How to Configure and Connect Your VPS from Windows 10

Connect Your VPS from Windows 10

How to Configure and Connect Your VPS from Windows 10

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Connect Your VPS from Windows 10

Are you looking to configure VPS Windows 10 server? However, do you know what is VPS for Windows and how it will affect your hosting server? As Dataservermarket provides a complete VPS Windows 10 server configuration guide, do not worry. Before getting into the articles, let’s first understand the meaning of VPS Windows 10.
What is VPS for Windows?
VPS or Virtual Private Server is hosting assistance that virtualizes technology to supply you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users.
VPS Windows 10 is more secure and stable than shared hosting, where you don’t get a dedicated server place. However, VPS Windows 10 is cheaper than renting an entire server space per Dataservermarket. VPS Windows 10 hosting is selected by the website owners with medium-level traffic, exceeding the limits of the shared hosting plan.
You don’t need the resources of a dedicated server in VPS Windows 10. Dataservermarket recommends having VPS for Windows to let your business scale your site seamlessly. Let’s understand in detail how VPS Windows 10 hosting works?
How does VPS for Windows hosting work?
VPS Windows 10 provides you with a virtual server, stimulating the physical server, but in reality, the machine is shared by several users. VPS Windows 10 uses virtualization technology, installing a virtual VPS for Windows layer in the top OS. The VPS Windows 10 layer divides the server into partitions and allows users to establish their OS and software.
Therefore, VPS for Windows is private and virtual as you have complete control. VPS Windows 10 is separated from other user servers on the OS level. In fact, VPS for Windows technology creates partitions on your computer when you want to run more than one OS without rebooting.
Running a VPS for Windows helps set up a website within a secure container with guaranteed resources. You will have the same root-level access with VPS for Windows hosting.
Let’s dive into the advantage and disadvantages of VPS for Windows hosting:
VPS for Windows Pros and Cons:
VPS for Windows hosting is an ideal solution for website owners. Below are some pros and cons of VPS for Windows provided by Dataservermarket.
Pros of VPS for Windows:
·   VPS for Windows is faster and more reliable than a shared hosting server.
·   VPS for Windows has zero to minimal fluctuation in available resources.
·   Another server’s issues and traffic surges do not affect your VPS for Windows on your website.
·   You get super access or root user access to your VPS for Windows server.
Cons of VPS for Windows:
·   VPS for Windows is more expensive than shared hosting.
·   VPS for Windows requires more technical knowledge.
·   VPS for Windows server management is more technically demanding than cloud plans
·   Improperly configured VPS for Windows servers may lead to security vulnerabilities.
We hope you understood the pros and cons of VPS Windows 10, and now, let’s dive into the configuration overview of Windows 10 VPS by Dataservermarket.
Overview of configuring and connecting Windows 10 VPS by Dataservermarket:
Dataservermarket suggests Windows 10 VPS hosting to log in to the server as an administrator. Thus, you will get access to various functionalities of VPS Windows 10 to make a lot of changes in the Windows 10 VPS server. You can connect and configure Windows 10 VPS server in different ways. Dataservermarket has provided a simple guide on connecting VPS Windows 10.
Connect VPS Windows 10 using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC):
Dataservermarket provides a step-by-step instruction guide for connecting VPS Windows 10 using Microsoft RDC:
·   Click on the Start button.
·   Click on the search field.
·   Type “remote desktop.”
·   Click on “>Remote Desktop Connection.”
·   Type the IP address of your VPS Windows 10.
·   A new window is displayed, and you have to insert your name and password.
You can sign in successfully to VPS Windows 10 if you enter the credentials correctly. You will find a remote desktop connection opened in VPS Windows 10.
Connecting VPS Windows 10 using 2X RDP Client:
Dataservermarket provides a step-by-step instruction guide for connecting VPS Windows 10 using 2X RDP Client:
·   Download 2X RDP client and install it.
·   Open the installed app.
·   Navigate through File> New connection.
·   Choose the Standard RDP option.
·   Insert the general IP address of the VPS Windows 10 server in the “primary connection” field.
·   Type “3389” in the port section.
·   Join the username and password of your VPS Windows 10 server.
·   In the majority of cases, the user name is “Administrator.”
·   Click “OK” to connect with VPS Windows 10 server.
Thus, you have successfully configured and connected your VPS Windows 10 following the Dataservermarket guide.
Wrapping up:
Dataservermarket has provided two flexible ways of connecting VPS Windows 10 from RDC and 2X RDP clients. However, the former option is more appropriate. We hope you understand the configuration and connection of VPS Windows 10 by Dataservermarket.

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