Top 12 Best Email Marketing Services

Best Email Marketing Services

Top 12 Best Email Marketing Services

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Email marketing services are becoming prominent day by day in the marketing industry. As email marketing has been proved to generate a higher return on investment and also gaining customers. They seem to be quite beneficial and marketers are constantly in search of the companies providing the best email marketing services. Email marketing service providers provide email services which not only organize your contacts’ information in CRM but also you will get many email marketing tools that will enhance your business growth. If you are the one who is looking for one of the best email marketing service providers for your business then you have come to the right place.

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Before starting,let’s have a quick overview of email marketing services.

Some people are still dubious of why email-marketing services? Do they really hold importance in their industry? What is the use of email marketing services?

So here is why you should consider email marketing services.-

Email marketing services are very useful for all kinds of businesses as they help in making robust contacts around the industry and fetching leads. This is definitely going to grow your business in the long run.

There Are many features like automation ,personalisation and many more which will make your work far more easier.

Email marketing service providers keep on improving their email marketing tools so don’t worry about cliché or obsolete tools or features. Email marketing services are dynamic and will connect you to the diverse population from all the regions. This will help in creating a scalable environment for your business and will also help small sized businesses in accommodating in a competitive industry.

If you are in the search of top most email marketing service providers then here we are providing you the reviews of best email marketing services.

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1. Constant Contact-

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, Best Email markeitng services

Constant Contact strated its mail marketing services in 1995. Since then it has grown and has improved. Now Constant Contact stands as one of the most prominent and renowned email marketing service providers.

It has an approx 6,50000 customer base. Constant contact is one of the trusted email marketing services and has improved itself consistently growing better every time.

However, according to Google trend constant Contact has become less popularized among people but this doesn’t affect its quality of services.

The package comes with a free trial of 60 days. This email marketing service also provides event management tools and social media tools which allows you to create coupons on social media.

Constant contact is known for its applications, it has about 400 applications and also it provides the kind of integrations that you can get yourself connected with hundereds of businesses.

If talking of pros then this email marketing service provider provides full support to its customers via live chat,phone or email. Also you can find templates of various niches, well this is something that can help the businesses which have started recently.

Talking about the purchase plans then Constant contact provides its email marketing services at two packages-

  1. Email Plan
  2. Email Plus Plan– You get a 10% discount if you buy these plans.

The basic difference between these plans is their features for instance in the Email Plus plan you will get unlimited access to advanced automation features, it will allow for 10 account users, image, and document storage will increase by 2GB, there is no limit to no. Of online surveys, you can create and send them. This plan is more expensive than an Email Plan.

In Email Plan you will not get access to advanced automation features, you will just have access to birthday and anniversary emails, allowing for one account user, moreover the storage provided will be 1GB less than Email plus.

These differences in features are because of differences in their rates.

You can choose any of the plans according to your suitability. If you are not satisfied with this email marketing service then there are others for you. Scroll down!!

2. iContact-

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, Best email marketing servies

Founded in 2003 iContact had set its mark in the industry by providing advanced email marketing tools to its customers.

Some features that iContact provides are Drag and Drop editing, list management,personal coaching, technical support,autoresponders, spam check, reports, social media and technical support.

Some benefits of using iContact are- it maintains healthy lists of subscribers, a well-organized list of subscribers is all that you need in email marketing. Provides one of the best customer care among other companies in the industry. This is what sets iContact apart. Provides beautiful emails that can be customized in order to fit your brand. Their new GUI is very user friendly and also the reporting time is commendable.

The rates start from $14 per month upto 500 subscribers,$32per month upto 2500 subscribers,$52 per month upto 5000 subscribers,$79 per month upto 10000 subscribers.

However it is not easy for the users to delete their contacts, manipulation of emails sometimes becomes hectic and even reusing messages too becomes problematic.

Website- Click Here

3. HubSpot Email Marketing Software-

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, Emai pricing plans

HubSpot email marketing software was founded in 2004 and since then it has expanded itself and presently serves approx more than 30,000 companies. HubSpot owns 41.6% of shares in the small business automation market as reported by Marketing Automation Insider.

HubSpot believes in email marketing as one of the most crucial strategies in increasing one’s contact base in spite of twitter and facebook.

HubSpot provides various templates through which you can easily create emails of your brands, moreover it is way too easy to add content and edit it. You are also given the option of a drag and drop interface. Even if you aren’t technical suave and have no idea of coding and all technicalities HubSpot makes email marketing very easy for you. HubSpot provides many personalization features, for instance “Make Smart Button”. HubSpot provides various lead fetching techniques hence you need no to do all your work by yourself when the email marketing software is with you. HubSpot gives you the space of analyzing your email marketing strategy. You can go in its analytics feature and easily sort it by campaigns, email types, time range etc.etc.

HubSpot plans come in four packages.

  • Starter– charging $50/month. Includes features lead analytics, lead flow, collected forms, etc.
  • Basic-starts from $200  per month, it includes features like email marketing, landing pages, analytical dashboard, etc
  • Pro– charging $800 per month for its email marketing service. This plan includes everything in basic and also marketing automation, smart content attribution, etc.
  • Enterprise– this plan charges $2,400/per month. You will get everything in pro as well as custom events, advanced reporting, and many more features.

However, your price will go up further with increase in your database making the use of HubSpot very expensive. Some necessary features are available at a very high price which can be a bit problematic for you.

However this email marketing software is quite good in use and you can look for it if you are able to pay quite high prices.

For other email marketing services look down.

4. Omnisend

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, Email Pricing plans

One of the best email marketing platforms. Omnisend provides advanced automation for business growth. Well, you will get 1000 emails per day for a free plan, and also it provides unlimited contacts in your free plan. This is what sets it aside when other companies are providing you the restricted contacts until you buy their subscription plan.

It is quite user friendly and easily automated emails for orders, reviews etc. Omnisend is also known for its accurate reporting. It provides a nice and knowledge based customer support.

Omnisend provides the drag and drop editing options like other email marketing services which will require no coding making it easier for the users to customize branded emails.

Experts consider Omnisend as one of the best email marketing services you can use for online sales.

Omnisend has four pricing plans.

  • Free– this plan charges nothing. This can be beneficial for those businesses which have just started email marketing to promote their products and sell businesses.
  • Standard– starts from $99per month. This plan provides automation workflow, advanced segmentation, product import and recommendation, and interactive email templates.
  • Pro– starting from $99 per month. This is useful for businesses looking for personalization. It includes free SMS credits, advanced segmentation, migration services.
  • Enterprise– Starting at $2000per month. This plan provides advanced user right management, advanced workflow customization, enterprise privacy, and security.

Omnisend provides a few templates while other companies provide templates of varying niches that can set your brand perfectly.

But this doesn’t make it useless. Omnisend is one of the best email marketing services that can be used at very cheap prices relative to other marketing email service providers.

5. Campaign Monitor –

Email Marketing Services
Email Markeing Services, bulk email services

This company was started in 2004 by CM Group. This has a wide base of users that is more than 2 lakhs. Campaign Monitor provides all-purpose email templates. It is easy to use. Moreover, it provides a drag and drop option like other email marketing service providers, and also the automation feature allows you to create target audience segments.

The Personalization feature of Contact Campaign provides you with personalized content and also helps in increasing your involvement via visual marketing automation tools. Campaign Monitor has a library of resources which can help you in providing wide knowledge of email marketing to its users.

Campaign Monitor comes in three plans-

  1. Basic– this limits the number of emails that can be sent. Also, restrict the suspender and many other features. This plan comes at $9per month.
  2. Unlimited–  comes at $29 per month. This removes the restriction on the emails and other features.
  3. Premier– this plan is available at $149 per month. This plan gives you additional features including features of the Unlimited plan.
Best E-mail markeitng services
Top 12 Best Email Markeitng, email pricing

This is one of the cheapest and best email marketing service providers. So if you are new to email marketing you can try its Basic plan and then switch to other plans according to your increasing requirements.

6. Pabbly Email marketing-

Email Marketing Services
Email markeitng Services, Data server market reviews

This is one of the most popular email marketing services. It was established in the United States by Pankaj and Neeraj Agarwal in 2017.

This email marketing service helps you to send bulk emails to your customers. It claims full delivery (99%) of emails at very cheap prices.It has in-built SMTP,drag and drop email builder,drip automation,list management,list management features.

You get a Free trial where you can explore this email marketing can connect to 3 SMPTs.

There are three plans-

  1. Rookie plan– you can buy at this $29 per month. It includes unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers. Advanced reporting.
  2. Pro Plan– you can buy at this $49 per month. You can send unlimited emails to 15000 subscribers. No daily marketing sending limit.
  3. Advance Plan– you can buy this plan at $99 per month. Under this plan, you can send unlimited emails to 50,000 emails to your customers.
top 12 best email markeitng services
Top 12 Best Email markeintg service providers, email pricing plans

Pabbly Email Marketing service has its own delivery connection. It provides more than 50 external STMPs to its users. This company provides support to its users via live chat, emails, and phone. Users can’t send any email in a free trial.

7. Mail Chimp-

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, Best email marketing services

One of the best email marketing services founded in 2001 is currently based in Atlanta. It has approx 1000+employees.

This company provides automated mail feature, AI powered tools. You can create ad campaigns targeting your audience,send postcards and sell online.

In their free plan, you can send approx 10,000 emails to your 2000 subscribers. Well, that’s a huge amount. You will also get in-built CRM well this is useful for small-medium businesses who are trying their hands at email marketing. The premium plan of MailChimp offers in-depth automation and customization. It comes at the cost of $299 per month.

The pricing package starts at $9.99per month and goes on increasing once the subscribers base increases.

MailChimp’s apps are available on ios and android, well the users can try various functions from there.

Though you will get a free trial and many generous options under it which aren’t provided by other companies but as your subscribers increase the prices jump very quickly. scrolling.

8. AWeber-

Email Marketing Services
Top 12 best Email markeitng services, Data servermarket reviews

It boasts of helping more than lakhs of small businesses since 1998 around the world. Currently located in the United States. It is famously known for its newsletter, AWeber allows you to design your newsletter with advanced features and send them to your subscribers. Autoresponder feature allows you to automate your emails. Weber provides 24*7 customer support to its users.

You get a 30 days free trial and also the number of emails to be sent is unlimited.

AWeber allows you monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. The plan starts from $19 per month or $49 per quarter or $149 per year else It depends on your choice and preference. AWeber allows you to set up at least 10 subscribers manually in a form. You have to give basic details of your subscribers.

AWeber gives you unlimited email access, AWeber is known for its reporting capabilities. However, AWeber has failed in providing third party integration just like other companies in the email marketing service industry. Its import takes a lot of time, there is no Google Analytics.

But if you want the best email marketing service at low rates then you can go for AWeber.

9. SendinBlue- 

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, bulk email services

One of the best email marketing service providers for small businesses. This email marketing software has now improved and advanced its features, it comes with in-built CRM, provides automation of emails. This is something that is in demand for small and medium-sized businesses. In 2020 SendinBlue has come up with new languages Italian and Dutch, extended App Centre, and also many features like integration page, new editors In 2019 Sendin Blue parented with Vonage.

SendinBlue helps in business growth through email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, chats, CRM, etc. This company provides a free trial. The package starts at $25 per month. You can send 40,000 emails in just $25 well this can come as a boon to many businesses.

Top12 best email markeintg service providers
Top 12 Best email markeitng service providers, email pricing plans

Also, the SMS marketing feature provided by SendinBlue sets it aside as many of its competitors don’t provide this feature.

But the major problem with Sending Blue is that the free plan has a daily limit of sending only 400 mails which is not sufficient for its customers. Sending Blue also has limited integration, this is often being complained about by many of its users.

10. Active Campaigner-

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services, bulk email services

Active Campaigner is one of the best email marketing platforms. Popular in the industry. Helping millions of businesses spread over 170 countries. It provides an in-built CRM system and also has automation active campaigns that break your sales cycle into funnels. This can be useful and impactful for both customers and the business. Active Campaign allows you to build deal pipelines for your segmented clients. As previously told it has one of the robust visual automation builders. Active Campaign provides email marketing solutions ranging from simple to advanced thus helping each and every business platform.  This feature doesn’t limit Active Campaign to small medium-sized businesses rather it provides services to all kinds of business- platforms. It also boasts of its deliverability, it has the best email marketing tool and has never failed in the delivery of mails. It provides account migration for free, while other email marketing services charge for the same.

ActiveCampaign price starts at $15 per month up to 500 subscribers,$29 per month up to 1000 subscribers,$49 for 2500 subscribers,$89 for 5000 subscribers,$299 for 10,00p subscribers.

Top 12 best email service provider
Top 12 Best Email Service provider, email pricing plans

The rates gradually go up as the subscriber’s increase. It also provides free trial prior to use.

However users of ActiveCampaign have complained of its unaccountability towards them. However it is not recommended to those who have just stepped into email marketing as it has some advanced features which can make things complicated for you.

11. GetResponse-

top 12 best email service providers
Top 12 Best Email Service Providers, Best email markeitng services

This is one of the popular and best email marketing service. It provides newsletter tools which makes work easier for the customers. They also provide A/B testing, landing pages, design testing, and video email marketing.

GetResponse also provides advanced automation features that can be used on targeted audiences for sales.

Get Response provides webinars to teach the business about the basics of email marketing. Also, you will get in-built CRM. But both the features are available only on high tiered plans.

One of the best things that have made GetResponse so popular among the marketers is that it gives heavy discounts to NGOs. Well, that is pretty generous of the GetResponse automation features that help in the segmentation of subscribers list automatically. Moreover, it is user friendly, so you don’t need to have any technical acumen before using Conversion funnel allows you to create funnels, which can be useful in your online business.

There are four pricing plans-

  • Basic Plan-paid add ons
  • Essential plan– basic features+ add ons.
  • Professional plan
  • Enterprise plan

The package starts from $15per month to and increases with increasing subscribers. Moreover, you will get an 18% discount if you buy a yearly plan and approx 40% if you buy for two years.

top 12 best emailservice providers
Top 12 best email service providers, email pricing plans

This is one of the best email marketing services, you can heavily rely on.

12. Drip –

top 12 best email marketing servce providers
Top 12 best email markeitng service providers, bulk email services

This is the last best email marketing service providers in our list.

Drip offers the kind of tools for automation that is uncompetitive. Drip is widely known for providing best email marketing tools for marketeers,bloggers and small businesses. It helps in creating personalized emails,track categorized emails and funnels, sedments subscribers, it has a dashboard for recording the performance.

Drip is user friendly and very easy to start, users need not to do anything as Drip does automation all by itself, also ot facilitates best kind of personalization of emails, businesses can send personalized emails based on funnels.

Drip provides the free version of ECRM. The package starts at $14, before that it provides a free trial of 14 days.

However many users have complained of poor reporting facilities. Else everything about the Drip os fantastic.

We have tried to present you the best rmail Marketing services altogether stating their pros,cons, prices ,features and background. So that you can make right decision for your business.

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Email Marketing Services
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