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Digital media has been a great way through which you can share your views ideas thoughts across the world. Digital marketing basically refers to the advertisements that are done through various search channels like social media blogs email and various mobile apps that can be used. With the help of digital marketing, you can easily promote your business and generate high revenue out of it. With the help of digital marketing, you can easily gather a large audience from various parts of the world. Today we will be talking about the TOP DIGITAL INSTITUTES that provides excellent knowledge in the field of digital media as well as other fields also.

DOTT ANIMATION is also one of the digital media institutes that provide you the advanced animation courses in the field of digital media. The institute offers you various digital marketing and animation programs training and tutorials that help the students to grow in this modern world. With the help of DOTT ANIMATION , you can get best practical knowledge from highly skilled teachers who are well experienced in their respective fields. DOTT ANIMATION helps you to deliver your idea to audience by giving life to your creatives and tell your stories in a different way. DOTT ANIMATION has collaborated with the leading startup that DataServerMarket is helping DOTT ANIMATION to grow in the digital field by doing animations.
DataServerMarket collaborates with digital marketing institute all over the world or we can say globally. DataServerMarket provides different services to the freelancer and digital marketers like free webinar session with the experts in digital marketing, it provides free courses of digital marketing etc. DataServerMarket helps the institute to generate leads for their business as well as DataServerMarket provides them all the seo tools through which they can grow their institute.

1) 2D- 3D ANIMATION– Dot animation has a specialization in 3D / 2D characters and elements for Feature Films, Cartoon TV Series, Web Series, Events, TV Commercials and Video Games. Our process includes style frames, key poses, character rigging, modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.includes style frames, key poses, character rigging, modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.

2) VISUAL EFFECTS – Stunning VFX services that range from pre-visualisation and design, execution. Other VFX services include: Roto-scoping, Digital Imaging, Wire-Removal, Chroma-Keying, 3D / 2D Match-Moving and Compositing.

3) MOTION GRAPHICS– Our Experience Motion Graphics Artist offers cutting-edge solutions to transform the ideas that drive your brand message into an exciting, amazing visual branding tools.

4) GRAPHIC DESIGN– DOT ANIMATION graphic design course gives you the knowledge, skills and professional connection that you’ll need to launch a career in graphic designing. From theory, drawing and topography this course will tell you everything.

5) AUDIO AND VIDEO EDITING– this course will help you to learn how to create a video and edit it by using effects and transitions and how to uses different audio in a video to make your video look creative.

Dott animations is a company aspiring to produce quality 2D/3D animation work to be used in movies, series, marketing and other industries. Currently we are producing our own 2D Animated movie and looking for a marketing partner to associate with.
With the rise of digital media VFX and virtual visualization on a big screen and other entertainment industries, doing animation is a good choice because with the help of different effects and animations we can deliver our work to the audience in a creative and different way. Animation can help you to make something interesting and different from other. The movies which we see on big screen is a part of animation. The scope of animations has increased, therefore choosing a career in animation is a good choice and DOTT ANIMATION is a animation institute which will help you to pursue your dream in animation.

• The teachers there are experienced in their fields and are highly skilled.
• It has best classrooms with best equipment’s and software as well as a great environment.
• Dott animation helps their students with a lifetime support system through which the students can clear up all the doubts at any point in time.
• The institute focuses to deliver more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge so that things get more clear.
• The institute helps the students to get good internship through which they get corporate experience
• Dott animation helps all the students to get a job with a high salary package. Learning from such renowned institutes will provide you job placements very easily and you get a chance to work with the best people in this industry.
• You are even given online study material through which you get more exposure.

DOTT ANIMATION is the leading animations institute of graphics, VFX, 2D- 3D Animations and visual effects. It provides you with both online and offline courses. DOTT belives in promoting creative talent and removing the barriers that come in between the student and their dreams. It provides you with 100 percent job placements in animation industry.
DOTT ANIMATION is basically a animation done on dribbles. It has different courses like game design, 3D animation, VFX, video and audio editing, graphic designs, tiles design and architecture visualization Dot animation helps you we certified in these courses. The visible illustration of the product is not the most effective informative however also creative. The animation is the modern-day from virtual advertising is interested in. Animation has changed the route of advertising and marketing. Animated motion pictures are a powerful tool to create curiosity. An animated video can promote whatever be it a box of cereal or a vehicle. To be greater unique, what would you pick a monologue of a person talking nonstop about the product or a pleasant, creative, colorful video of the identical brand? The audience certainly does select a colorful video. No one wants to pay attention to a 10 min lengthy introductory monologue. Animation allows for merging information, creativity, and leisure. The animation industry is not just restricted to motion images there are different strategies too. The animation is a free space you could use a single tool or all the gear collectively to create what you need.

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