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What is Fashion Blog?

We all are crazy about what’s the stylish and new concept of fashion is coming & what are the trends going on the market, and we love to get updated with new designs from the fashion bloggers & influencers. they are those individuals who are continuously providing us every time with the unique ideas and latest concept of fashion which is running in the fashion industry through their blogs.

Fashion blogger describes the clothing, accessories, styling, makeup, celebrity fashion style or street fashion style, and latest trends that are running into the fashion industry.

Fashion bloggers are very passionate and although they are creating their own content which is so engaging and relatable to the trends to match from your daily lifestyle. To be a fashion blogger you know everything about the fashion industry & get almost updated with upcoming trends so then only you will be a focus on your selected niche and giving valuable content to your viewers.

To interact with your viewers from your blogging  & wanted to become the brand from them in their eyes, for that you need to work harder & know the basics that from where and how to start a fashion blog. so let’s discuss it.

Fashion Blogging


We almost know about, what is a fashion blog and what are the things which fashion blogger will be going to cover, Now it’s a time to go and choose your platform from where to begin your empire, there is some free platform like Blogger, Tumblr,, Blogspot and so on but these are very limited in term of growing yourself as a  personal brand.

 for starting your career as a fashion blogger in a professional way or you want to make out money from fashion blogging so you must create your own website. So let’s discuss some of the steps for launching the website.

1.  Select fashion Blog Niche

First, We are coming to the brainstorming stage where we have to think twice, thrice, or many times about the niche for your preferred blog, now you should be more focused and determined that what your blog is going about. In this time, you have to identify that to whom you are targeting men, women, teenagers, children, whosoever but you have to specialize in your area of the field in this industry. It will help to create yourself as a personal brand that this fashion blogger is specific in this particular industry.

fashion blog
blog on fashion

2. Select Your Fashion Blog Name

Here is a bit tricky to choose the best & more suitable name for your fashion blog, I Know that train of thoughts are running into your mind but you need to find out which name is most preferable for your fashion blog.
So before choosing your name firstly have a look at your competitor’s fashion blog name that what they had chosen and get some ideas out from there too. Fashion Blog name should be short. It is just between 2-3 words so it will be more remarkable & recognizable, as a personal brand short names are easier to remember and also easier to spell them.
You can use your name or you can go through this Here you will find some synonyms so you get ideas of different names and you could also use them for choosing your fashion blog name.

 Once your name & niche for the fashion blog is chosen then think about your website, you are posting your own blogs and try to keep your fashion blog eye-catchy by using some beautiful themes of your website, to make them attractive and interactive to your fashion blog.

3. Setup a fashion blog 

now hurry up & let’s get jump into the main work from where everything is just gonna begin. basically you are going to buy a  website hosting & domain name for your website. 

For buying just click on it Bluehost, this website is providing the domain name of your website, you will see there are three plans as per your need, you can choose any of your plans & proceed ahead,  next you will choose your domain name for your website.

A domain name is the name of your blog which you had chosen above, this name will be shown on your website like creativeblog.Com, your domain name should be unique & interesting and also reflects that what your blog about.
So after done the domain name will move further to purchase website hosting for web hosting you will get an email to buy a Webhosting so just click that link & buy your hosting for your fashion blog website.

3. Setup WordPress

You are done with your all the buying process, now move on & install WordPress, so from here you are going to start fashion blogging on your website by posting various blogs update & so on.

fashion blog
blog on fashion

Now you need to build a creative blogging website of yours because it seems so boring & to uncommon as per your website, but no problem we are going to make it attractive by installing some beautiful themes & plugins which befit to your fashion blog. There are thousands of themes, but you have to find out which will match your ideas of blogging.
So, We also come up with 17 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2020 so go and check it out & find your WordPress themes for your fashion blog just install any of your favorite themes & activate it or you may also change it if you are not impressed with the theme you can go for another one at any time.

Now you must also add some plugins to make your website more customized & easily to load, so the first one is Envira Gallery it will manage your images & keep all the content appropriate, they give wider choice for your image styling

Once the installation of the theme is done, you can start working on your content now all temptations are gone & do working consistently, coming up with new blog post ideas  & what are the latest trend are coming into the fashion industry & make your blog informative & crazier for viewers, so they will be more curious to see your blog.

On starting it is a bit difficult for you that what should I post on my website, will it be liking or not, what will I write & so on, don’t be worry just see your competitors blog & get some ideas from their blogs and trying to replicate them in your own words, you just collect the pieces of information from other fashion blog website, because it will really help for your content & once you start publishing your blogs, you will later or sooner get the ideas & inspiration itself. You are just taking ideas not the content so the content will be in your words not copied.

I hope this article will be helpful to you.


Tips to make money from a website
fashion blog

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