Best Green Web Hosting in 2021 – 100% Real Reviews

best green web hosting

Best Green Web Hosting in 2021 – 100% Real Reviews

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What is Green Web Hosting?

Green Web hosting refers to the type of hosting in which we use eco-friendly activities to reduce all the environmental impacts. Reading about the positives and negatives of green web hosting people’s mindset has been changed. Consumer awareness is increasing constantly. There are so many companies that have adopted the concept of green web hosting and providing at no extra cost. Green web hosting has a good scope in the near future and will boom. It is not at all necessary that if you want to run your green web hosting you will require green resources or power plants like wind, solar, etc. You just need to research and check the companies which have a green E certificate and the concerned company is following all the safety measures and not violating any guidelines related to the environment and other verified certificates is also needed by any company. Let’s look for the best Green web hosting in 2020.

Pros of green web hosting

  1. Environmental impact is been reduced: When you plan to choose a green hosting plan it hosts your website worth. By using the green web hosting your website reputation credibility is been increased in the eyes of the consumers.
  2. Cost-effective: Green web hosting is cheaper than the other hosting. It is an affordable option for any person to set up its online presence. Whenever you select a plan for green web hosting you just pay for the server which is way too cheap. While using the green web hosting the energies produced are the solar power and winds which is a renewable source. While in the other hosting plans lots of energy is wasted and even carbon dioxide is produced in the large quantity which affects the person. This makes the other hosting more expensive than green web hosting.
  3. Marketing tool: Green web hosting can be a great tool for marketing. If you aim to grow your business you can definitely use the green web hosting by spreading the awareness that you are environmentally friendly you can attract more customers. Using such methods can help you to gain trust among your clients and grow your business easily.
  4. Beneficial for all the startups: If you want to grow more easily and you are a green web hosting provider and you feel the cost of the hosting is too high you can tie-up with the NGOs. You can share your ideas related to the environment and how you can create a green environment. This will help you to get rebates discounts and even recognition from various NGOs.

Cons of Green web hosting

  1. The biggest reason people don’t select green web hosting is that there are very few companies available in India which provide green hosting.
  2. There are some companies that take access to your c-panel id that might not be safe which they can use. So before buying the green hosting make sure and check with the potential hosting providers.
  3. Another problem a person can face is that the green web hosting provider may put restrictions on your website depending on the work you are doing. They might restrict you if you use more bandwidth so it is recommended to buy those hosting which will provide you with unlimited bandwidth and storage that will be a safer side for you. If you have a website with less space and you publish content regularly and in large then your website is found to be spam by the green hosting providers and might block the website or takedown it easily so it recommended going for bigger plans

Companies which are eco friendly and deal in green web hosting

These days there are many companies that provide the green web. There are many companies that have started producing their own power plants through which they can save energy and cater to a large market easily. We will be talking about a few of the green hosting companies which provide green web hosting.

1. Hostgator(best green web hosting)

It is one of the leading companies that provide green web hosting. One of the largest companies which have more than 9 million websites. The company has taken many steps in order to be eco friendly. Hostgator has even got its renewable energy certificates which shows the company is eco friendly. The company also even participates in various environmental activities on a regular basis which even keeps the company updated about the environment.

Green Web Hosting
Green Web Hositng , Best green hosting companies

2. GreenGeeks:

It is another leading company in the field of green web hosting. Greengeeks is one of the best renewable schemes in the hosting world. The company provides you with the 300% renewable schemes that can be useful for any individual as well as a company. The company is ranked number in the green web hosting. GreenGeeks has setup its recycling units in their office in order they can recycle everything and grow. The company even provides you with shared hosting programs. The company also invests 3 times in its renewable resources for their growth and development. The shared hosting includes unlimited websites, emails, an SSL certificate bandwidth, CDN, and other options to grow your websites easily.

Best green web hosting2020
Best Green web hosting 2020, Best Green Web hosting

3. Dreamhost:

It is also one of the good names in the market to buy green web hosting. The company is environmentally conscious. Dreamhost is an energy certified company. While researching the company we came to know the company has one of the best customer support and people are really satisfied with the services which they provide. They even provide you with shared hosting plans which are really useful and people can afford it.

Best Green web hosting in 2020
Best Green web hosting in 2020, Best Green web hosting

4. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is the first company that initiated the process of green web hosting. The company mentioned that they buy their green energy from a verified source which is good and no fraud. Hostpapa doesn’t directly produce the energy but they buy and which is quite decent. Hostpapa even provides you with shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting that you can choose for your business and a good option. The shared hosting provides you with unlimited bandwidth and email facility. While researching the company is quite decent and people have reviewed it well and people are constantly working on it to grow more and more regularly in order to sustain its name in the market.

Best green web hosting in 2020
Best Green Web Hosting in 2020,Best green web hositng

There are even other companies which provide you with a good green web hosting you can even check them as well can be a good option for your business the names are discussed below.

  • A2 Hosting
  • Inmotion hosting

You all can try these hosting as well could be a good option for your website and business to grow.


  1. Eco Hosting UK: It is one of the best hostings which is entirely in the UK and is growing extremely well. The company provides you with the carbon-neutral hosting which is really beneficial and good for the environment as well. The prices of the green web hosting are really affordable that any individual can manage to afford. Eco hosting data is been centred on renewable sources of energy. The customer support of the company is extremely well and people are really satisfied. The following features the company provides you
  • Domain facility: Company provides you with a variety of domain options which can be really helpful in your work. The company aims to provide you with the domain privacy, domain transfer, Premium domain options available, Backorder domains which can be good for you in different ways.
Best green hosting in 2020
Best Green web hosting in 2020, Green web hositng companies
  • Email: Eco hosting provides you with a variety of email options that you can buy according to your budget and needs and preferences. The plans are mentioned below

Personal E-mail Account

  • This helps you to create your own email accounts with your own domain names.
  • The plan includes 2GB of storage
  • Free webmail included
  • Encrypted and secure
  • compatible with all the devices
  • mail forwarding facility
  • 24*7 Mail support
  • The plan somewhere costs around £6.99 a year approximately.


  • This is the perfect mailbox plan to grow professionally. The plan includes around 10 mailboxes
  • Includes 5 GB of storage
  • Spam assistant facility available
  • It is compatible will all the devices
  • 24*7 Uk support
  • Mail forwarding available
  • The cost of the plan is around £11.99 for a year which is quite reasonable and easy people can afford.
  • The plan even provides you with more features but mentioned above are mostly used.


Perfect and the most suitable plan for all the businesses that will provide you around 20 mailboxes which is enough for any business. the plan includes the following features

  • 10 GB of storage
  • Free webmail included in it
  • Encrypted and more secure
  • Spam assistant facility is been included in it
  • Mail forwarding facility available
  • 24*7 support service is available

These were some of the plans we discussed above you all can choose depending on your requirements and needs.


These developing a website is really difficult and people don’t even have much of technical knowledge hence WordPress makes your work easier you just need to apply the plugins and work is done. No technical knowledge is required to develop even you belong from a nontechnical background you can develop your own website. Eco hosting provides you with a few of the WordPress hosting plans in which you can opt to develop your own website.

best green web hosting 2020
Green Web Hosting, Dataservermarket reviews


This is the most affordable plan you can buy to develop your own website. The plan offers you fast mail and email which is a good option to create an online presence. The plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited SSD space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • You will get Unlimited secure email accounts
  • WordPress option and even eCommerce software to open your business online
  • SSL certificate included
  • PCI complain installed
  • 24*7 backups facility
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Installation of all the web apps
  • Web builder facility
  • The cost of the plan is around £3.50 which is quite reasonable and definitely a good option you can select for your online presence.


This can be a good option for everyone who wants more traffic and can spend more. The plans are more affordable and each individual can easily afford it. The plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • You will get Unlimited secure email Accounts
  • WordPress facility available
  • The company provides with Ecommerce facility to develop your online presence.
  • SSL certificate available
  • Virus scanner features included deleting all the spam data.
  • UK domain names are even available.
  • Spam data protection is available to protect the data from unknown hackers.
  • Personal account manager
  • Website builders are available to make your work easier and simpler.
Best green web hosting in 2020
Green Web Hosting, Best green web hosting


  • Cloud hosting: This type of hosting is generally preferred by most of the people. In such type of hosting generally different computers are linked together rather than a single server which makes the work more smooth and faster.
  • Premium hosting available
  • Multiple domains
  • Reseller Hostings available: It is a type of hosting in which there is a hosting provider who will rent hard drives space and even brandwidth to other hosting providers. Generally, these spaces are rented to the small and medium scale business and that space is been provided to the third which helps the small and medium size of businesses to grow easily and create their market. this is a good way to even create relations with other companies and create market value.


Overall the company has rated the best in the UK. People generally liked their green web hosting and constantly using it. The support service and daily backups facility people genuinely liked and it is recommended by most of the people to use their services. The company even works on its daily bugs and fixes it on time no lag faced as such in the company and has a scope to grow across the globe. Using their website is quite simple and effective which a nontechnical person can even understand it.

Best green web hosting in 2020
Best Green Web hosting in 2020, best green hosting

Eco Dedicated server hosting

Eco dedicated server is just a local word that is generally used as a remote to run the server. Since such types of servers are in demand and people are using it. Hence, a dedicated hosting is been required to run it effectively without any failure. There are many companies that will provide you with a dedicated eco server which can be useful for you. NODECRAFT is a very good option if you are planning to use an eco dedicated server.

Green Web Hosting
Green Web Hosting in 2020, best green web hosting

NODECRAFT dedicated server features:

  • Instantly you can create your own server easily
  • You can switch between 28 games servers which really beneficial for an individual.
  • The company claims that there will be no lags in the future and smooth running in your work.
  • The company is providing you a free trial and no credit cards are used to be safe and secure.
  • NODECRAFT packages start around $9.98 which is quite reasonable
  • You can cancel anytime if you don’t find the services worth it.


NODECRAFT has decent reviews people find it quite good and the services are provided on time. With a good support system, it has created a good stake in its market. People are quite satisfied and have recommended using their services in the future as well.

System requirements to set up an eco-server hosting?

The system requirements are mentioned below if you fill in the criteria you can easily set up your eco server hosting.

  • To set up and work on it minimum you will require an i5 processor which is most suitable for you.
  • Minimum of 4GB ram is must be needed it may run in a lower ram as well but will crash frequently
  • A graphic is must require NVIDIA graphics will be perfect GT570 at least
  • DirectX version 11 will be required
  • A good internet connection is needed to make it work properly. Generally people setup everything but due to lack in the network, it does not work properly.
  • A sound card is necessary to run.

FAQS Green Web Hosting

Q1. Will Green Web Hosting grow in the future?

As we all know global warming is at the peak and in the coming days this global warming may harm your environment. So to reduce global warming people are becoming more aware of the global warming negatives. Hearing these people have become. Seeing this negative impact on society people have become more protective to cure the environment hence people have started shifting from normal hostings to green web hosting with time this green hosting will be on the boom. There are many companies that have started to provide you green hosting and more are coming in the market. The environment has become a major factor and people have become more concerned about it. Green hosting uses renewable sources of energy to work and when we use green hosting less pollution is produced. Hence it will definitely grow and for all the startups and growing hosting providers should also shift to green web hosting.

Q2 Can I play the eco games on Linux?

As of now the company has only support on the windows and the company is working on its server to launch it on the Linux and in the near future, you can even play on Linux.

Q3. How can I report bugs on eco?

Yes, it is the simplest, and the easiest way you can report all the bugs. To report the bugs you need to login to the official forums through which you report. Before reporting the bug just ensure that bug is not been reported before from you can find it from the search section which will be beneficial for you all. It is recommended to check the system spaces while you can see the step by step through which you can go and report the bug easily.

Q4. What are the benefits of reseller hosting?

There are a lot of benefits of reseller hosting reason being it is growing regularly. The major benefits of reseller hosting are:

  • You can easily create your profits through it
  • Reseller hosting helps you in creating your own packages and even you can design websites through it.
  • You can save your money and grow more in the market.
  • manage and create your independent c-Panel ids and work on it accordingly.

Q5. how can I generate revenue through reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a great way to set your self online and generate revenue it is a simple platform that helps you to grow more. See reseller hosting is cheaper and effective so if you need to make money out of it you can buy at cheaper prices and then sell it at expensive prices. You can even create your own packages and design depending on your profit and sell to the clients which could be a great way to grow your work and even earn revenue.

Q6. Do I need to be an expert to run the business of the reseller?

No, it is not at all necessary to become an expert even you don’t have any knowledge you can work. The work all is performed by the backend and you don’t need to handle anything. It is necessary to just keep a check on the work rest everything is been performed by the backend office just a regular check is needed.

Q7. How can I select the best reseller hosting provider?

There are a lot of factors which you should keep in mind before selecting the hosting provider this can be useful for decide the best :

  • The company should be legal and should have an own website including the about us pages
  • It is recommended that the company should at least provide you with 1 site builder.
  • A 24*7 support center
  • 99% plus uptime is mandatory
  • All services managed properly
  • If all these criteria is been fulfilled you can easily choose the hosting provider according to budget most important to once check the reviews of the customers which can provide you with some good insight easily.

Q8. My eco server is not working properly what can I do?

Generally, people don’t face such problems but you can see your settings guide and check if all the things are properly there and still there is any problem you can run a troubleshooting guide.


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