Boom host is one of the leading web hosting service providers that offer you affordable dedicated server hosting providers. The company works on AMD Ryzen 9 that is dedicated to the people.


Boom Minecraft hosting: The plan designed specifically to make your work smoother and effective. The plan is divided into 3 categories you can select any of the one depending on your needs and preferences 


  1. Boom Minecraft 6GB:
  • The plan includes 2 logical cores
  • 6DDR4 RAM to make your work smoother
  • 110 GB of SSD storage
  • Offsite backup is been included that helps you to recover your data anytime u want
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • U.S and U.E locations 
  1. Boom Minecraft 8GB
  • 2 Dedicated cored
  • 8DDR4 RAM that helps to enhance your working experience and gives you a better look.
  • 120 GB of SSD storage
  • Offsite backups
  • Protection included
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • S and U.E Locations 
  1. Boom Minecraft 16 GB
  • 4 Dedicated logical cores 
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • 240 GB of NVM
  • Offsite backups provided
  • Protection included
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • S and U.E Locations 
  • This plan is well designed that offers you high-end settings to work properly and effectively without any problems 

Boom Host even provides you with their dedicated servers that are beneficial for you as only you run your work on a single server and become more useful for you.  Boom Host provides you three different plans that you can purchase for your work based on your needs and preferences you can work with it. You can even customize the plans based on the needs and requirements and the costing of the plans is as low as $16 that you all can purchase accordingly.


The company is really good and overall reviews of the company tell the people are loving their services a lot. The support of the company is commendable. The people are finding their services superior to other hosts. The prices which the company offers are really cheap compared to their services. They provide you with excellent hardware and software facilities that make your working experience more better and effective. Boom Host keeps you updated with each and everything that going on with their servers. Definitely, their services are much recommended and you must try it once. If you don’t like the services you can even mention them below in order more people also be aware. suggestions and critics are most welcome. The overall rating of the company is 4.6 out of 5 that is quite good for any company.


Q1. How much time will it take to make the website appear on the main search engine?

Ans. There is no such a fixed time that can be told to you that when the website will appear on the main search engine. It can vary from a couple of days to months also but if you want to make sure that your website appears faster on the main search engine your main focus should be on your content. Content plays a major role to rank up your website and then it helps to be indexed on the main search engine. To make sure you can index Bloom Host provides you with their SEO tools that guide you so that you can rank up your website online.

Q2. What is the affiliate program offered by Bloom Host?

Ans. Affiliate is a great source that is been started by the company that provides you a medium to earn revenue and earn a living. In this affiliate program, you need to refer the products and services to the clients and consumers, and if people purchase them with your reference the company provides you with a commission. This way you can create your great source of revenue and start your income. The company s totally secure and provides you all the payments with mass pay and PayPal. Providing such big modes of payments to ensure safety for all our affiliate partners. Bloom Host also don't cut any amount from your commission so you get the full commission whatever you earn. Hence working with them will be safe and secure and as Bloom Host is a huge company you can easily manage to generate sales.

Q3. What all things are been installed with Bloom Host VPS?

Ans. Bloom Host VPS includes various things installed into it that can enhance your working experience in the best possible way. The things installed are all useful and nothing to be deleted with it. When you install it you can select the version of Linux you want with it depending on the operating system you are using. These are compatible with most of the game servers to make your work more effective and a smoother experience. When you receive a Bloom Host VPS you can manage to access a VNC to work smoothly with it. This VNC gets connected with your Operating system and then you can work properly with it. If you have not installed such things you cant work with it. Working with this system sometimes creates an issue so it is recommended that you always have an original Operating system in your device if you don’t want to face issues while working with it.

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