How to install WordPress from c-panel


How to install WordPress from c-panel

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is used by millions of bloggers all over the world. According to the survey, it was been found that 30% of the top websites are built and run on WordPress. With a wide variety of themes and so many plugins, WordPress is adopted by most people across the globe. WordPress does not require any technical computer language to develop the website. Hence it is easy for the people to develop the website on WordPress easily.

Today we are going to talk about how to install WordPress from c-panel. The steps which we will talk about will be most smiles and you will be able to install WordPress from c-panel.

Before you install WordPress from c-panel you need to follow these prerequisites

  • A domain name is necessary. for eg:
  • Good hosting will be needed which has the support of PHP and MYSQL
  • The most important thing needed is c-panel id and password

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Steps to install WordPress from c-panel

Install WordPress From C-Panel
How to install WordPress from c-panel, What is WordPress
  1. Login into your c-panel account: To log in to the c-panel you first need to open up your browser type You will be redirected to the c-panel. Enter the username and password to enter.
  2. Open Softcolous app installer: Once you enter the c-panel you will find the softcore apps from the search box. After searching for the apps you will find WordPress just below. You need to click on it.
  3. Choose the desired protocol and a domain name: the screen displayed above will give you a brief about the WordPress software and version mentioned that you will be installing. You need to enter your domain name and the desired protocol and click on install. This will redirect you to the setup page.
  4. Fill up the details: WordPress install page will ask you to enter some of your basic details such as the name of the website and a brief description of the website. Once the basic work is done you need to choose id and password and click to the proceed button.
  5. Now after finishing the setup you need to select the themes and plugins: This will decide the structure and design of a website. There are a wide variety of themes and plugins. These can be even be edited or deleted in the future.
  6. Now your website is good to go click on the install button. You will be redirected to the congratulations page where you will be provided with WordPress login details.

These were the 6 easy steps to Install WordPress from C-Panel

You can even install WordPress from c-panel manually

To install WordPress from c-panel manually follow these steps:

Install WordPress From C-Panel
How to install WordPress from c-panel, Steps to install WordPress
  1. You need to login to your control panel: The hosting company provides you some details through which you can log in.
  2. Go onto MYSQL database wizard
  3. Create a database: In the wizard go and create a database. You need to provide a database name
  4. You need to create a database user: You need to create a database username and password
  5. Add a new user to a database: In this process, you assign the necessary database. In this, you need to click all the privileges tick all the checkboxes
  6. Complete all the tasks: In this process, you are notified when a new user is added to the database.
  7. Edit the config file: There are four pieces of information you need to complete the file.
  8. Now you can continue the installation: The database is created and the user is created and assigned. After the configuration process installation will be done.

If you follow such steps you can easily install WordPress from c-panel. The process we talked about is quite simple and automatic. Softaculous does everything for you you just need to click next to go one step ahead. I hope these steps will help you create a stunning website however if you have any doubt feel free to contact DATASERVERMARKET. Both the methods are tried and tested and worked whichever method you feel you can use to install WordPress from c-panel


Q1 How can I find a good host for my WordPress website?

Any host that supports the requirements of hosting can use the hosting easily. If you are not sure about hosting the best way is to contact them and ask about the requirements to them through this way you can find some hosts well.

Q2. How do you allow WordPress to use my language?

If you want to change your language WordPress uses then you can go and select your preferred language in the administration section to this you need to follow this basic step to change your language. You can go to settings then choose the general option and select your preferred language.

Q3. Do I need to create a database?

Yes if you are working on WordPress you need to create a database that is necessary. WordPress requires MYSQL databases to store large amounts of data. You need a new database if you have not created on your server but generally, your hosting provider includes a database for your website. It is not at all necessary to create a new database for each and every installation. If you want to use the same database for multiple uses then you need to take care of the WP PHP file. Each installation should have a prefix.

Q4. Can I rename my WordPress folder?

Yes, you can rename the WordPress folder it is really simple. If you have not installed WordPress you can simply rename it but most people tend to install WordPress then wishes to rename in that case you need to log in yourself as an administrator. Go on to settings and then general. Once you have reached your site address name folder you can easily rename it.

Q5. Can I launch WordPress on the windows server?

Yes, it is a very simple process as long as you have installed the PHP system in your device. This will work properly on your device. Both the Apache IIS are capable of saving your file data hence you won’t be able to face any issue using it just you will be needed PHP support.


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In this blog, we have tried to provide you with some easy ways to install WordPress from c-panel. I hope your query got solved. Our basic motive of writing this blog was to solve this query (How to install WordPress from c-panel) as we were getting many requests from all over the world. Hope you Like It.

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