How to Fix The 421 Too Many Connections

How to Fix The 421 Too Many Connections

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Many users skip entering into their Webhosting policy’s cPanel login and instead utilise FTP to publish or retrieve a few items. Since there are a large number of FTP requests from a specific Host, FileZilla displays the ‘420 just so many sessions’ warning.

In this guide, you will discover how to resolve such an issue and utilise FileZilla without any problems. There seem to be two approaches you may use to resolve the 420 too several sessions issue.

What is the cause of the Connection Error?

Before diving into alternatives, you need to understand what FileZilla reports as an issue for several links. A mistake appears whenever a client connects to their Webhosting firm’s Web server and over 8 times use the same IP address before ending previous connections.

Whenever you try and connect FileZilla to your Web server, it may be deemed a link but not effective due to incorrect configuration. As a result, please make certain that you set this up correctly.

Here’s an example of an error page:

“Response number: 421″ Error: Also couldn’t access to the host due to several requests (8) from such an IP.”

You can resolve the issue by renewing all FTP links through your cPanel subscription or expanding the number of FileZilla sessions.

Method 1) Boost Refresh Links Using cPanel.

Here are some measures to take:

  • 1) Access your web host and launch cPanel.
  • 2) Look for “FTP Links” under “Files.” Just click to view it. cPanel may be a little unique for certain web hosts. Kindly scroll to the bottom if you don’t see the FTP connectivity choices under Files.
  • 3). When you open it, you’ll get a list of all current FTP links. To reset all links, click “Reload.”

On the right of each link, there is a “Detach” link which you may have used to remove all links and re-connect FileZilla.

You will notice a notification after terminating an FTP connection.

Method 2) Increase the number of FTP sessions from FileZilla.

Some businesses do not permit access to the cPanel interface. So, this is an additional approach you may use to boost your contacts by even more than 8.

Here are some measures to take:

  • 1) Launch FileZilla and navigate to the File Manager tab. It may differ based on the operating system you’re using. There is an icon for iOS. For Windows, you may see options such as File, Edit, and so on. Therefore, if you select on File, you’ll be able to view either File Manager or Site Manager.
  • 2). Access the “Transport Options” tab by clicking on “My Sites” inside the left-sidebar.

Tick the box for “Limit number of consecutive links” and pick upwards of 8 for “Limit number of contacts” if your options section isn’t greyed off.

To save your settings, click “Ok.”

After that, even though there are previous contacts with incorrect parameters, you will be capable of connecting FileZilla to your hosting’s FTP server.

However, FileZilla does not allow you to remove previous links. You must utilise your cPanel login for this.


You have studied two methods for resolving the ‘420 too many connections issue’ in this article. I recommend that you should always do the first technique since it allows you to delete outdated connections.

It is not feasible to determine which links have the incorrect settings. As a result, disconnecting old connections and establishing new ones is always a smart idea.


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