How to Set Up Email Hosting with Microsoft Office 365 Email

Microsoft Office 365 Email

How to Set Up Email Hosting with Microsoft Office 365 Email

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Microsoft Office 365 Email

Microsoft Office 365 Email is a paid service that includes authoring tools such as Skype for Business, Microsoft apps, hosted Exchange messaging, including OneDrive for Online business data storage. Microsoft Office 365 Email has a variety of options to meet the needs of small and large businesses. Members are charged a recurring monthly membership on a compensation basis.

Establishing a personalised email account is essential if you own a business. A business email may help you gain a reputation and appear more credible. It may also help you build your brand and increase team productivity, particularly if you use technologies like Microsoft Office 365 Email. The setup procedure, on the other hand, might appear to be a demanding effort.

However, customising your mail account and connecting your own domain isn’t hard. Microsoft Office 365 Email has an easy-to-use settings menu that will walk you through every step. Additionally, some name registrars provide Microsoft connections, which streamlines the procedure by automating numerous procedures.

We’ll go through how to set it up to mail servers with Microsoft hosted email within this post by DataServerMarket.


According to a Litmus Technology study, over 50% of all emails are now opened on portable devices. You saw how crucial email really is in current history based on that data. The following are some of the advantages of using a managed email remedy:

  • Developing a brand identity – when using a managed email platform, you may project a level of competence that isn’t always apparent. As a result, more people would trust your company, and company sales will increase.
  • Improved safety – Your network administrator is much less concerned with the information they deliver and are much more focused on the business operations. Furthermore, email hosting solutions often include firewall security as well as other safe methods to prevent unwanted access.
  • Increased storage – Hosted email solutions keep all of your information within grasp by utilising scalable capabilities.

You can organise a meeting, share files, and keep track of contacts in addition to sending emails.

To utilise Microsoft Office 365 email, you simply need to have the following:

  • Your website’s URL
  • Your DNS servers are accessible.

How to use Microsoft Office 365 Email to establish a shared email service

Register for Office Microsoft Office 365 Email.

Set up an account on the Office website to really get acquainted. Select Get Office from the drop-down menu.

You are given the option of choice here between residential and commercial editions of the service. Proceed after you’ve chosen your option. After that, you must enter your selected user ID. The corporate information is automatically filled in when you input your initial. The good news is that even if you don’t have a name, Microsoft hosted email will provide you with a company name on address. You can use your web address instead of the address. You’ve completed the registration process and are now signed into your profile.

You may access the admin area by clicking Admin.

  • Install Office 365 Business Premium and configure it.
  • To begin, click the Go to Setup button.

Then, select Set up Mail to Get Begin from the drop-down menu.

You may be using your company name on the email account right immediately, but we’ll need to convert it to our web address to make it appear more official. The very first choice allows you to link your name.

Add your web address and choose the email as well as site choices that best fit your needs.

Getting your web address confirmed

You may get to the homepage by clicking the left flank of the Admin centre. Go to Setup and choose Domains. You should see your web address here even if you added it during the setup mail procedure; or else, you could always just add one.

After that, select the begin setup option beside the web address.

You may add custom registrars if you can’t seem to find them. Go over to your DNS server and paste the information given to directly update the TXT entries. The TXT files demonstrate to Microsoft that you will be the domain registrant.

Then choose Verify and Next. After that, you may update your DNS records. This ensures that your Outlook links to the appropriate server for online messaging installation.

Microsoft Office 365 email will request DNS records in order to handle them for you. If you already have a site, nevertheless, you should select No. Lastly, decide the products you’d want to employ in conjunction with your website.

Microsoft Office 365 email displays the DNS entries that are necessary for Office to synchronize with your name.

If you want to acquire a name, you may do so by selecting the purchase website icon on the page.

Input the web address you want to have in the new tab, and if that’s accessible, you may buy and then use it.

Microsoft Office 365 Email
Microsoft Office 365 Email Setup

Creating a new user

Simply choose users from the left-hand menu. A fresh window appears, where you may add or remove user profiles as needed.

Type the user’s identity, then choose a region and a website. To establish a member, give a licence and then click Add.


You and your clients will now benefit from the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 Email. Co-authoring Microsoft Office 365 Email which allows for interactive learning, communicating with colleagues, putting data into maps, translating information to pdf style, and plenty of storage capacity, to name a few, can increase your confidence.

Your firm will suffer if you choose a generic email account. You must understand how and where to establish a custom-branded email account if you really want to appear authentic. Linking your site’s name to an email service like Microsoft office 365 email might be difficult. Even so, if you really want to push your company to greater heights, it’s worth the time and effort.

We’ve shown you how to create a personalised email using Microsoft Office 365 email for Business within only 3 stages in this essay:

  • Your web address should be added and verified.
  • Create your DNS settings and sign up for internet services.
  • Make sure your domains are up to date.


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