Top 10 hosting providers


Top 10 hosting providers

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Long search and still no result. If you are confused and aren’t able to choose the best ASP.Net Hosting.

You Dont need to worry!!

We have brought a list of ten best ASP.Net.Hosting providers for you, which can suit your requirements and needs. So without any further adieu let’s get started.

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Top 10 ASP.NET Hosting provider, Asp.Net Hosting

InterServer comes in the list of top hosting providers. It was founded by Michael Laverick and Quaglieri in 1999. It is built with modern and MV6. It also provides an unlimited MySQL database to its users.

Starting at $0.01 per month, it charges $1.99 for domain registration in your first year. hosting plan comes at $5  per month. Ensures 50% use of its server’s capacity to provide you the available  resources

You will get unlimited disk space with free migration and automated weekly backups. provides a money-back guarantee in 30 days which holds it accountable towards its users. It provides Windows developer hosting. InterServer has managed to keep user’s sites by 100%. The average uptime is 99.9% that ensures its stability.

It also provides high-quality customer support 24*7 the whole year. InterServer provides you a price lock guarantee that means the developers have to pay only that price which they signed for, hence the developers need not worry about the annual increment in prices. Apps available are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

However InterServer has limited server location in the United States.

2. HostGator

ASP.NET HOSTING Hosting , Hositng provider

The next in the list of hosting providers is HostGator. It provides windows hosting. The company provides one-click installs for ASP.Net friendly scripts. It supports all the recent versions of ASP.Net. It provides code dynamic sites using python, PHP, and MVC. also the average uptime guarantee is 99.9% hence you can count on its stability.

You can easily transfer your domain name, also it provides the developers with a new domain name. Users need not worry about the disk space as HostGator provides unlimited disk space. The Windows shared server hosting plan easily serves users. Apart from supporting recent versions of it also supports Classic Asp, MVC, PHP, Python, etc.

While other companies provide a minimum 30 days money-back guarantee HostGator provides its users 45 days money-back guarantee that means if you don’t like its service you can take your money within 45 days. Well, this confidence that HostGator shows in providing its quality services to its users makes developers more dependent on the HostGator. It provides one of the best customer support services which runs 25*7 the whole year.

WEBSITE: HostGator

HostGator provides you with a free SSL certificate as well as Plesk Control panel for hosting, PleskControl Panel is comfortable and user friendly. HostGator provides an unlimited MYSQL database which runs at version 5+. Also, it provides an unlimited MSSQL database. HostGator provides hosting developers the facility of scheduling their tasks beforehand, that is Windows can automatically carry out the assigned tasks at the time set by developers.

You will get password protected directories and hence no one can barge into your work until he/she possesses a password. With that, you get pre-installed Php MyAdmin and multiple programming modules- Curl, GD Library, MVC3.0, AJAX.

HostGator ensures the tight security for its developers, it has signed with SiteLock, a website security tool. This protects your site from any malware and theft. This ASP Net Hosting provides you two plans- the personal plan comes at $4.76 and the Enterprise Plan comes at $14.36( this is the sales price). However, the renewal price gets a real hike which can be troublesome for those developers who work on tight budgets.


ASP.NET Hosting , Best Asp. net hosting provider

 The third in the list of nest hosting providers Godaddy comes with free domain name registration for its developers. Moreover, it provides ASP.Net hosting on Windows Server 2012. It supports ASP.Net, Classics ASP, and SQL.

It provides many one-click installs for your favorite scripts. Its average uptime guarantee is 99.7 GoDaddy offers unlimited bandwidth, one year of Office email for free. MySQL database varies from 10, each with 1GB storage to unlimited depending on the pricing plan.  The MSSQL database varies, however, each database has 200 MB storage.

Godaddy provides a free SSL certificate on the most expensive pricing plan for a year. GoDaddy offers 24*7 customer support and DDoS protection on all the plans, hence you need to worry less. For extra protection, you can choose WebsiteBackup for $2.99 per month, which will not only add protection to your website but also provides you automatic daily backup. This can be a good option. GoDaddy pricing plan comes at three-level-

Top 10 hosting providers, Data server market review
  1. Economy plan- starting at $5.99 per month.
  2. Deluxe- $7.99. Per month. This can be used for multiple sites.
  3. Ultimate- starting at $12.99 this plan is General taken to handle heavy traffic.
  4. The renewal plan hikes. However, the peak is $19 which is still less than $25, as preferred by most of the developers.

For small scale works you can be one of the most suitable hosting providers.


ASP.NET HOSTING Hositng ,Best hosting provider

Hostinger offers Windows VPS hosting for servers. This is another best hosting provider. Hostinger uses the VPS Control Panel instead of the Plesk Control Panel. Also, VPS hosting gives you full access to the resources which is otherwise not possible with other Asp.Net hosting providers.

Hostinger provides you with 5 cores. Its SSD storage at minimum is up to 50 GB. It provides an automated data backup facility to its users with dedicated IPv6 Internet Protocol on all plans. You get a dedicated IP plan on every plan hence you can run unique apps and can have access to your server fully. Hostinger ensures its users’ security by providing an advanced security plan. It has a team of dedicated cybersecurity maintaining the highest safety of your work.

This provider is beneficial for large projects which are receiving the heavy traffic of millions. Hostinger can handle heavy traffic very easily.

  • The basic plan starts at $26.
  • Hostinger plans are- Windows VPS 1, WindowsVPS 2, Windows VPS 3, Windows VPS.
  • The last plan reaches up to a price of $250 per month.


ASP.NET Hositng, Dataservermarket review

Providing web hosting service. According to reviews, this is another best provider on which developers can count on. Hostsoch provides one of the cheapest plans and hence useful for those who have a low budget. It supports and MVC 4.0. It provides its users with unlimited space and bandwidth.

It also provides a free SSL certificate and moreover it provides a free domain name too for a lifetime. These are the few benefits that you often don’t get in other hosting providers for free at such prices. What is more, is that HostSoch unlike other hosting providers, doesn’t hike its renewal price. Most of the developers working with other hosting providers often complain of the price hike that too double or triple. Hostsoch stands apart from all of them. You can also transfer websites for free. That is another benefit you get here.

Top 10 Asp.Net Hosting providers, hosting provider

HostSoch ensures the best customer support to its users 24*7. Many developers have praised HostSoch for its dedicated customer support in 2020, in such unprecedented times. Its pricing plan starts from Rs. 103.

Overall if you have a low budget and want to avail facility then nothing can be a better choice than HostSoch for you.


ASP.NET Hosting , hosting provider

Smarter ASP.Net is another hosting provider in the row. Developers have an amazing and awesome experience working with this hosting provider. Even in the reviews, it’s service especially its customer support system has been praised a lot. It has a dedicated team of members that ensures to provide customer services 24*7 to its users.

Smart provides ultra level hosting. It provides 60 days free trial, hence you can test this hosting provider at absolutely no risk. No credit cards are required during this time.

It also provides a 60 days money-back guarantee to its users that shows its accountability towards its customers and the confidence it possesses in its services. The migration of websites is way easier than other hosting providers. Also, it provides fast speed and bandwidth and a wide range of framework support.

It is user friendly and comfortable in use. The pricing plans of smarter  shared hosting are-

  1. Basic
  2. Advance
  3. ASP.Net premium
  4. Amazing Affiliate Plan.

With all these features Smarter ASP.Net  is much affordable in comparison with other hosting providers.

7. A2 Hosting

AspNet Hosting, Dataservermarket Review

It is another hosting provider on which many of the developers work. They have reviewed it well. Let’s check out the features and pricing plan. A2 Hosting supports the latest versions of However, it hosts one website. Moreover, the best part is that it provides unlimited bandwidth to its users, with this it also provides unlimited space disk. It has a Plesk Control Panel.

It is a great host with friendly services. Users have often said that the migration in A2Hosting is very easy in comparison with other hosting providers. It provides free account migration. It ensures 99.9% average uptime guarantee. That makes the websites stable. It also provides a free SSL certificate and SSD. A2 Hosting provides the fastest and quality services that set it apart from all others. It was started in 2001. It has data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

A2 Hosting provides the best customer support to its users. The team is dedicated to workers work day and night in order to provide 24*7*365 customer services. The pricing plan starts.251 per month. Well, that is something which is affordable with all such features.

Let’s check some other Hosting providers. So keep scrolling.

8. BigRock

ASP.NET HOSTING hostng , hositng provider

The eighth name in the list of hosting providers is Big Rock. It was first launched in India.BigRock provides 99.9% of guaranteed uptime.It supports, MySQL. It has a Plesk Control panel. It provides space between 20GB and 100 GB depending upon the pricing plans .

It provides a 30 days money back guarantee that is if you don’t like its services then you can ask for the money within 30 days. Though BigRock promises to provide 24*7 customer support,but users have often complained of its customer services. You may also face many security issues, however Big Rock promises to improve its security day by day and also provide advanced digital security to its users.

BigRock provides many services apart from hosting services  which are domain registration, business class email services,e commerce solutions,website builder products and digital certificates too.

It provides unlimited domains to its users.

Also it provides free emails.

It is user friendly and also provides a specialized package of wordpress.

However it doesn’t provide free automatic backups that means you have to buy paying extra amount.

However pricing plans of BigRock is cheap and that’s the reason it is used by many developers in India.

9. Discount

Asp.Net Hositng, Data server market review

This second-last in the list of best hosting providers. Discount provides top-notch services to its users. This hosting provider supports versions- ASP. net core, 4.7.X,  ASP.Net.4.6.X  and Windows 2016,2012 and 2008. Its data centers are located in the USA and Europe.

Moreover, it is very confident in its services and holds its accountability towards users. It gives you 30 days money-back guarantee, which means you can run it risk-free, in case you don’t like its services then you can ask your money back within the 30 days of the opening of your account.

Discount provides the facility of free migration, however, there are other firms that provide the same facilities. It provides 1000 MB disk space, and 80 GB monthly data transfer. It has a custom control panel. It has a good uptime and it endeavors in making it stable.

Moreover, the customer support it provides is commendable and hence you can rely on its customer services 24*7* 365. The pricing plan starts at $10 per month. However we recommend checking out other hosting providers, there are many who provide the same services as Discount  at a very low rate.

Rest choice is yours.

10. Winhost

Top 10 service providers Hosting, Best HOSITNG PROVIDER

The last hosting provider on our list is Winhost. Winhost provides quality services and the rates are also affordable. This hosting provider supports windows hosting – 2016, 2012, 2008. It provides 3 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth. Well, this is quite less when other hosting providers are giving you unlimited disk space and bandwidths.

It also provides 500 MB SQL and MySQL to its users. It has one-click install apps like WordPress. Well, this can prove a lot beneficial to the developers. Winhost provides free site migration to its users. The developers working at this platform have often praised Winhost for the easy migration of their websites. It has an control panel.

Winhost like many other hosting providers ensures 30 days money-back guarantee to the developers. Well, this can be expected to be a good start for any developer, as he/she can work and test the Winhost without running into any risk. It is very stable and maintains good uptime.

It has maintained a record of providing decent customer support services for its developers. It has a dedicated team that works 24*7 providing technical support to the developers. The prices are way more affordable and it is one of the cheapest hosting providers. Hence if your budget is tight you can easily work on this with maximum features. The pricing plan normally starts from $3.95 per month.


This was the list of 10 best hosting providers. Well, most of the hosting providers provide decent customer and technical support systems, however, they vary very much in providing space disk and bandwidths, some provide unlimited bandwidths and space disks, however, others provide limited space disks and bandwidths depending on the rates. Also, these top ten hosting providers support recent versions of, so you need not worry about that.

We have tried to show you the range of prices at which these hosting providers are available, the prices vary because of the additional features provided by each of them like security, automated backup plans, SSL certificates, and many more. The review is authentic and has been taken from the experts and experienced users.


ASP.NET HOSTING, Dataservermarket review

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