Latest tools on how to make a WordPress website in 2021

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Latest tools on how to make a WordPress website in 2021

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how to make a wordpress website:

Q. What is WordPress?

WordPress is an easy way to develop your website without any technical skills and coding. WordPress provides you with both interfaces backend and the front interface through which you can manage your website easily. This content management system even helps a non-technical person to develop their won website or blog easily. It provides you with a text editor software just like a word that helps you to input content on your website. You can develop a variety of websites with the help of WordPress such as E-commerce, Business, or even a blog. Most of the top blogs are developed on WordPress even the fortune 500 companies are even developed on WordPress such as Spotify, NBC and many more

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Features of WordPress

WordPress provides you with a variety of features that helps you to develop your website in an attractive way. The features are mentioned below:

  1. Better speed: WordPress is designed in a way that requires no coding this makes the loading time of the website faster and better.

2. Mobile friendly: WordPress is a mobile-friendly software. Themes available in WordPress are eco-friendly and all can be accessed on the mobile.

3. Easy interface: The interface of WordPress is simple and not at all complicated. Each person can easily understand and use it. If you have a basic knowledge of the operating system you can easily use WordPress.

4. SEO: It stands for search engine optimization that is a technical term that most people don’t know how to use it. WordPress provides you with a variety of tools that helps you in ranking your website without any technical knowledge. This is a great feature that can be useful for all the upcoming business and content creators.

5. Media management: WordPress helps in managing the media easily. The process is simple you can easily add media from your library and upload it on your website.

How to use WordPress website

It is a simple process through which you can use WordPress. To use WordPress first of all you need to read about the product. You need to know about the basic things about WordPress and will it be worth it for yourself to invest your time and money in such a kind of software. The next step is to make a plan and check the requirements to install WordPress in your system. If you fulfill all the requirements you can start using WordPress.

latest tools for making wordpress site
How to use wordpress


Q. How to build a WordPress website?

To build a WordPress website you need to follow the following steps given below in order to design an attractive website.

  1. Select the desired plan: Do develop your WordPress website the first step is to decide the plan you need. The price of the plan varies depends on your plan. The basic difference between all the plans is the marketing tools storage speed and traffic capacity. Some other features are even there in all the plans that can be useful for you all.
wordpress plans
how to use wordpress
  1. Setup a hosting provider: Before developing your website it is necessary to decide a domain name for your website and hosting service to publish your website on google. Make sure to choose a good hosting provider in order to prevent your website from hackers. While buying a domain name check if the SSL certificate is included. The SSL certificate protects your data from unwanted users.
latest tool for building wordpress site
How to use wordpress
  1. Install WordPress: Once hosting is been selected. The next step is to install WordPress. You need to install the content management system on your device. Once it is done link your website with your SSL certificate. While you install WordPress you will be asked a few questions related to the domain and directory you need to answer them to log in to WordPress.
latest tool for building wordpress
How to use wordpress site
  1. Select your theme: It is the most important step you need to select the theme. It is recommended to select a light theme in order to function your website smoothly. WordPress provides you a variety of themes installed that you can apply on your website depending on your needs and preferences. To find out different themes you need to go to the Appearance section on the left and select themes from there. A new window appears that provides you with a variety of themes you can choose that include e-commerce business blog themes even education and many more. Once the theme is added and applied you can start editing and customizing your theme.
latest tools to build wordpress themes
How to use wordpess
  1. Add pages and posts on your website: Once you launch your website on google and select the desired theme next step is to add posts on your website. Posts are generally content for your website and blog posts. Once you write content and publish it. The content appears automatically on the top pages of the website. Pages are static which looks appealing the content added on the pages remains in the same place. On the left side, you will see a page and posts column click on it to add the pages and posts on your website.
  1. Customizing your website: Only by adding pages and posts does not make the website look good. You can start customizing your website in a variety of ways that enhance your website and it looks good. To start customizing your website you need to go click on an appearance on the left side of the screen and select customize. First of all, you need to customize your pages and select them as static or dynamic. It is necessary to customize the header and footer of the website. You can change your background of the website add images. There is an option available to edit the menu bar that you all can do to design your website in a better way. Other features are available to enhance your website. You can try out different features to edit your website that can be useful to design your website in a better and attractive way.
latest tools to make wordpress website
WordPress website
  1. Install the required plugins: It is necessary to install all the required plugins which helps you in boosting your website and enhance it in the best possible way. There is a variety of plugins available for each kind of website that can be beneficial for you to make your website look better. You can even optimize your website in the best possible way to enhance the website speed.

By following these steps you can design your own WordPress website in the most attractive and easy way.


Here are some of the important reasons we should choose WordPress

  1. WordPress is free software: The whole WordPress software is free software. It is a free software to install and use it.
  2. WordPress can be customized easily: It is the most simple and easiest software to customize all your website. More than half of the population who are using WordPress are easy to customize their website without even having any technical knowledge. People who belong from any nontechnical background WordPress is the perfect option for all of them to design and develop their website. Every theme has different customizing options. You can use plugins to customize your website in the best possible way. Not just you will add extra functions to your website you can change the complete appearance for your website and make it a professional website.
  3. WordPress is an easy management software: This platform is designed in a simple way that runs on the updates system. With the builtin software inside it, you can easily update all your plugin and themes regularly through your admin panel. This makes it simpler to run. You can even create regular backups for your work using the backup plugin which is a good feature and helps you to manage your work.WordPress provides you with regular notifications for your updates and management and any new version is available you can simply update by just clicking on it.
  4. WordPress is a safe and secure platform: At the time of the development of the WordPress platform, it was designed in a way to keep in mind the security and privacy of all the user’s data. It is designed with a security mindset and considered the safest and secure platform. Most of the top website on google are designed on WordPress because of the best security. It protects you from all the malware attacks which are beneficial for the users as well as the developers. The platform even provides you with the step by step guide to protect and manage data that can enhance the user experience.

Disadavantages of WordPress

  1. WordPress can be costly: Though WordPress is free software. Still, if you want to use WordPress you need to use the plugins and themes that can be quite expensive to purchase each time. When you develop a website you need to do all the major adjustments in order to design your website in the best possible way Hence you need to buy certain tools and even themes to make your website look good. This might increase your cost very high and normally each person can not buy it.
  2. Requires regular updates: Updates are good to do the proper functioning of the website but there are some themes and plugins that provide you too much of updates on a regular basis that might lead to a lack in the compatibility of the website or maybe the system. The maintenance of the whole WordPress website can be quiet difficult as all the plugins are not compatible with the theme. WordPress does not offer you any support service or solutions to solve your problems hence you need to solve by urself. It might be difficult for some people to handle their WordPress website.
  3. Coding needed: You can easily design your WordPress website without any coding language but if you want to design your website in a unique way you need to have a little bit of knowledge of the HLTML, CSS, and PHP. It is not all necessary to learn the coding but only in a few of the dynamic website, little bit coding is required. Hence If you are planning to design a good website it is mandatory to learn some part of these coding that will be beneficial for all in the development of the website.

How to create a homepage in WordPress?

A homepage is the front page of the website. This page generally appears to the users who open your website from your domain name. It is the introductory page of your website. The main purpose of the homepage is created to give an overview of your website on how it looks and what all it consists of and what type of content it includes. WordPress comes with a builtin feature to develop a homepage.

Creating a homepage in WordPress

To create a homepage in WordPress is a simple and easy process. You have to go to pages on the left side and click on the add new option. Once you have done click on the heading and enter heading click on update.

Next step you need to go to the setting option and select the type of page you need to set. The static page or new post option depends on whatever you need. This way you will be able to create your homepage easily.

how to make a wordpress website
create wordpress site, how to create a wordpress website, wordpress website

You can customize your homepage through the page builder plugin. A page builder allows you to design your own custom pages easily. While using this plugin you can get access to the variety of themes that can be more useful for your business or blog. You can even use the elementor plugin to design your homepage in the best possible way and attractive way.

These were a few of the tips you can use to design and customize your homepage. There can be other plugins available to design your webpage but these are most popularly used.

Best WordPress Themes

WordPress provides me with a variety of themes you can choose from. each theme has its different usage. In this collection of themes, you will find that all the themes will solve your purposes easily. The themes mentioned below are generally of the high-quality design premium look and easy to edit themes. These themes will improve your working experience in the best possible way. The themes are the most popular themes and recommended by most of the people your choice may differ WordPress offers other good themes as well but these are the most popular of them.

1. Ocean WP

Ocean WP is one of the best themes I’ve come across. It is the lightest theme that makes your working experience better. If you are planning to design a travel website it could be best for you. Ocean WP provides you a professional experience when you use it. Ocen WP provides you with several customization options and with its amazing widgets. It has a responsive design that gives a premium look to the website. The speed of the website is quite good. No coding is required to use this WordPress so even if you belong from a nontechnical background you can easily create your website with a good look for your business or your blog post. Much recommended theme by most of the people and has a good rating.

tools for building wp website
How to use wordpress


Divi is another good theme for your WordPress website. It is a great theme that is paid but solves all your purposes. Approximately the theme costs around 80-90$ that are worth paying. The themes provide you a variety of features that you can use and better than the free themes. One of the best features of Divi is the page builder that can be useful to design your entire website. The Divi drop-down menus can help you to customize your website in the best possible way. You can easily set up your e-commerce business with the help of this tool. It provides you with the option forms and even the mailing feature that free themes might not provide you. The theme provides you a feature to create your own design which no other theme provides you with this option. Divi provides you a split-testing feature to optimize your work and make it look better. The seed of theme is quite OK even if large traffic comes on your website it will not crash and easily handle. It does not stall difficult to use this theme and easily a nontechnical person can access it. Overall it is a complete package and most of the users are happy using the theme.

wordpress website
how to use wordpress, create wordpress site

3. Hestia

One of the best themes for all the startups and young businesses to grow yourself. It is a light weighted theme that loads fast without facing any lags into it. Hestia is the best theme to make your work look presentable and better. The theme is good in response and perfectly works properly on all the devices. The Hestia theme provides you with the page builder facility. The support system and customization of the website is quite good and can be easily accessed by any person. No coding is required to run such types of website. Overall this theme is quite good if you are planning for a large startup this theme might not be good for each and every person but it’s worth trying it once.

latest tools to build wordpress site
How to use wordpress


A newspaper is one of the most amazing and best-selling theme in this newspaper field. With the pre-built theme and plugins, the website looks elegant. The newspaper theme provides you with a variety of demos to select from that can be useful for you all to select and grow. The theme provides the drag and drop facility that makes your work simpler and easier. This theme helps you in creating a professional website that looks decent and good in creating your online presence. A newspaper theme even includes some pre-built-in templates that make your work more simpler and effective. Must try this theme once for all who have an interest in newspaper and magazines

latest tools for building wp site
How to use wordpress

4. Astra

Astra is the most commonly used theme on the WordPress platform. It is a beautiful theme that anybody can access and is a free theme. The stylish design of the theme makes it better to use it. Astra is a light theme that each business can use it for the growth most of the blog posts are been created on the Astra theme is an SEO friendly process that helps you to rank your website on the top pages. Not only the user has the ability to customize the website but the concerned person can even import another website in the same theme that is a great feature that so far no theme provides you. The theme provides you with a variety of features that may be usable for the betterment of the website. Customization of the theme is quite simple and easy to work with. The code of the theme is quite clean and simple and the theme has crossed more than 2 lakhs of download this shows how much the theme is popular among the people. Woocommerce support is available for this theme if you need to set up your online e-commerce setup. Astra provides you with an active group discussion option to make it better and get to know more tips and tricks. No coding is required to run the theme so it becomes simple for each and every individual to work on this theme. Overall the rating of the theme is 5 stars that are the best rating for the theme.

Astra theme
WordPress Website

5. ColorMag

ColorMAg is another great theme to develop your newspaper and magazines online. This theme is quite light and can be accessible by anyone. ColorMag provides you with various widgets and features that can be used in order to enhance the experience. This theme is best for blogging and will give you a next-level experience. ColorMag needs a bit of optimization once done will make it good to go. Most of the people are quite happy with the theme and using it on their blogs. People were really happy about the support and no coding is needed to run the theme hence even if you belong from a nontechnical background you can use it.

colora mag theme
WordPress Website

6. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a very diversified theme and a good theme which many people use it. The theme is lightweight and the support forum of the theme generally solves all the problems of the person. For a noncoding person, this can be useful for setting up your online presence. GeneratePress has a variety of customization options which helps in enhancing the viewer experience. The theme includes all the major page builders that help you in designing your website very easily without much effort. Overall its a good theme and must try themes for all the bloggers and businesses.

wordpress theme
How to make a wordpress website

7.Genesis theme

Genesis theme is one of the finest themes on WordPress. The theme includes almost all the premium features for free. It is an SEO friendly theme that can be really useful for your online setup. The best part of the theme does not require any coding language even a non-technical person can access the theme properly. Genesis is the best theme for your blogging and definitely will provide you the next level of experience.

free wp tool to build website
How to build a wordpress website

8.Forest theme

Another great theme on WordPress that provides you good speed and the theme is light weighted. If you want an entirely unique theme Forest is the best theme for growth and development. The theme is generally designed for all the freelancers where they can work. The theme includes some amazing features that can be useful for your website design and development. It is a premium theme but the price paid is worth it.

LORE Theme

LORE is one of the best and attractive themes for WordPress. This theme is generally used if you want to design a question and answer website. LORE is a knowledge-based website that you all can use. The theme provides you with a variety of good templates that you can use to make your website more attractive. The theme is quite simple to add and post content on it

So mentioned above are the best themes available for all the users these themes are selected among the popularity. The best theme depends on your particular needs and situation. Based on the experience and overall reviews Astra is the best theme that serves all your problems and needs. You can use each theme on a test basis and then select any one of them this becomes a simple process. If you have any themes you can suggest them below in the comment box. It includes extra features like the drop-down menus plugins and extra features that a premium theme includes. LORE is a light weighted theme with a good speed. Highly recommend a theme for your website.

free tools for making website on wordpress
how to build a wordpress website

Best WordPress Plugins

Here we will discuss the most important plugins and much-needed plugins you can use in order to develop your website and enhance it in the best possible way. The plugins that we will discuss below will help you in improving the speed and performance of your website

1. Contact Form7

Much needed plugin for your website to link multiple contact forms for your website. This plugin helps you to reduce all the extra coding languages and easily create and publish the contact forms. Best plugin one must-have for his website. The plugin is absolutely free and has crossed more than 5 million downloads this shows the plugin is widely used by the majority of people.

2.Yoast SEO

This is a great plugin that helps you to optimize your WordPress website in the best possible way. The plugin even provides you with the step by step guide to optimize your website. Yoast SEO even helps you to do on-page as well as off-page SEO. The plugin is completely free and can be easily accessible by any individual. There are more SEO plugins available but Yoast SEO is among the best. It provides you with accurate density options that can be useful for you to grow.

Free tools for making wordpress website
How to use wordpress


Akismet is an anti-spam WordPress plugin that helps you to protect your data and content from all the spammers and hackers. The plugin automatically filters all the comments and removes unwanted and spam comments. The plugin even helps you in finding spam comments form your history posts and detects and removes to protect your website from hacking. Akismet helps you in saving your disk size and space for your whole website. Much recommend a plugin for your website. An API key is required to run this plugin properly. The plugin is generally free but it also has additional features in order to make it more effective.

Free tools for building website
how to use wordpress

4. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the best plugins you can use to set up an e-commerce business. It is open-source software that anybody can download free to use and easy to understand software. No coding and technical knowledge are needed to use such type of plugin. With a variety of themes, it makes your work simpler and easier. You can even use the Woocommerce premium features by purchasing it. The cost is reasonable around 12-13 dollars a month. In terms of the features available, the price is quite affordable.

how to make a website
WordPress Website

5. Elementor

This is the best open-source plugin that you all can use to design your own WordPress website. Elementor provides you with the page builder facility that can be useful for you to design the entire website and all pages easily. Elementor is ranked as the most effective and best way to design and develop your webpages. It includes a variety of template into it so that you can design stunning pages. Not much of technical knowledge is needed to design a page on elementor without knowledge it is even simple and effective.

how to build a website
How to use wordpress

6. WP Super Cache

This plugin is really beneficial for your website to increase the speed of the website. The plugin generally converts all the HTML files to WordPress. This plugin generally helps and increases your website speed. WP super cache compresses all the pages. It provides you extra home checks facility. It is a free tool that anybody can install on your website

how to create a website
How to build a wordpress website

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is the most beneficial plugin you all can use if you want to grow your business or blogs online. The plugin helps you to improve your SEO on google. Google XML Sitemaps helps top search engines to index your site better on their servers so that people can easily search your website and it becomes visible to each and every person. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress pages as well as normal page links too. Once you install the Google XML Sitemaps on your website and apply to it. The plugin automatically creates a sitemap for your website that becomes simpler for search engines to index it.

8. Smush Plugin

Smush is a very useful plugin to optimize all your images. The plugin resizes all the images and helps you in improving the speed of your website in the best possible manner. Smush while compressing any kind of image does not reduce the quality of the photos or the context that is a good feature. Smush is ranked number 1 in resizing the images and improving the website speed.

Monsterinsghts plugin

Monsterinsight is one of the best google analytics plugins you can download on your website to track your audience and data. It provides you all the required data the place from traffic comes and people who visits you daily. Using this kind of plugin helps you to optimize all your data easily. You can use the free version as well but if you need to access all the features you need to purchase the paid version for it. Monsterinsights are been used by more than 2 million people. The interface is very simple and can be easily understood with everyone. Lightweight plugin

How to create a website
Create wordpress site

Updraft plugin

One of the best plugins and most importantly used when you are using WordPress. The uplift plugin helps you to create backups for your work and of the entire website. It automatically creates backups for your website that is a really great feature. You just need to install the plugin and apply it. the Updraft plugin is generally free but you can use the premium version of the plugin that provides you with more features to enhance your user experience. The plugin provides you with excellent features and can use the plugin easily. It even restores the data as quickly as possible without any lags.

how to create website
How to make a wordpress

Learndash Plugin

Learndash is the most widely used plugin over the WordPress software. This plugin is generally helpful for you to seek up online courses over here. It has a drag a drop feature that easily creates your online course within minutes. This feature helps you to easily add up lessons quizzes and texts on your website in the most presentable manner. It provides you a step by step guide to developing your own website in the best possible way. It is the lightest plugin you can install and access it in the best possible manner.

Mentioned above were some commonly used WordPress plugins that are required by each and every website in order to do proper functioning of their work. You can even give your suggestion for the plugins in the comments below.


Overall if you see WordPress as a platform it could be best for any business to set up easily. Firstly WordPress is the easiest platform to work on, unlike other platforms where coding is needed and other knowledge WordPress any individual can design. WordPress provides you with endless themes paid as well as free where you can work and do your work. Some areas of modification may require some coding language but it can be ignored. A nontechnical student can even design a good website. Almost all the plugins are available to work with. Some plugins and tools might be expensive for people but it’s worth trying it.


Q1. Is it necessary to learn the PHP language to use WordPress software?

WordPress is free and open-source software that anyone can use and no coding as such is required to use WordPress even if you belong from a nontechnical background you can easily use WordPress. In some areas, if you want to develop a professional and high-end website there are some plugins that may require PHP. Already the PHP codes are present on your website you don’t need to change or replace them. In most of the plugins, clear instructions are mentioned weather to change PHP files or not.

Q2. Is it possible to covert are viewers into Subscribers?

Usually when we work on WordPress as soon as a viewer visits our website the next time he finds it difficult to find out our website. This leads to a loss in viewership. WordPress has a great feature of e-mail subscriptions. This feature helps you to convert your viewers into subscribers. The process is simple as soon as you post content on your website the E-mail feature will send an inbox to each and every viewer about your content. This will help them to easily find you and you all can generate a loyal audience easily. Social media is a great way to connect with each other but there are people who do not use social media. Through E-mail subscriptions, they can consume your content in the best possible way.

Q3. How can I generate more E-mail subscription?

It is important to gain E-mail subscriptions in order to generate your loyal family base and it is quite difficult to get subscriptions. If you have a new website it can be difficult to convince people to subscribe. Hence in such cases lead generation is a really important process that you can follow. you can option minster tool to generate your leads it is the most popular tool that helps you to generate leads easily. Optin minister generally checks your traffic and converts that traffic into your traffic that becomes really great. Another way you can use to generate subscribers is t create multiple signup forms on your website. This process will give more opportunities for the user to join your e-mail list. Popups could be another great way to attract users to join your list. Once a user visits your website you can use the popup box so that he subscribes.

Q4. How to create your own images on WordPress?

At times when you work on WordPress, you might not find a suitable image for the concerned work you are doing or you might plan to create your own image. WordPress provides you with a variety of tools through which we can design our own custom images.

The first tool that is preferred is CANVA. This tool is most helpful and helps you to create all types of graphics easily and effectively. The tool comes with all the personalized template to create a well-designed image most useful for any person who needs to design an image for its WordPress blogs. CANVA even provides you with the feature to choose the images from the tool and use it in your blog posts.

Q5. What to do when you get lock through the WordPress admin?

When we work on WordPress at times we lock our admin area and we don’t get to know it. you need to unlock the admin. There might be a few of the reasons you get locked. Error in establishing a database. This could be the main reason you get locked there are few people whose data gets corrupted or maybe the sever gets crashed. There can be a problem with the service provider as well. You need to check with your hosting provider about the solution.

  • White Screen problem: This problem generally occurs when you have used the maximum amount of storage on your website. There could be another reason for the problem in your web hosting. to solve such a problem you need to increase your memory with the help of hosting providers this process will resolve all your problems easily.

Q6. How can we create our own blog posts on WordPress?

It is really simple to create your own blog posts no expertise is required to create the blog post. Just follow the steps given below to creates a good blog post

  • Login into your WordPress: The first step is to open up your website dashboard to open it just type this will open your Website dashboard. You need to enter your id and password you have created in order to enter your dashboard.
  • Create the post: Once you have login into dashboard you can follow many ways to add a post but the best and easiest way is to go on the left side and click post and then add new. Your new posts box appears.
  • Enter your title: Now you have reached on the posting page on the top you need to enter the title of the blog post.
  • Enter the content: So now you have entered the title. The big-box below is the place where you enter the content. You can here enter the images and a variety of content to make your blog post good. The blog provides you with various formatting options such as bold image options alignment
  • The next step is to choose a featured image: Feature image is something that appears on the top of the blog. It is a thumbnail for your blog post. The image appears with the blog. To add image go on the right side click on settings and add a featured image.
  • Add tags and categories: Tags and categories are added on the right side of the blog. Tags are generally specific related to the blog post and categories definite the type of content you post.
  • Last step to publish the post: Once the article is completed we can publish it over the internet on the top right you will see a publish button from there you can post your content

Q7. How can I Improve SEO with Widgets?

WordPress widgets make your work easier and effective. It makes SEO. Widgets make the SEO process simpler. It makes SEO better you can use any social media widgets to improve SEO. You can even add up regular posts. Using SEO widgets improves the loyalty of visitors. The widgets help you in creating new content inside your forums this helps you in crawling your website on the top pages of the search engine.

Q8. How can u find if the site is running with WordPress or not?

There can be various ways through which you can find that the website is running on WordPress or not. The theme of the website will never give you any clue that the website belongs to WordPress or not. We will be discussing a few reasons that will tell us about the website.

  • The first step is to check out the site source code. The code generally defines where the website belongs. Studying the code will tell you samples about WordPress
  • You need to find out the Lisence.txt file. Some of the sites may remove the source code from various areas so it’s better to find out the license code on the website.
  • It is unnecessary to check the URLs of the website. Checking the URLs will take you to the WordPress dashboard.
  • You need to check out the usage data of the website there are technologies that find out through data that will belong from WordPress or not. You can use the tool genius to find out about the usage data easily.
  • The simplest method you can use is the chrome sniffer method for chrome. Using this sniffer method can easily find out your Website. To use it you just need to download sniffer in your chrome browser and open it. Once you have completed the download process you need to enter the name of the website and find it this sniffer for chrome will easily find out your website and show it to you.


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