared plan pricing lies between $2.99 and $ 13.75 per month.

6. Site Ground

This Linux web hosting provider provides the best Linux for WordPress. SiteGround provides many and amazing features of WordPress like Smart WordPress Staging, WordPress Plugin, SiteGround Migrator plugin for easy migration any more. Experts to have reviewed that Site provides the best Linux hosting for WordPress if you are a newbie.

Site Ground is renowned for ensuring the security of customers. For the company security of clients is the first priority. It not only provides a free SSL certificate but also has integrated with Lets Encrypt, moreover Site Ground also checks servers every minute in order to prevent websites from any malicious attack. Its average uptime guarantee is 99.98% that means it maintains its uptime and hence is quite stable, however sometimes customers complain about it its uptime getting faltered, but SiteGround has been continuously improving. It also provides daily backups for free to its customers.

Its customers, reducing the load off developers of managing and backing up their stuff. It provides 30 days minimum guarantee just like other Linux web hosting providers. You get decent customer support 24*7 via live chat or call. For starters, the pricing plan can be quite expensive and this becomes the major hindrance especially for the freshers. 

So let’s look at its pricing plan below –

  • Shared hosting – $3- $ 11 per month.
  • Managed WordPress – $4- $ 11 per month

 Renewal prices jump up to thrice the promotional prices, so be cautious before choosing it your pockets don’t allow for such in along-term.

7. iPage

Linux Web Hosting
Top 10 best Linux Web hositng providers, Best hositng providers

iPage provides low-cost Linux servers to its users and if you are of low budget then this can be the best Linux web hosting provider can be to your from other options. This has one shared plan that is really of good quality which can support up to  5 lakh visits in a month.

iPage also provides robust technical support to its customers 24*7 and one can rely on the dedicated staff of workers for customer services via phone and live chat. Its average uptime guarantee is 99.94%, it has often complained that iPage offers low uptime guarantee due to which your website might suffer.

         Unfortunately, you don’t provide free backup like other Linux web-hosting providers, your backup cost $100 each time, well that’s a huge amount to pay. iPage gives you 30 days money-back guarantee and also a free domain name with its plan.

Lets further dive to watch its pricing plans- 

  •  Shared –  between $2 and $4 per month 
  • Managed WordPress -$3 -$6 per month
  • VPS -$ 19 – $80 per month
  • Dedicated -$90 – $120 per month

8. Hostinger

This is another Linux web hosting provider providing low-cost Linux servers to the developers. Hostinger provides you some famous features at very cheap prices. It provides plenty of storage and also free daily backups to its users for business and premium plans, plans below these will get weekly backups still you can rely on this. It maintains its uptime guarantee of about 99.91%. Hostinger provides its developers with 30 days money-back guarantee.  But the main problem that occurs with Hostinger is in its customer support system. To be honest with you Hostinger doesn’t provide any reliable customer services to its users which can be the problem for developers. If you are looking for robust customer services them you may check other Linux web hosting providers that we have listed. It has no dedicated hosting plan. Only the plans which it offers are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and cloud hosting.

Well, let’s check the prices of above listed hosting plans that Hostinger offers to its customers –

  •  Shared hosting – it is between $1  and $3 per month.
  • Managed WordPress hosting – it is between $3 and $14 per month
  • VPS hosting – $4 – $29 per month
  • Cloud hosting -$ 7 -$37 per month

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9. Liquid Web

This is another Linux web hosting providers on the list of best providers. It has numerous features to offer like it provides daily backups also you get generous storage in the sense that you only need to pay the amount of those units (GB) which you used.

It often boasts of its robust technical support system, it has consultants working day and night providing you the excellent customer services in very professional terms. This is really beneficial in the growth of your website when you are assured of getting consistent aid and help needed. It maintains strong uptime so you need not worry about the stability of your website. The basic plan starts with approx. $3 per month and then prices vary according to the plans.

10. Digital Ocean

The last in the list of best Linux web hosting providers is Digital Ocean. It is famous for providing a pre-built open-source tool making it quite easier for you to manage your server. It provides many features to its users like free daily backups, also customized droplets which are also known as Linux VPS services that with many CPUs, storage, memory disks, etc.

Digital Ocean gives you world-class customer services that too 24*7. It also ensures security and provides end to end encryption to your website, which means there are very rare chances of your data get stolen by any other party. It maintains an average uptime guarantee of 99.99 % which means your website is very stable. Also, it provides APIs to its users so that the developers can incorporate external tools. If you ate in search of a user-friendly and scalable environment then you can go for Digital Ocean.


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