Active campaign

An active campaign is a cloud-based software that is designed for small and medium scale businesses to create their online presence. An active campaign is best designed for marketing your business.

Features provided by Active campaign

  1. Sales automation: This feature is really helpful and beneficial for your business. Sales automation helps you to reduce your heavy work and an automatic lead is been generated that helps in finding out sales. An active campaign helps you to grow the progress in each lead. The company creates automatic deals for your business that reduces your time and effort and beneficial to grow your business. The sales automation feature notify your sales team whenever a step is taken in the sales. In this way, your salesperson can do the follow-up immediately. You can even manage your sales team and assign the desired task to each sales member to reduce the burden on a single person. All the contacts can be managed in a single platform where you can even search about your history from just a mobile app E-mails can also be managed through the same process and automatically contacts are been updated.
  2. Marketing feature: This feature will provide you a variety of tools through which you can grow your business easily. These marketing tools help you to create high converting forms to grow your business online. The marketing tools reach out to clients through various social media platforms that include e-mails direct messages and even Facebook. The active campaign even guides you in different ways to talk to the clients and create results. This marketing feature can be very useful if you are planning to grow initially without taking a long time.
  3. Customer health and support: Another main feature is customer support and health. This feature is really helpful to keep track of all the activities that take place in your business. It tells you about all the lead scoring that happens in your business. Helps the clients to use the best of the services of the business and grow. The main features of this customer support are time is been saved as all the things run on the automatic mode that makes work simpler. Provides regular mails to the customers based on the needs and the preferences so that there could be a connection created between the clients.

Reviews about Active Campaign

Active campaign is a leading company to grow your businesses for all the small and medium scale businesses. The reviews of this company have been tremendous all the people who have taken their services have seen the growth in their businesses that is a great achievement fr the business. Overall people have found that using Active campaign services has helped them to attract more clients in a short period of time. People find themselves free as all the work is been managed by an Active campaign. The company has provided a unique look at all businesses. People were really satisfied with the business and marketing tool provided by the Active campaign. More than 80% of the users have repurchased their services for their businesses the company of this show is working really well and a highly recommended company that people should once try for their business and grow their personal business as well easily.

FAQS Active campaign

Q1. How can I create a reply to a campaign?

It is really simple to create a reply to your campaign. First of all, you need to check if the reply tracking is enabled or not. If the reply tracking feature is enabled it becomes easier for you to create a reply. You need to follow these steps mentioned to create a reply

  • On the left side of your page, you find a contact overview page just find and click on it.
  • Open the contact page and click on the advanced search option.
  • A drop-down page appears. You need to select the action select has replied option.
  • You need to select a value field and select the desired campaign
  • You need the click on the search option
  • Once you click on the search box you will find a list of contacts related to your field you are looking for click on the select button.
  • You need to save the segment
  • Type the name of the segment you want to write.
  • Once everything is done you can save your file.
  • After completion of everything, you can go on the list overview page and check into it.

Q2. How do I import contacts using the copy and paste option?

The copy-paste is the best option to copy contacts and it reduces and time. Using this method you can even create shorter lists easily. to do this you need to follow the steps mentioned below

  • First of all, you need to go onto the contacts overview page and click on the import
  • You need to go onto the copy and paste links contact page
  • A copy and a paste dialogue box appears on the screen that shows the import contact screen
  • If you are only planning to import an email address you just need to write each email address and it will be imported easily.
  • At times you import contact and email from a word document in those cases you need to write the email address as well as the mobile numbers separately in order to not create issues and import works smoothly through it.
  • This is the most easiest and beneficial way you all can follow if you are planning to import contacts and email ids there are other methods too but it takes a huge time to write each contact here copy paste work makes it simpler and easier.