Hostpapa India Web Hosting Review

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Hostpapa India Web Hosting Review

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What is Hostpapa?

Hostpapa is one of the leading hosting providers companies across the globe. it is a privately owned company of Canada that provides reseller hosting, private hosting, and many more services. In this article, we will be talking about HostPapa India’s web hosting review.

If you are looking to make a simple easy website for your businesses or a blogging website, then Hostpapa web hosting should be on your checklist. In this blog, we will be giving you all reviews about Hostpapa India web hosting.

Hostpapa India web hosting


  1. Why Hostpapa Web hosting?
  2. Features of Hostpapa web Hosting?
  3. How to purchase Hostpapa Hosting?
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Get Hostpapa Hosting coupon/Deal


Hostpapa India web hosting: HOSTPAPA USER DASHBOARD, Host papa WordPress Web

HostPapa web hosting review

Hostpapa is one of the leading companies in the U.S and Canada and people have given mixed opinions about the HostPapa India web hosting review. The best part of the company is that it has registered more than 5 lacks websites on their servers and the company was just launched in 2006. This means the company provides quite good services to clients to their clients’ reason being they are growing. One of the main reasons for the company’s growth could be it provides a variety of services and even customer support in different languages including french, german, Spanish, and a lot more. Which is helping the company to grow.

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting, Hostpapa India

Before continuing the HostPapa web hosting review let us talk about the pros and cons of Hostpapa this will help us to come to know to purchase their services or not.

Why Hostpapa India web hosting?

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting, Host papa India

The Ontario-based company Hostpapa gives many additional features to its users. These make the users valuable to Hostpapa. Most of the users trust Hostpapa web hosting because of its 24*7 PapaSquad support and multiple features.

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HostPapa’s award-winning WordPress Web Hosting has reliability and Customer trust. Why? Let’s figure out :

1. Reliable servers

As per Hostpapa’s Commitment, they use the best technology for providing value to its users.

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Hostpapa Best WordPress Hosting

2. Optimized for speed and performance

One of the SEO ranking factors is loading time. Hostpapa assures blazing fast speed page loads.

Hostpapa India web hosting

3. COMMITMENT to security

Free SSL certificate for the users. Hostpapa ensures safety as a user’s priority than making a profit.

In India, security is the major aspect that affects people’s decisions about a brand. In India, Hostpapa offers peace of mind.

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4. Award winning support

Customer Support or Papa’s Squad is the service you need at any time and anywhere.

5. 100 % satisfaction by Hostpapa

30 Days money-back guarantee makes Hostpapa’s hosting more exquisite and reliable.

Hostpapa India web hosting

6. Independently owned and Operated

features of HostPapa India hosting

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting, Host Papa Web Hosting Review

1. Easy to use tools and apps

HostPapa makes your website hosting India ready in minutes. Professional Emails are ready and working within time.

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2. WordPress friendly Hosting

Get started with WordPress which is pre-installed in the system. Hostpapa India web hosting offers you a free jetpack Pro plugin.

3. Create Professional websites

WordPress makes you design websites without any developers and programmers. Hostpapa ensures quality service.

4. over 400+ apps installed

We suggest, try it for yourself. We believe words can be decisive but experiences cannot.

Hostpapa india web hosting, Host Papa India

5. Economical

The Hostpapa WordPress Hosting costs around Rs 199/ month. With the market research, We found out that along with the best pricing you get the best features.

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6. USer friendly control panel

Hostpapa offers multiple Knowledge Base and tutorial Videos for a user to understand the use briefly.

7. Get multiple Professional Email for free

Get reliable and business emails with your hosting

8. free cloudflare CDN and CloudLinux

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed geographically. CloudLinux helps protect websites in a shared website hosting environment.

How to purchase Hostpapa WordPress Web hosting In India?

  1. Open the HostPapa hosting page Click Here
  2. Select the Type of hosting you want to purchase
  3. Checkout with your Debit card.

You will receive a mail with credentials from Hostpapa. You are up and running. Good Luck !!

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Pros of HostPapa web hosting

Best uptime

Hostpapa provides you with good uptime which is really nice. The company has managed to maintain the uptime which is really good. The main problem generally web hosting companies face is uptime. If you check HostPapa records for the last 12 months you will find the uptime is above 99%. That is really good. Not only the uptime but the average loading speed is really good. The average speed is around 705ms which beats the standard records and could be a good achievement for any company. The company promises to maintain this uptime in the near future as well to help the clients to have a good start with their websites and grow themselves

Support services.

Hostpapa provides you with extensive support services options in a variety of ways which helps people to access the services easily. Hostpapa even provides you with several self-help videos that you all can follow and resolve your problems. Services are provided 24 hours and in almost 18 countries which are seen by fewer companies. The support service works with mail, mobile calls, and even with fax. Hostpapa offers you one-on-one sessions with ou experts who can guide you from start till end. according to the HostPapa web hosting review, we came to know the reply within a minute. Overall providing these many services is really good for the company.

More security options.

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting, Hostpapa Web Hosting Review

HostPapa provides you with high security and the data stored in HostPapa is all safe secure. The company provides you services such as domain protection Certificates and even automatic backups which are very useful for you all.

30-day money back

The company claims if you don’t like their services or want to transfer the domain company easily, does it easily The company refunds you the full amount. HostPapa will provide you with a step-by-step guide to even transfer the domain to any company without any fail. this feature can be useful for many people who want to shift the domain.

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Value for money

If you are planning for Hostpapa services it is definitely value for money. The services are lower for the new users and easily a person can afford. The best part of Hostpapa is that whatever price you pay in return you will get more in return which is definitely something good. You also get free domain registration, 100 GB SSD, and unlimited bandwidth which is really a nice deal at much lower prices. You even get other services as well but some companies might charge you for such services hence you can think of it.

Cons of Hostpapa services

Hostpapa is a great company and almost all things are good still each company lags in some areas and might reduce its ranking globally hence we will discuss the cons of the Hostpapa comp[any this might change your mindset of most of the people.

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting, Hostpapa WordPress Web

Poor customer experience

As we discussed above the company has a variety of customer support services still when we took reviews from the people we came to know they lag in those services. The people told the support services are good but at the time the calls are not been connected and some minor issues which they face while contacting to support which degrades the value of the company in some areas and despite having many languages still all of them are not active

Money-back guarantee

The company claims to provide you with a 100% money-back policy but that is not exactly what the true company charges you with some additional fees while refunding. You get the refund but some additional fees are deducted. This creates a bad impression in the minds of the people.

Should we avail of HostPapa services?

Each company in the field of hosting provider have some pros and cons. Definitely, this company does not have many cons. According to the HostPapa web hosting review, we came to know the company is quite decent. I would not tell the company is the best because it is lagging in some main areas which are not good. Still using their services can give you a good experience. Having peoples HostPapa web hosting review we came to know the company is above average not that good but still, they promise to provide you to give the best experience, and with time they are improving in their day-to-day areas. The support service will be checked again by the company and will work to make it better and grow easily in the market. With reviews of some of the web developers, they feel the services are quite cheaper than others and even with more features.

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web Hosting, Hostpapa Web Hosting Review

The overall rating of the company is around 7 and at least once you all can use the services. If somebody has already availed their services can comment below and can share their personal experience with the company. Suggestions and critics are most welcomed.

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Here are a few more commonly asked questions related to HostPapa India Web Hosting :

Question: Do we get a free domain name from HostPapa?

Answer: Yes, Hostpapa provides a Free Domain Name when a user signs up for a year Hosting Plan. The free domain registration offer is valid with all shared hosting plans.

Question: What payment methods are accepted by HostPapa in India?

Answer:  Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and Delta.

Question: Is HostPapa good for WordPress ?

Answer: Hostpapa India Web Hosting starter plan is suitable for users. It starts at Rs 199/Month. It also offers 30 days money Back Guarantee.

Question: Overall rating of HostPapa ?

Answer: According to Dataservermarket Rank radar Hostpapa ranks about 4 / 5. It offers value for money service.

Question: Hostpapa India Phone number ?

Answer: India – +91 (905) 315-3455

Question: Support Mail?


Question : How to get Hostpapa Web hosting Discount?

Answer: Click Here

Dataservermarket ’s Verdict

Stater2Free100 GB SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthRs 99/mo
BusinessUnlimitedFreeUnlimited SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthRs 199/mo
Business ProUnlimitedFreeUnlimited SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthRs 699/mo
Hostpapa India web hosting 

Dataservermarket, HostPapa offers value for money service for users.

The Single-Web Hosting plan, entry-level doesn’t offer many unrestricted perks but the Premium, Cloud Hosting, and Business Web Hosting plans have a lot extra to offer. Also, get customer support that is responsive, well-informed, and welcoming.

Team Dataservermarket Reviews

Hostpapa india web hosting
Hostpapa India web hosting 

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On this page, you will find HostPapa WordPress Shared Hosting Deals.

Share and comment on your valuable feedback which we weren’t able to include in our Blog. Your comments provide value to us. It makes us more energetic and we try our best to give value to our Dataservermarket family.

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Hostpapa India web hosting

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