Best VPS hosting provider in 2021- 100% Real Review


Best VPS hosting provider in 2021- 100% Real Review

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What is VPS hosting?  

Best VPS hosting provider stands for a virtual private server. VPS hosting is one of the well known and most popular hosting servers you can choose for your website. VPS uses virtualization technology to provide you with a dedication that means private resources on a server with multiple users.  VPS hosting is one of the most secure and stable solutions than shared hosting where you do not get a dedicated server space however it smaller steel and cheaper than renting an entire server. VPS hosting solution usually offer more than one hosting plan many of the hostings provides you with 6 VPS plan to suit different businesses need and let your scale your grow when you need more resources. In this blog, we will be reading about the best VPS hosting providers.

Virtual private server hosting is usually chosen by website owners who have a medium level traffic that exceeds the limit of shared hosting plants but still don’t need the resources of a dedicated server which means they do not need any private server.  by using virtualization Technology your hosting provider install a  virtual layer on top of the operating system OS of the server.  this probably means layer divides the server into two partitions and allow each user to install their own OS and software.  VPS  hosting allows you to set up your website within a secure container with guaranteed resources like memory, disk space, CPU cores.  in which you do not have to share with other users.  which VPS hosting you have the same root level a says as if you had a private or a dedicated server but at a much lower cost.  a virtual private server is both virtual and private because you have complete control over your website.  it is separate from other server users on the OS level.

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 In fact, VPS technology is similar to creating partitions on your own computer when you want to run more than one OS like window and LINUX without a reboot.  VPS hosting allows you to choose and configure your operating system and server application and dedicated hosting goes one step further.  VPS hosting does not only let you configure the software but also the hardware,  as the entire server is your and no one has any interfere in the setup.  and you can also run a dedicated server on-site for instance in your office, however, you lose the support of a professional hosting team in that case.

Pros of VPS hosting :-

–  details hosting is faster and more reliable than a shared hosting server.

–  issues and traffic surges of other server users don’t affect your side.

–  you get super user that is to root a says to your server.

–  it provides you the better privacy as your files and database a lock from other server users.

–  it isn’t easy to scale service.  as your website grows you can easily upgrade your server resources like RAM, CPU, disk space and bandwidth.

–  as a server resources such as memory on processing power and talented, there are 0 to minimal fluctuation available resources.

Cons of bEST VPS hosting :-

–  it’s more expensive than shared hosting.

–  VPS hosting requires more technical knowledge to manage your server.

–  improperly configured service leas to security vulnerabilities.

VPS hosting is usually seen as the next step after your website successfully grows out of the resources limits of shared hosting.  the most advanced shared hosting plan is not enough anymore to run your website smoothly and it’s word upgraded to a VPS plans.  VPS hosting and provide you with the best of the two words that it shared and dedicated hosting in a service plan.

 VPS hosting provides you with the proper take care of backup and caching,  and it provides a 24/7 dedicated support for all your VPS customers.  VPS hosting gives you a complete process to guarantee resources and full control without having to run your own server.  VPS hosting is an excellent solution for medium to high traffic, resources heavy, and e-commerce website.  business in who expect Rapid growth can also benefit from the stability of the service.  if you want a reliable business scale hosting environment at a friendly price it definitely worth considering VPS hosting for your website.

 VPS server has a safe to a virtual machine running its own copy of an operating system.  this allows customers using VPS hosting to experience the military capabilities and performance to a dedicated server for your site.  VPS allows viewers users to share allocated segments of hard device space, memory and processor power.  VPS hosting is generally considered at the stepping stone between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting setup in which your website runs on its own server.  VPS server behaves like a dedicated server but with allocated system resources.  ab VPS hosting is divided into numerous virtual cubicles vadina server and every account will get qualities of this allocated sources like a fraction of the server CPU, disk space, memory and bandwidth and root access.  VPS hosting is a more powerful setup than shared hosting.  

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting environments work in the same way as a virtualization operating system in the sense that one server will run numerous one-of-a-kind virtualize OS on a single server since each virtualized system behave as though it is a dedicated server.  it is possible through a hypervisor.  the hypervisor is the computer hardware, software or firmware that create a run virtual machine by separating the underline physical hardware from a computer’s operating system and application.  a virtual operating system takes care of managing and executing a guest operating system.


Benefits of virtual private server hosting :-

Customization:-  Since you have your own OS with a VPS,  you can customise it to your needs.  like if you have your own instance of server applications from PHP, to MySQL, Apache,  you can customise them so that server fits your needs.

Control:-  offer the ability to overseer the hosting environment.  also if you plan to install applications that need you to perform a system restart to finalize the installation,  you can do this without affecting anyone else at any time.  even though if you have shared a VPS server with others you can be restarted without disturbing others.

Cheaper :- VPS hosting is more affordable than a dedicated server.

Dedicated resources:-  VPS server provide you have a predefined amount of RAM available to you whenever you need it.  in contrast to shared web hosting where there could be other sharing your server that could eat a diagram in contrast to shared web hosting where there could be other sharing your server that could eat up the RAM when you wanted most m when you wanted most.

Scalable:- another amazing benefit that VPS provides you is that you can purchase the resources you think you will need and if that insufficient you can simply increase its size.

Automated backups:-  in the event anything goes wrong with your site you can retrieve it back to an earlier.

Security patches:-  security patches for your OS and core server software are installed and updated on your behalf already.

Initial server setup:-  when you launcher on-site with the VPS there are few steps to take in order to set the server up including installing your control panel or service software and installing any application and your operating system.  a managed hosting will take care of this property.

Best VPS(vIrtual server) hosting provider:-

 VPS hosting is one of the well known and most effective way to host a website.

Inmotion:-  Inmotion is quite popular website hosting moreover it has set the bar high when it comes to VPS hosting. It comes with free root access and unlimited CPU cores and email accounts. Inmotion is best VPS hosting out in the market. Inmotion is perfect for any up and coming business or large personal site. It offers three different pricing plans that range from $39.99 to $144.99 / month.  With the great customer support 24/7 by phone, live chat and a ticketing system,  moreover it also provides 30 days money-back guarantee.

Inmotion Pros :-

–  it provides an unlimited CPU course domain and email accounts.

–  it gives the access of free domain with six and 12 month plans.

Inmotion Cons:-

–  it is fairly expensive top-tier VPS hosting plan.

–  other providers can Betta 99.97% of Uptime.

Inmotion hosting is refreshingly different. Its baseline VPS-1000HA-S  plant doesn’t have a most eye-catching price at $ 22.99  per month over three years,  but it is easy to see why the company ask this much. Inmotion has a different specification that is 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs- then some high-end plans from other providers,  backers and Cpanel licence are included for free and it provides 30 days money-back guarantee.


A2 Hosting:-  A2 hosting is best for VPS / virtual server hosting because it provides friendly customer-centric approach makes you feel valued immediately and staff are always on the hand to help. Moreover, if you are unhappy with the service they provide you are you can easily be written any time without no question asked.  A2 Hosting also offers free backup, root access, and unlimited email accounts.

A2 hosting Pros :-

– it is best value for money

– Anytime money back guarantee

A2 Hosting Cons:-

– No free domain is provided

– Only 99.95% uptime.

 A2 hosting stands out because they provide both managed and unmanaged VPS plans. And managed VPS / virtual server hosting plan with root access and custom featured comes at a higher price point.  but not with A2 hosting. Experienced developers can get an unmanaged virtual private server for as low as $5 per month. Although we’re just 20 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM, these entry-level plans likely won’t meet your needs.

 with an unmanaged plan, you can configure your server preferences for disk space, CPU cores, memory and bandwidth.

The only main difference between the management plans and core plans is that the core plan comes with root access. Anyways you won’t be able to configure your server the same way you would it use select an unmanaged plan.

 A2 hosting provide a view of one of the best customer support team on the market. Overall A2 hosting is a great choice for a developer who wants complete control and customisation over there VPS / virtual server hosting and in an affordable range.

BlueHost:-  Bluehost is better known as for its WordPress hosting but it still has everything you need for VPS / virtual server hosting service plans. to purchase a domain name Bluehost is the only provider you have tasted that gives you one free of charge.  Bluehost boots a brilliant of time of 99.98%.  Bluehost also provides great customer care service 24/7 customer support with speeds are Expectations by 9% in testing Bluehost.  Bluehost overall is the best VPS hosting provider in the market.

best VPS Hosting
Best VPS Hosting, Virtual Server Hosting

Pros of BlueHost :-

– 99.98% of uptime

– provides free domain

Cons of BlueHost :-

–  fairly expensive top tier VPS/ virtual server hosting plan

–  1 dedicated IP address

Bluehost is an industry leader in the web hosting space.  it has a great VPS/ virtual server hosting plan that offers a wide range of hosting option to accommodate the needs of the nearly every website.  the main reason the Bluehost stands out as a best VPS/ virtual server hosting choice to consider is that their virtual private server offers both power and flexibility.  it also allows multi-server management which means you can add more space to your plan at any given time.  Bluehost is ideal for a price that meets the ability to scale at the moment Lotu Bluehost is ideal for that to meet the ability to scale at the moment notice without any delays or downtime. You would accomplish this without any assistant from Bluehost administrator directly from your advance cpanel.

 Bluehost virtual Server hosting /private server plan includes 24 /7 customer support and 30 days money-back guarantee.

IPage:-I- Page may not have the cheapest pricing plans, but definitely have brilliant features or the biggest capacity but it does have a little bit of everything. From RAM to root access, free backups to SSL security, you’ll be given everything that you need.  the uptime is not really great in comparison to its competitors but you can take comfort in cheap plans.

best vps hosting
Best VPS hosting


Pros of iPage :-

– it offers 1 year free domain

– multiple help and support resources

Cons of ipage :-

– poor 99.94% uptime

– Only 1TB of bandwidth

 Ipage also specialises in web design.  it is great for those of you who are building a new website from start and want to start with a cheap VPS / virtual server hosting plan then it is the best VPS hosting provider for you.  it provides a great 24/7 customer service.

HostGator:-  HostGator has a VPS/ Virtual server hosting service specifically is also very strong.  HostGator has a great promotion deal where you can pay just 29.95 month for first three years and if you commit to Hostgator in a long-term it also has a brand new website builder that perfect for creating simple sites.  it also offers great customer support.

Pros of HostGator :-

– 120GB of storage

– 99.99% uptime

– a variety of features packed hosting plans.

–  excellent shared hosting offering

–  good customer service is outstanding uptime

Cons of Hostgator :-

– Higher pricing plans

– No free domain

–  no windows-based VPS hosting

 HostGator is another popular name in the world of web hosting.  they are best known for their low cost shared hosting plan,  they have a virtual private server that is worth considering.  Hostgator offer competitive VPS pricing although their plans are at the lowest.

 Hostgator gives you the option to lock in these low rates for the longest time compared to other options. It stands out with its reliable and multilayer security network. It also enhanced protection paired with the ability to easily scale resources in what makes HostGator or top VPS Choice.

HostPapa:- top benefit of HostPapa is that you can increase your power and resources at any time. They also give you the option to manage multiple servers simultaneously. Regardless of your plan, you can always add an extra server directly from the HostPapa dashboard. All HostPapa VPS plans are e-commerce-optimized and provide enhanced security for online stores. HostPapa is a top choice for companies that want to build a web-based app as well. features that are so advanced, the cPanel interface offered by HostPapa is extremely easy to use. You can monitor all of your resources, and make any adjustments in real-time with just one click.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting

Pros of HostPapa :-

–  incredible capacity with the extreme plan

–  unlimited domains and email account

Cons of HostPapa :-

–  it do have expensive plans

– no free backups

It comes with up to 12 CPU cores, 24GB of RAM, and 1TB of SDD,  HostPapa capacity is unmatched. Technology and features that are so advance the  Cpanel interface offered by host purpose extremely easy to use. Hostpapa offers a free domain transfer and free VPS migration they also have outstanding 24/7 support.

DreamHost:- DreamHost is the only provider on this list not to grant you root access and the only one with an inflexible amount of CPU cores. There’s also no phone or live chat support and an average uptime of 99.95%. DreamHost is a classic case of getting what you pay for – but then again, 1&1 IONOS is cheaper and better.

Best cloud web hostng
Best VPS Hosting , VPS web hosting

Pros of Dreamhost :-

–  unlimited email accounts and Germans provided by Dreamhost

– unlimited bandwidth

–  lots of security features

–  extensive domain management tools

–  cloud storage plan

–  generous money back guarantee

–  great VPS Offering.

Cons of Dreamhost :-

– No live chat feature

– Only 30GB of storage on basic plan.

–  Lacks window based service

– No site builder

 Dreamhost writes a near-perfect balance of features and price,  but it’s for users who are familiar with website administration. Dreamhost has a full of a range of features to satisfy your personal and business-related web hosting. The company shared, WordPress, virtual server hosting, cloud, and dedicated plants offers plenty of options for webmasters looking to create attractive, flexible sites.  Dreamhost website building software to make site creation of the simple task.

GoDaddy:-  good daddy is well known and most popular when it comes to buying a website domain name, and it’s also excellent for personal and commercial hosting purposes.  Godaddy VPS plants virtual server hosting offered Linux or Windows-based server as well as unlimited domains,  monthly data transfer, and emails.

Best VPS HOSTING provider
Best VPS Hostting provider in 2020, Virtual private hosting

Pros of Godaddy :-

–  excellent 24/7 customer support

–  Windows and Linux based servers

–  email tightly integrated into Microsoft app

–  great up time

Cons of Godaddy :-

– Intimidating WordPress setup

– skimpy amount of included emails

– you must pay for the website builder.

The specs  top out at 8GB of RAM, 240GB of storage,  and a free SSL for 1 year.

These are the best VPS hosting provider in 2020.

Primary resources for selecting VPS plans :-

These are the primary resources that you need to look at when selecting a VPS plan:

CPUs — Computer processing unit cores within a server for computing information.

RAM —  Amount of working memory that can be accessed by your CPUs.

Storage — Space available for things like images, videos, content, web pages, etc.

Bandwidth — Amount of data flowing between your server and website.

The number of resources you’ll get will be determined by the plan you choose. It all depends on what you need and how much you’re willing to spend.

Top 10 VPS hosting provider / Top VPS hosting review :-

1- InMotion – Best overall VPS hosting provider: starts at $39.99/month.

2- A2 Hosting – Best value for money: starts at $49.99/month.

3- Bluehost – Best features: starts at $18.99/month.

4- Kamatera – Best VPS hosting for scaling

5- iPage – Best for customer service: starts at $19.99/month.

6- HostGator – Best for reliability: starts at $89.95/month.

7- Liquidweb – Best fully managed VPS with high memory and storage plans.

8- HostPapa – Best RAM and storage space: starts at $19.99/month.

9- GoDaddy – Best for extra features: starts at $19.99/month.

10- DreamHost – Best bandwidth: starts at $15.99/month.

Inmotion:- Inmotion Managed VPS hosting – The managed plans are ideal for business owners, agencies, and resellers. Each plan offers free server management, updates, and free site migrations.  

best vps hosting
Best VPS hosting, Virtual server Hosting

 all plants of inmotion  E-commerce optimised and come with optional root Asus for those of you who want more advanced control over your settings.  inmotion is a top choice to consider whether you are upgrading from an existing plan or looking to host a brand new website it provides you best VPS web hosting.

A2 Hosting:- The best part of A2 hosting is it provide a VPS web hosting that offers both managed and unmanaged VPS plans. The unmanaged VPS plants offer that can configure your server preferences for disk space, CPU, memory and bandwidth.  A2 hosting has one of the best customer support team on the market.  it is a brilliant choice for developers who want complete control over their website and customisation over their VPS at an affordable rate.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, VPS Hosting options

Bluehost:-  Bluehost mainly lead in the web hosting space.  there VPS plants offer a wide range of hosting options to accommodate the needs of nearly every website.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, Virtual private hosting

Pricing plans of Bluehost :-

– Standard VPS

Starting at $19.99 per month

2 CPU cores

30 GB of SSD

2 GB of RAM

1 TB of bandwidth

Enhanced VPS

Starting at $29.99 per month

2 CPU cores

60 GB of SSD

4 GB of RAM

2 TB of bandwidth

Premium VPS

Starting at $49.99 per month

3 CPU cores

90 GB of SSD

6 GB of RAM

2 TB of bandwidth

Ultimate VPS

Starting at $59.99 per month

4 CPU cores

120 GB of SDD

8 GB of RAM

3 TB of bandwidth

Bluehost offers pricing and resources for website of all shapes and sizes.

Kamatera:- Kamatera is a cloud service platform provider that offers of the white variety of flexible cloud-based VPS /  VPS web service solution for web hosting.  choosing this website builder basically means being able to choose the type of servers you want for your VPS hosting virtual server hosting.  it provides a technical support network also operates 24/7.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, Virtual server hosting

Pricing starts at just $4 to – making it very affordable.

iPage:- iPage has been around for more than 20 years. Over 1 million sites are using this platform for web hosting. So if you decide to go with one of their VPS plans, you know that you’re getting it from a reputable provider. Even with these low rates, you’ll still benefit from quality 24/7 support. You just won’t get the capacity and resources offered by some higher-tier providers.

best vps hosting
Best VPS hosting, VPS Hosting options

Liquidweb:- All Liquidweb VPS / virtual server hosting plans were fully managed.  Nani your hardware and network.  their administration also handles all security update and 50 as well as support for the operating system and all software. VPS web hosting does not have any special or fancy name for their plans.  give customer support offered by the liquid web is exceptional they offer 24/7 via phone, emails, live chats.  all liquid web virtual private server or VPS  web hosting server has tan web hosting server have 10 TB of Bandwidth.

best vps hosting
Best Web Hosting, VPS Web hosting
Virtual Server Hosting
Virtual Server Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, best vps hosting

HostPapa:- top benefit of HostPapa is that you can increase your power and resources at any time. They also give you the option to manage multiple servers simultaneously. Regardless of your plan, you can always add an extra server directly from the HostPapa dashboard. All HostPapa VPS plans are e-commerce-optimized and provide enhanced security for online stores. HostPapa is a top choice for companies that want to build a web-based app as well. features that are so advanced, the cPanel interface offered by HostPapa is extremely easy to use. You can monitor all of your resources, and make any adjustments in real-time with just one click.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, Vps hosting options

Godaddy:- GoDaddy is one of the most famous website brands. Whether you know it as the world’s largest domain registrar, a classy website builder, or indeed for its web hosting service, GoDaddy is a provider that offers everything. GoDaddy’s VPS hosting is fairly modest, but there’s enough about it to satisfy most people. If you’re yet to get going and need a one-stop-shop to build and host your website, we can’t recommend GoDaddy highly enough.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, VPS web hosting

Dreamhost:- DreamHost offers four Linux-based VPS web hosting plans (starting at $13.75 per month) for businesses that need servers with more power than what shared hosting offers. VPS hosting places your website on a server with far fewer virtual roommates than shared hosting. As a result, there’s more server power available for your site to tap. DreamHost’s VPS plans offer unlimited monthly data transfers and domains, which is a nice perk. However, the base memory and storage is quite low; the $13.75 per month plan offers only 1GB of RAM and a 30GB solid-state drive. On the other hand, the highest configuration ($110 per month) maxes out at 8GB of RAM and 240GB of solid-state storage. Unfortunately, the VPS plans only offer the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting, Virtual private hosting

HostGator:- Virtual private server / VPS web hosting is for people who want more server horsepower than what shared hosting offers. HostGator offers Linux-based VPS hosting starting at $19.95 per month. If you need more power, expect high traffic volumes, or have specific compliance requirements that prevent you from using shared servers (but you don’t want to pay dedicated server prices), these are good options to consider.  

best vps hosting
Best VPS hosting , VPS hosting options

Conclusion –

 VPS web hosting for VPS time hosting is an excellent way to keep up the success of any site growing through Rapid growth and expansion.  VPS hosting is the next best plan that can offer some form of scalability. With VPS web hosting,  not only you will enjoy a tremendous amount of storage and bandwidth,  but it is a cost-effective solution in meeting the demands of the busy site.  obviously as mentioned dedicated hosting which for the most will be a vast amount of resources you might not need and you will pay significantly more for it but true to BBS web hosting you don’t need to pay extra.  

 when deciding or choosing between the type of VPS web hosting, consider how hands-on you want to be,   or whether you are able to employees someone else to do the heavy lifting for you.   if you like the crowd of running your own server go for a managed VPS if on the other hand, you do not like someone help with server maintenance, automated backups and software updates. Opt for the managed version.  Puli money service plan includes all the features of the managed option including extras such as priority support and weekly backup.


 What is the need of VPS hosting?

If you desire that your business is expanding beyond the constraints of shared hosting.  if you are expecting a substantial increase in a site within the next few months then you definitely switch on to the VPS hosting ‘ VPS web hosting  Vikas it gives you the better privacy and performance compared to other shared hosting plans.  it gives you the full control over the server things like custom configuration, root access and installation and available with shared hosting.

What is a virtual server?  

A virtual server is essentially a pretend computer running inside a physical computer.  from long time servers are so powerful and the demands on them are different from the desktop PC,  it works out quite way to run multiple servers on a single piece of hardware.

Which VPS hosting provider is best for small business?

This really depends on what your business’ website is for. Most will find InMotion the best, because put simply, it has the best features. It also gives you unlimited email accounts – a great bonus for employees – and lets you host multiple websites, should your company have more than one.

What is the difference between a VPS and a dedicated server?

A VPS is a virtual environment running on dedicated hardware and has to share this hardware with a number of other customers. A dedicated server, meanwhile, provides sole access to the hardware. Dedicated hosting is only necessary for huge websites, as the cost is significantly more than shared hosting or virtual private servers.

What’s the difference between a VPS and shared hosting?

Both a VPS / VPS web hosting and shared web hosting means sharing dedicated hardware with multiple customers. The big difference is that with a VPS, fewer accounts are making demands on the hardware resources. You also get guarantees of better performance with a VPS compared to shared hosting.

How to chose best VPS hosting provider?  

Before choosing VPS hosting provider you should look at the features listed below:-

1- hardware – Hardware is important.

CPU –  CPU represents the processing ability of your server and especially crucial for VPS services.  it directly focuses on the speed and overall performance of your website.  GPU on a virtual server can be often be upgraded.

RAM –  along with the CPU,  this is your most essential server power metric.  the Random Access Memory determines how much be stored for an instant space of data which means safe time for assessing it from the server storage. The more RAM on your VPS  means more request can proceed without losing speed and uptime.

bandwidth –  each user request needs a bit of web traffic to execute.  as your website grows in popularity more visitors will be coming to visit your website.  that’s great but it takes it toll on the monthly bandwidth. While some hosts promise Unmetered traffic, users often encounter other limitations along the way.

Disk space –  it is very important to ensure your website have enough room to grow and flourish, but there is more to it.  some providers still rely on the rudimentary HDD technology.

2- Features :-

Root access –  unmanaged VPS services always come with root Asus as their client needs a panel to manage their server.  obviously do test this must be handled extremely carefully, preferably by experienced sysadmin.

SSL – any reputable online business has to ensure the safety of its clients and their personal details. The SSL certificate encrypts delicate personal and billing data, so it is hidden from prying eyes. Plus, it has a positive effect on your SEO. Most VPS providers include a free SSL certificate, but if you want to get a paid or more sophisticated encryption, we have reviewed the best SSL providers too.

CDN – speed is so crucial for webmasters nowadays, it’s almost like a fixation. Utilizing a content delivery network and its numerous servers means each of your visitors will open a copy of your website from the CDN node close to their physical location. CDNs provide many security upgrades as well; you can find interesting our direct comparison of the best content delivery networks around.

Security – imagine putting all that hard work to create and popularize a business, only to have it destroyed because someone breached your hosting server.

Upgrades – speaking of growth, you have to ensure your VPS provider is scalable enough to accommodate more visitors, more page clicks, and more traffic overall.

3 – Business values :-

price comparison – it’s easy to open a VPS host’s website and check out the current deals. When considering a VPS price, add-ons and upgrades also must be calculated carefully to create an adequate long-term strategy.


  • It is very tough to find VPS Hosting are up-to-the-mark and give quality services. But, through Dataservermarket, you don’t have to worry about that. Some of the best VPS hostings we can recommend are:
best vps hosting
Best VPS Hosting
  1. You can try BlueAngle Host
  2. You can try DreamHost
  3. You can try HostPapa

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