How to Install & Configure Shoutcast Server on Windows


How to Install & Configure Shoutcast Server on Windows

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Shoutcast Server on Windows

SHOUTcast server is a famous free programme that allows you to stream media over the web. It was created by Nullsoft in 2017 and enables digital sound to be transmitted so over the internet, allowing many online radio channels to exist.

You may start your radio program with a SHOUTcast server, which is placed on a Windows desktop and acts as a host, while you listen to music with Winamp. There may be restrictions in reaching a large online audience because this requires a lot of data and resources, yet it functions.

You might want a SHOUTcast server and an internet server for the station’s webpage if you want to go global and huge.

We’ll walk through the procedures for installing and configuring SHOUTcast Server on Windows in this how-to guide.


  • Winamp
  • SHOUTcast server
  • SHOUTcast server DSP plugin for Winamp

How to Setup and Install SHOUTcast Server on Windows

Go to the SHOUTcast server website and install Winamp as well as the SHOUTcast server DSP.

It saves you the time and work of searching the Winamp forum. The DSP is instantly downloaded when you click on it. So because DSP is a Winamp component, you must first run Winamp.

  • Select the setup location by clicking Next.
  • Install the complete package (all the features). To complete the installation, click Next.
  • The setup is finished.
  • SHOUTcast server DSP should be installed.
  • Look for the installation file on your computer. To start the SHOUTcast server DSP installation procedure, double-click. Next should be selected.
  • Select the installation site and proceed to the next step.
  • Choose the Complete Install option and then click Install.
  • Check that the two alternatives are aided, then click Finish.
  • Installing and configuring the SHOUTcast Server:
  • Download the SHOUTcast server and run the installer. To continue with the setup, click Next.
  • Select an installation position and follow the installation wizard’s prompts.

While the SHOUTcast server GUI installation is running on your server, you will see the following screen.

  • When the installation is complete, you can see an alert for Radio Station Details. Enter the information for your radio station.
  • Then, as an administrator, launch the SHOUTcast server and select Edit Config.

The sc serv is basic.conf document will be opened; here you will find a comprehensive list of all the setup options presented by sc serv basic, ranging from logging to connectivity configuration and regulate over the mainstream press to use when able to stream via the server.

  • Change the password, admin password, public server, and port base to the following values:

Admin password: Enter the admin password to gain access to external server showcases [Default = no value].

Password: When trying to connect to the domain controller, clearly state the passcodes for television companies [default = no value].

NOTE: You must create separate passwords for Admin password and Password.

Public server: This means allowing you to overpower the linked source’s general populace flag when connecting to the YP folder [Default = default]. It can be any of the ones that follow:

  • Default – Use the source-supplied flag.
  • Always compel the origin to be made public.
  • Never – Don’t ever enable the use of the source’s supplied flag.

Port base: Enter the port number that clients and source materials must use to access the server [Default = 8000].

After you’ve changed your password, click the Save button.

Distribute Your Music Over the Internet:

To begin, ensure that the Windows Audio service is running and that the required audio drivers are assembled on the domain controller; alternatively, you will obtain an error.

Open Winamp and add all of the music to the playlist that you want to publicise. Music from Winamp Online Source materials can also be played (For example FM Radio station).

At the top left menu bar, select Options, then Preferences. Under addons, select DSP/Effect, then SHOUTcast server DSP v2.3.5, and afterwards tap the configuration settings effective plug-in toggle.

  • A SHOUTcast server tab appears; select Output. If the host and origin are both on the same device, join localhost in the Server Address field.
  • The Port is 8000, and the Password seems to be the one you specified in the sc serv basic.conf file. The DJ/User ID field can be left empty.
  • Then, on the Directory tab, offer your radio a title, a URL (localhost works), and a Genre from the dropdown menu.
  • When you click Encoder, you can choose a greater bitrate than the default of 48kbps. AAC quality provides the best audio quality. Generally, the default rates work well over here.

You are now prepared to launch your radio station. Begin the SHOUTcast server monitor, make songs on Winamp, and afterwards click Connect on the SHOUTcast server DSP. The monitor displays what is currently playing.

  • You can also enable the auto to interact option, which will reconnect you if the source is disengaged.
  • Your radio show is now operational. You can verify your server’s status by going to SHOUTcast server > Server Status.
  • In a browser, a new window will appear.


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