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Serenity Servers is the most powerful and high-performance gaming server platform that helps you to do the best gaming. It is one of the best locations and SSD powered with it. The company is powerful and user friendly 


Features Offered By Serenity Servers


MYSQL Databases- Sanity servers offer you MYSQL databases with all the game servers that are been provided with them. These servers provide you with unlimited databases with our free servers 

DDOS Protection- The protection offered b the company is very much useful. The protection is capable of filtering 7 layers of attacks and 60.000.000 This protection also filters UDP, TCP, and many more attacks. The protection is very much effective


Free web hosting- Web Hosting is a great way to create all the forums and create all the domain software in the best possible manner. SERENITY SERVERS provides you a free web hosting platform through which you can create all the forums free of cost in the best way paying, not even a single amount. 


7 days money back return policy- SERENITY SERVERS claims to provide you a money-back guarantee within a period of 7 days if the clients are not satisfied with the servers provided.





  • 512 MB 
  • 1 Core Processor 
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 1 TB of bandwidth 
  • 1 Gbit of connection 
  • The cost of the plan starts at $3.99 a month you can choose other plans as well based on your needs and requirements.




  1. Performance Guarantee- SERENITY SERVERS claims to provide you with a performance guarantee so that all the clients can get the best user experience. Still, sometimes people are not satisfied with the services so that company offers  you a 7-day money-back offers
  2. Reasonable prices- The company offers you very much reasonable prices so that each client can manage to afford the services. The price match is around 30% this will help all the clients to choose plans in their range and needs and requirements.




The company is quite decent people are very much satisfied with their servers. Most of the people are very much satisfied with the support that company offers to you. The server performance company offers is very much excellent. The people find it the easiest and the cheapest web servers among various companies. There are minor issues that people face while using their servers that should be checked and resolved to become better. All the viewers  should  try their services to get the best user experiences 



Q1. How can we use a custom jar file?


Ans.  Yes, it is easy to install up the custom file jar follow the steps below to add a custom file jar

  •  You need to open the file manager or FTP 
  • Now you need to install the original or locate the old Minecraft server jar file
  • Remove the said file
  • Once the file is removed you need to add up a new jar file on the system that will become your new executable file 
  • Rename the file to minecraft_server.jar
  • Launch the server and your custom file will be added. 


Q2. My servers are not starting up how to proceed with it?


Ans. The server takes a few minutes to startup it loads up to 2 to 3 GB  of time before we go online. You can easily add up IP servers to your steam, once the CPU will drop around 3 to 5% your game will become online, and sometimes if still, it is not loading you can try up the steam update very much easily.


Q3. How can you create your own MYSQL database?

Ans. The process is simple to create your own MYSQL database  cPanel can guide you through the process of setting up the database

Follow these steps below:

  • You need to go to the new database field and enter the name of the new database
  • In the username field, you need to enter the details of the new username 
  • In the password field enter the details
  • You need to retype the password
  • Click the create user option
  • You need to select the privileges you need to grant the user with it.
  • Once you have entered cPanel will display your name stating the database and user account. Through this way, you can easily add up with the process.


Q4. What are the nameservers for the website?


Ans. The  nameservers of the website are directly sent to the mail id you have registered with it but sometimes people come into doubt while seeing the nameservers so in such cases 

You can go on to check everything 

http://[wptb id=7313]

http://[wptb id=7314]