Best Drag and Drop Website Builders in 2022

Best Drag and Drop Website Builders in 2022

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There are hundreds of site builders to select from, but not all of them are appropriate for both you and your prospective website. You’re seeking a simple solution that produces visually appealing websites. And it isn’t too pricey. And it isn’t a waste of your time.

You’re seeking the trifecta of quick, inexpensive, and good. But is it possible to obtain all three?

So, as a result of my exhaustive testing, I’ve discovered the finest of the best website builders. I’m an on-again, off-again web developer, and even I’m amazed by a bunch of what these applications and businesses have accomplished.

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Now, let’s get back to discussing more the best drag and drop Website Builders.

I believe you’ll be pleased as well, and you’ll most likely discover one that fits you.

What Qualities Do We Seek For within the Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builders?

With so many website builders available, here’s a quick rundown of the parameters I used to limit my choices:

  • General usability — Each site builder on our listing is, though not instantly usable, at minimum simple to learn. The idea is not to pursue web design as your next career path.
  • Beautiful templates and motifs – Is it necessary for me to elaborate? No, I don’t, since you’re intelligent, attractive, and have a wonderful personality.
  • Customization — No matter how wonderful a design appears, if something doesn’t fit your identity, it can cause issues later on. Every site builder on this list allows you to (at a minimum) change the colours, images, and font of your site to keep a consistent visual presence online.
  • E-commerce and blogging, as well as add-ons and applications – A site builder that allows you to simply add pages, is sufficient…for a middle-school assignment. A site builder that allows you to operate a whole online business by expanding the fundamental capabilities of your site is preferable.


Wix is at the top of the list, that has been at the top of pretty much throughout our website template listings for quite some time. That’s because Wix is extremely tough to succeed with in terms of capability, usefulness, and overall value for money (or other currency of choice.)

It’s inexpensive, offers a plethora of templates and capabilities, and has a community of eager users to suit. There are also a slew of supplementary applications, such as the Wix Design Creator and a slew of promotional tools.

The only item that may get in your way is the website editor. It’s really so adaptable that it allows making decisions that can wreak havoc on the appearance of your site.

Interesting Characteristics

  • Site builder that is extremely adaptable – This is among the few site builders that support “real” drag-and-drop creation. That really is, you may move your text and buttons wherever on the page. Seriously, you may create whatever layout you wish.
  • Over 900 templates — Yes, over 900 designs for every possible function and industry. You can also pick a fresh design to start from scratch if you really need to.
  • Outstanding app store, e-commerce, and weblog — With over 300 applications to select from, you’re almost certain to be able to add the functionality you need, whether they’re price tables, calendars, elegant picture galleries, or perhaps even reservations.
  • The blogging platform is a little basic, but it’s totally adequate for a good old corporate blog.
  • Wix Stores is a sophisticated e-commerce application that is essentially… well… an application. However, that doesn’t imply it isn’t sophisticated and feature-rich, with managing inventory, revenue and delivery computation, and pretty much everything else you’d use for a small-to-medium-sized online business.
  • Wix SEO Wiz – One of Wix’s ancillary services is an SEO tool that leverages machine learning to conduct the majority of your Seo services for you. It’s also completely free. It’s difficult to disagree with that.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


And here is where I’ll express my own preference: I prefer Squarespace. Squarespace is just where I’d go if I’m not concerned with maintaining my own server and constructing my own webpages from myself to seem like a Real NerdTM.

This site builder is simple to use, has a beautiful minimalist web design, and includes a number of useful business-related features to help you get started. It’s for experts who want a stylish website but wouldn’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it.

However, Squarespace is more costly than almost every other website builder on our list. So, if saving money is your primary goal, bear that in mind.

Notable Characteristics

  • A visually appealing online store – Squarespace’s dedication to great design extends to the entirety of its online shop offerings. Whatever you sell will seem high-end as soon as you have just a few great images of it. In addition, you get inventory control, tax and delivery cost calculation, social networking selling, and PayPal/Stripe/Square connectors. The practical information is all there.
  • Excellent blogging features – The blog platform has all of the expected capabilities, such as sections, tags, numerous writers, post timing, and much more. What I enjoy best is that you modify your blog articles in the same place you change the remainder of your website: the site editor. You can preview precisely how your article will appear when you post it while you write.
  • Third-party connections — Squarespace does not have a “app store,” but it is pre-integrated with a slew of third-party services. Google Maps, an OpenTable restaurant reservation form, Google AMP, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Dropbox picture sync, and sometimes even Flickr are all simple to integrate. (Do you recall Flickr?)
  • Marketing, SEO, and planning tools — Squarespace includes an email marketing programme integrated into, SEO capabilities, social sharing icons, and even its own analytics platform. Everything is conveniently located on the same interface as the site builder, allowing you to sell your material with no effort.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


The ideology of SITE123 is written directly into the name. The overall idea is to get you up and operating with a relatively full website in minutes. That aim is totally attainable if you already have your content and visuals ready to go.

This really is the generator for you if you wouldn’t want to mess too much with the layout but just need to make a convenient and simple site for your company. SITE123 may also add a basic weblog or commerce to your website.

What’s the catch? It’s a touch short on functionality, and the majority of the truly cool stuff is kept for the more costly subscriptions. Please keep in mind that the free version is ineffective in the medium-to-long-range.

Notable Characteristics

  • Extremely simple site creation — Like so many others, this site builder allows you to add pre-made pieces of material to your website and concentrates on convenient and simple modifications. It isn’t particularly versatile, and you don’t have complete control regarding your layout, but it is quick.
  • E-commerce and advertising capabilities — You may create a simple store and accept payments using Stripe, PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, and other providers.
  • In addition, you may deliver up to 10,000 email messages every month. To achieve this, you’ll need to have the Professional or Gold plan, but it’s well priced if you expect to do a lot of deals online.
  • Apps that are simple but useful – Third-party tools for tasks like constructing forms, inserting price tables, facilitating reservations, and so on are available in the app marketplace. However, many of the most popular applications are for third-party business tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Zendesk, and Facebook Chat.
  • Multilingual sites – This is a capability that not every site builder offers. A multi-language website is essential whether you operate in numerous countries or just export things overseas.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


MyWebsite Now by IONOS is a fantastic website builder that allows you to create contemporary, modern websites in moments. The editor is simple to use and quick, and the outcome is a completely responsive, lightning-fast website.

The editor in IONOS is comparable to the one in Squarespace. There is a library of pre-built segments, each of which may be customised to match a wide range of information. Any component of the page can be expanded with additional parts. If you wish to modify the appearance of the site (colours, fonts, etc..), there is a specific menu that allows you to make massive changes, or you may adjust each part separately – if that’s more your thing.

The MyWebsiteNow builder isn’t the most configurable on this ranking, but that’s on purpose.

If you want more editing tools, you may purchase to MyWebsite Creator or MyWebsite Creator+, which together significantly improve your creative flexibility.

Because IONOS’ website builders will still be in their early stages, it’s normal that there be a few bugs in the software. The template choices is also limited. IONOS, on the other hand, deserves a deeper look if you really want a basic function Object() { [native code] } that can nevertheless produce amazing outcomes.

Notable Characteristics

  • Customized parts for simple editing – The pre-made sections allow you to quickly add fresh information to your website.
  • Online retailers are available at all times – Unlike some other developers, IONOS does not offer a distinct online shop strategy. Instead, you may add e-commerce functionality at any time for a little fee.
  • Websites that are extremely fast — The IONOS builder not only allows you to construct websites quickly, but it also allows you to design websites that are extremely fast. Websites built using IONOS display almost instantly.
  • Mobile responsive right away – Any modifications you apply to your site’s desktop version are instantly mirrored on the mobile version.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


If you need to get your website up and operating quickly, Zyro is the way to go. It’s a decent, reasonably priced builder with an innovative collection of AI capabilities to make your life simpler.

Zyro also does not have a variety of applications; instead, it concentrates on a small but essential collection of capabilities that will allow you to rapidly develop a good-looking and functioning website. All options include SEO, blogging, and AI capabilities, while the eCommerce membership includes online shop features.

Notable Characteristics

  • The grid-based editor that is adaptable. Even if you’re a beginner, you should have no problem using Zyro’s editor because you can drag and drop any component practically wherever on the page.
  • It will lock into a preset grid, guaranteeing that your material is visually appealing. You may modify the main colour scheme, add presentations and worldwide buttons, create contact forms, and (as Zyro has mentioned) you will soon be able to import customized typefaces, which I also enjoy.
  • AI is helpful. Zyro includes a powerful collection of AI technologies. Based on your sector, the AI Writer will create SEO-optimized content for your website. AI Business name and tagline makers are also included, as well as an AI Image Upscaler (for high-resolution photographs) and an AI Heatmap, which anticipates how customers will traverse your site and provides layout ideas to maximise sales. That’s quite great.
  • Pre-installed online store tools. Zyro has all of the necessary e-commerce tools, such as inventory control administration, multichannel marketing, as well as a customer relations (CRM) software to ensure the availability of every one of your clients. You may also sell your items via mobile.
  • Tool for importing websites. Moving material between websites may be a big pain, but Zyro has you covered — you can transfer all of your information from some other site and organize it on your own.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


Elementor is unlike anything else on this listing for one simple reason: it is not really a stand-alone website developer. That is, it is a WordPress theme that requires a WordPress website to operate on, whether on a domain controller you own or on (more on that below).

Elementor turns WordPress (a content management system primarily geared for blogging and publishing) into a full-fledged drag-and-drop web builder. Page templates, content blocks, and widgets are all included. It has a responsive design and excellent customisation. It’s a significant event.

The only drawback is that you must pay for the truly sophisticated features in addition to whatever you cost to host/run a WordPress site.

Notable Characteristics

  • A slick design experience — You essentially just drag and drop pre-made panels into your page. These plugins can be simple messages or picture blocks, and yet they could also be investments, exhibitions, menu items, classifieds, maps, Comments on Facebook, or anything else you can think of.
  • These plugins may all be adjusted to varying degrees to ensure that they fit in with the look of your website and reflect your identity.
  • Integration with WooCommerce — Elementor’s builder is intended to be interoperable with WooCommerce (the most popular WordPress online store plugin), allowing you to have a beautiful site design as well as a functional shop.
  • Change the look of important sites — Elementor allows you to change the appearance of your blog posts, search engine results, as well as the page that users view if they unintentionally click on a malicious link (i.e. the 404 page).
  • Hundreds of site designs — Elementor includes 12 free templates, known as “kits,” as well as 200 Pro layouts. Yes, that will set you back a buck. The free version, on the other hand, allows you to build your own layouts from start.

Let’s discuss another drag and drop website builder.


WordPress is a humongous blogging motor that has the potential and has already taken over a third of the Web. While you still can configure WordPress on your own servers, it’s much easier to simply go to (rather than and create a blog, online publication, or small company site in about 5 minutes.

WordPress was created expressly to store and publish massive volumes of material over a long period of time. However, it is capable of much more.

What’s the snag? Because it’s so sophisticated and geared for large amounts of material, you won’t find a basic drag-and-drop builder. You get anything similar called the “block editor,” but WordPress doesn’t really support full drag-and-drop design by the standard.

Notable Characteristics

  • There might be thousands of such themes — Whilst also has only about 250 built-in concepts, their value is quite good, and the majority is fairly configurable. The real stuff, however, may be found in the realm of third-party themes. To run them, you must have been on the Business strategy or above, although there are countless numbers to pick from.
  • The world’s largest add-on marketplace — Once again, you’ll have to be on the Business strategy or above to install extensions, however WordPress offers the largest module ecosystem available. You may use them to transform your blog into a classifieds website, a community discussion, or maybe even a social media platform. Alternatively, you might choose a basic plugin that only allows you to create sophisticated forms or optimise photos.
  • Built-in SEO and advertising capabilities — has a plethora of tools to assist you in optimising your website for search engines and making your website more easily found online. There really are social media features, as well as a free MailChimp interface for newsletters.
  • Shop builder and simple commercialization tools — While there are many excellent e-commerce extensions for WordPress, offers a basic store builder with the Business strategy and upwards. Even just the free plan has a button for taking money.

So this was the last discussed drag and drop website builder.


To be honest, the website builder industry has never been better. There are several possibilities available, and it is now rather simple (in comparison) to create a blog, online company, web newspaper, or just about anything you can think of. It’s also never been less expensive. At the end of the blog, you have to choose the finest drag and drop website builder for you.

If you are confident in your design abilities and have the opportunity to go all-in, Wix is the apparent choice; it provides the greatest customising options of any builder on our list.

Squarespace is the place to go if you’d prefer to have a little additional support and want a sleek and visually appealing site.

Finally, if you’re new to the website-building game, SITE123 has the finest tools for newbies and doesn’t skimp on quality.

As a part-time web designer, I hate to say that, but it’s true: eliminating the middleman eliminates a lot of the worry, effort, and price associated with establishing your company, hobby, or weird idea online. However, if you start making money from your site, you could always just outsource the work to a professional.


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