Convert a WordPress Site to HTML Website in 2 Steps

Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML

Convert a WordPress Site to HTML Website in 2 Steps

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that is easily set up and run by technical and non-technical people. WordPress provides you with a variety of themes which we can use to easily develop our websites. The software uses many dynamic pages hence it makes the website slow.

If you want to increase your speed and security of your website you need to convert WordPress site to HTML website. A static website does not use any PHP codes hence it loads all the HTML pages faster.

There are several different methods that can be used to convert the WordPress site to HTML website.

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1. Using WordPress plugins

You can simply use a static WordPress plugin to convert WordPress site to HTML website

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard
  • You need to click on add new under the plugin section
  • You need to search for simply static in the keyword field.
  • Now just install and activate simply static plugin
  • Click on the settings of the simple static plugin
  • You will find different URL destination options. You will have to select any one of the delivery options.

Use Absolute URLs

You need to create HTML files that will work for different URLs and will be easier to work with.

Save the files for online use.

It is necessary to save the files for online use this will help you to convert WordPress site to HTML website. In all the options you need to specify the delivery method which is necessary.

Choose a delivery method

After a destination is been selected you need to choose the delivery method. You are provided with 2 options zip archive or Local directory choose any of them. Save all the changes.

Generate your HTML files

You need to generate your static files in the window that will open. This process may take a few minutes depending on your WordPress website site. Once it is completed it shows you a downloadable link.

You need to download the file in your local drive. You need to locate the compressed file in your system and upload the URL there.

Go to the URL where you have uploaded the file. Highlight the file and extract the decompress file there

Now your file is ready and will be uploaded in the browser same as your WordPress file

Using this method you can convert WordPress site to HTML website

2. Next method to use the HTTrack to convert WordPress site to HTML website

Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML
WordPress Site to a Static HTML, WordPress Plugins

This is open-source software that you can use that helps you to download the entire website on local storage space. This tool has an option to customize and update your website offline as well

To use the software follow these steps below
  • You first need to download the tool from
  • install and launch the device on your system
  • Now you can give it a name so that differences can be created between different websites.
  • Now you need to enter the WordPress you need to download in your system you can enter more websites by adding add-website option.
  • Click next and then finish the conversion downloading process.
  • Once you complete your process you can easily ass your website offline. You can even add your website on subdomains as well.

These were some methods that you can use to convert WordPress site to HTML website. These methods are tried and tested. converting WordPress site to HTML website will improve your speed of the website as well as you will see more security.

We can even convert an HTML website to a WordPress website by following this step by step guide I will tell you

3. Convert HTML website to WordPress website with the help of child theme

wordpress site to HTML website
WordPress Site to a Static HTML, HTML website
  • Pick up a suitable theme: In this step, you need to find that it is close to your existing design. Once after you complete it you need to install an existing theme on WordPress as well. You don’t need to activate the theme just a base which is been provided
  • You need to create a new folder: Whenever you are creating a child theme it is necessary to give the same name as your parent theme. The name which you will decide for your theme make sure you have to not add any space to it, Spaces won’t work at all here.
  • You need to set up your style sheet: It is necessary to create a style sheet for the child theme as well it will work the same way as the parent theme. You need to use style.CSS and paste it into a theme folder.
  • You need to create functions.php and insert in the parent style.
  • You need to go and activate the child theme.
  • Adjust the design of the theme: You need to change the design of your theme so that it can resemble your HTML theme. You can do a lot of things with your child theme to tremble the parent theme and look better.

By following such a method you can easily convert your HTML website to your WordPress website. This is the simplest way to convert your websites you can even do it manually using folders but those methods can be difficult and can be difficult.


Q1 Which website is better WordPress or HTML website?

See both have them Pros and cons we will talk about it. If you really want to grow your business online then WordPress is a better option. WordPress is a better option as it provides you with SEO but you have plans not to update your website regularly then you should go for HTML as such websites are faster and are more secure. So if choosing a single option it totally depends on what is your ultimate goal. WordPress could be a better option for most of the users as it provides you with other options as well. WordPress is an open-source software still it manages to provide you with more and more things.

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Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML
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