How to start a sports blog- 2020

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How to start a sports blog- 2020

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A sports blog is a great way to share your passion experiences and knowledge on the internet in the form of content. This helps you to create connections across the world. A sports blog helps you to spread awareness regarding fitness. There are numerous topics related to sports that you can upload on the internet that can guide you well in order to get more knowledge regarding fitness and sports.

how to start a sports blog

Today we will be discussing how to start a sports blog in simple and easy steps

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Steps to starting your sports blog

1. Have a mindset to start the blog and decide the niche:

It is essential to have a clear vision before starting the blog. People generally start blogging seeing others and their success and they also start. The blog needs a lot of patience and passion. Once you have a clear vision decide a niche in the field of a sports blog. Naturally, you cant provide information on all the sports all together so you need to be specific to a category of sports. This even helps you to create an audience with a similar interest.

2. You need to select the blog title:

Once the niche of the sports blog is been decided you need to give a name to your blog website. Now you need to purchase the domain name of the website. The name for your website is very much important it gives you an identity and people can search you with the help of the website name. Keep in mind that when you are selecting a name for the website it must be easy to spell and understand. The name of the sports blog should not include any special characters as it becomes difficult to search the name. Select the name that will be unique and people can find it easily over the internet.

3. Purchase hosting:

Once you have decided the name for your blog and domain is purchased now you need to purchase web hosting for your sports blog. Hosting helps to run your website on search engines and store all your website data. You can purchase hosting from various websites on the internet that provides hosting at reasonable prices. Some most common websites to purchase web hosting are Sitegroung, Bluehost hostinger, and many more are available.

4. Select a good platform:

So now you have purchased your website the next most important step is to select a good platform for your sports blog. A good platform helps you to design a good quality website with a variety of tools and services. There are many blogging platforms that are available on the internet that you can use but the most commonly used is WordPress.

There can be various reasons to select WordPress as your sports blog platform. WordPress is been used by the majority of people on the internet and is the fastest growing platform. It is a free software to install and using tat software most of the themes and plugins are free. Your majority of work can be done with free software. Some plugins and themes are paid but the prices are reasonable enough to afford easily.

5. You need to install WordPress:

So now your website is ready to go live and hosting is been purchased. The next step is to install WordPress.

  • The first step is to open your Cpanel of the hosting provider
  • Login with the help of username and password that you have received on the internet.
  • You will enter into your c-panel
  • The c-panel includes all the tools apps that you require to design any website or an application.
  • From the given set of tools, you need to search WordPress and install it on your device.
  • Once you install WordPress onto your device you need to select id and password for it. This id and password help other users to not enter your WordPress login panel.
  • So following these steps will login to your WordPress and you can use your website.

Install Theme on your WordPress website

So now your website is ready and is live on the internet but the website looks simple and plain. When you install WordPress a free theme is already installed on your device but you can customize your theme based on your needs and preferences. Themes help you to make your website more attractive and good looking. To add a theme you can follow these steps

  • Select the tool on the left that is the appearance
  • Now you need to click on the themes option
  • A new window opens where you see a theme already selected
  • A plus sign appears on the right side of the screen.
  • A new window appears where you can see a variety of themes. Select a theme that is related to your Sports blog 
  • You need to install the theme and activate it in order to make changes to the website.

Add Plugins on your website.

Plugins are very much important for your website. Plugins help you to enhance your website and even add new features to your website. There are few plugins that are highly recommended for each and every website and also necessary for your sports blog.

Here are some plugins that you need for your sports blog.

  1. A sharing plugin: So when a visitor visits your website and if the concerned person loves the content there must be a sharing plugin available for your website that will help the user to share the content on various social media platforms. The plugin is highly recommended for your website.
  2. Security plugin required: A security plugin is highly recommended to protect your content from hackers and spammers. If you use any type of such security plugin it deletes all the spam emails and messages so that no hacker gets the permission to enter your sports blog website. The best security plugin that you can use is Akismet anti-spam plugin this plugin is most commonly used and has a great review.
  3. SEO Plugin: Most important plugin that you all can use to rank and boost up your website on the search console. This plugin generally helps you to optimize your content and guides you well to make improvements to your content. A most important tool to crawl your website on the internet. You can use the Yoast Seo plugin to optimize your content and rank your website on the search engines
  4. Contact Form: Each website requires a contact us form in order to get approval from the Google Adsense so to complete their policies A contact form is necessary. This form even helps the viewers to contact and clear doubts with you easily. You can use the plugin ninja forms to add a contact us page onto your website.

To add plugins on your website you need to go on the left side of the screen and select plugin and then add new. Search the plugin you need to install and then activate the plugin.

Add pages on your website

So now your website is all live and traffic is coming on your website. It is necessary to add pages to your website. This helps the viewers to understand what each page consists of easily. The about us page privacy policy page and a home page is most important for your sports blog.

how to start a sports blog

To add pages on your website you just need to click on the pages on the left side and select add new. Create your own page and publish it on your website.

Add content for your blog posts

So the website is live on the internet. Now the final and most important step is to add content on your website. Content helps your website to gain viewers and grow in this internet world.

To add content on your website just click on the posts on the right side and select add new posts. Write your content and publish it.

Top Sports Blogs In India

1.Sportskeeda: One of the finest and the most informative sports blogs in India. On this website, you will find information majorly about all the sports that are been played such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, F1, and even many more. They have a variety of blogs that you can read endlessly and keep gathering a good amount of information. Sportskeeda provides you with sports information almost daily. The blogs by sportskeeda are been appreciated worldwide and the ranking given to them no is 1 is apt for them.

2. Indian football network: One of the best blogs for all football lovers. This blog provides you information related to football in India and across the globe. They keep you updated with all the major super leagues that are conducted in India and across the globe. The Indian football network blog provides you with live updates every second this creates interest to read blogs almost daily. You can even connect with the viewers over the website and discuss football. If you are a football lover and crazy about football then you must follow Indian football network to get updated regularly related to football

3. Doosra: So it is one of the most amazing blogs related to the cricket industry even if you don’t have much interest in cricket the information provided by this sports blog is presented in a way that people love to read their articles and content on regular basis. This sports blog website was awarded in 2013 to get the Indian blogger award. each article provides you something interesting that you can’t stop reading it must follow this sports blog if you love cricket and admire it.

4. Hoopistani: Another great blog for all the basketball fans out there. One of the amazing sports blog that keeps you updated about all the basketball matches and leagues. The artist Karan Madhok that provides the content to Sportskeeda himself provides the content to Hoopistani that gives assurance to all the viewers that the content provided here will be accurate and up to date. The blog provides you all the latest updates on sports immediately so that people do not miss anything. You all must follow them if you have an interest in sports and need accurate knowledge.

5. The cricket couch: Another cricket sports blog that you all can follow if you love cricket and follow. This sports blog provides you day to day updates and even live scorning of all the matches. The best part about this blog is that they even take interviews with sports personalities. They even conduct events online and offline for their viewers that creates engagement with the viewers. The couch mentioned in the blog is the place wherein all the experts sit and discuss the matches and the player’s performance. Very much informative and an entertaining blog that is recommended by most of the people. Must follow out them.

6. Cricmatez: A very famous sports blog on the internet that provides information related to various sports such as cricket, football, tennis, and many other sports in a single place. With the humor section, the blog becomes more interesting and people tend to read it regularly. There is a news section inbuilt in it that provides you with all the latest news and happenings in the fields of sports. The blog is very creative and entertaining this creates an eye-catch for all the viewers and helps the blog to spread information across the globe.

7. Arunava about football: As the name suggests it is a blog designed and developed for the football fans across the globe. The blog updates about the things happening in this football on a regular basis this helps the viewers of the football community to stay updated about this sport. The owner of this sports blog page even has his own youtube channel where he is consistent and updating content on a regular basis. If you are a true lover of football you must follow him now and read his blogs on a regular basis

8. Prantik Maitra: One of the most amazing and informative blog that gives you information related to football and cricket. They keep you updated on a regular basis and you will find information on each segment in cricket and football. All the events are covered in his blog. With the help of this sports blog, you can even track the records of each and every individual of the cricket and football industry. You will find live updates of the sports that are really good. if you are a big fan of sports and love it you all should go and follow them out today.

9. Down the ground: One of the best blogs for the cricket industry. They provide information based on the experiences and the experts this gives the viewers about the whole glimpse of the sports industry. if you like cricket and want to get a great experience of cricket with the help of experts then you must follow this sports blog.

10.Football bible: The best experience for all football fans. This sports blog covers all the major events that can be useful for you all to read such as the world cup, laliga champions, and many more. The best part about this blog is that it even updates about the changes that are conducted in the different football teams such as transfers retirement and many more changes. This game is been loved by the majority of people so if you are a football fan then you must check them out and their blog posts.

FAQS(Sports Blog)

Q1. How to grow the sports blog?

When we talk about a sports blog we generally cover all the sports or a variety of sports. The first step is to publish content about the sports you love this will help you in making consistency about the blog. The information that you will enter on the sports blog should be correct and should be updated regularly. Consistency will help you to be in touch with your audience on a regular basis and you can even get ideas from them. One most important step that you should follow is the keyword research and do SEO optimization if you follow these steps regularly the search engines will automatically crawl your website on the top pages.

Q2. Cant, we prepare a sports blog for free?

Yes, there are websites that allow you to prepare a sports blog for free but when you prepare a free blog you are restricted to limited features for your blogs. Another issue that you face that if massive traffic comes on your website gets crashed. As you will work for the free website there can be a chance that your website can be hacked as your Content is not been secured on the internet. Always it is recommended to purchase a website as you get additional features and the security for your website but if you want to learn for free the best website is This is a free website where you can create your website and put up your content over the internet.


We hope that all of your doubts about How to start a sports blog are cleared.

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