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Domain Name Generator

Top 11 Best Domain Name Generator

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“Ohh! God every time I try this or that domain name for my website it has already been taken.”

Well, many times you face this problem of domain names and you are not alone in this race there are many others like you.

When there are millions of websites that already exist and more websites coming every day.

Moreover, what is more, important is that your domain name should reflect your brand, which will help in your promotion. We understand your needs and requirements.

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We have brought the review of the top 11 best domain name generators for you. Scroll down!!

Name MEsh

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

If you have a long list of keywords then Namemesh will be one of the best domain name generators for you. It not only will find you many domain names with your keywords, but it will also arrange your keywords in such a fashion that you will get unique domain names.

The available domain name list is very large, that is why it becomes easy for the user to choose a suitable domain name for their sites. You can try your hand at this anytime as this is free of cost.

If talking territorial wise then Namemesh is the most popular domain name generator in the United States.

It provides domain names in all categories like SEO, fun, etc. However, it is most popular with fun categories. It was ranked second by most of the users and as it is free of cost so it can be used by beginners. However, the services it provides aren’t of better quality if compared to its competitors.


Let’s check other domain name generators.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

Are you already up with interesting domains? If you have already planned your domain name which you think is best suitable for your website, then you are in the right place.  Shopify Domain Name Generator doesn’t create new domain names rather check the availability of the domain name provided by you. This will ensure that you don’t infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of anyone.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, there are more than 6000 cases of Intellectual Property Rights registered in 2019. If the domain name of your choice is not available then it also provides the best suitable substitutes to you. Still, if you want the domain name of your choice then it provides the link from where you can contact the owner and if possible can bid for the domain by paying price.

But to use Shopify you must have its own account, then only you will be able to use it. It is free of cost and also user friendly. Shopify is one of the best domain name generators, especially for businesses. It fulfills business requirements and provides a hundred substitutes.

If you are in e-commerce then this platform is the most suitable for you to find a domain name for your business.


Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

Among the popular domain name generator list Panabee stands as the best domain name generator. You can get domain names by typing two or more keywords. Panabee also provides suggestions and check the availability of the domain names. If you are looking out for top list domains(TLDs) then Panabee is one of the domain name generator you can count on. Also it finds the usernames for social media handles like twitter, Facebook ,tumbler, Instagram etc.

It also searches Google Play and Apple, to ensure the availability of domain names. Very easy in use it provides wide domain extensions.

On of the major problem with Panabee i sthat it uses two keywords in suggestiong domain names ,however with that it also provides a list of keywords which can be used to generate domain names but the limitation is upto two. This leads to narrowing the results than what is often expected. It charges no fee, hence free of cost.

2. Lean Domain Search

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

This domain name generator started in 2012 is now listed among best domain name generators. Providing you ideas within seconds of domain names either for your blog,digital marketing, twitter etc.etc.

It is user friendly and free of cost. Though it has very few filters yet this domain name generator provides the free website names instantly.

It also checks the availability of domain names, hence you will be informed beforehand if any domain name is already taken. With a few keywords, Lean Domain Search can create unique domain names for you, which you can use on your website. You can also apply the ‘sort’ option in order to precise your result, the sorting is done in three ways-

  • Popularity
  • Alphabetically
  • Length

With these many features, there are some shortcomings too.

Lean Domain Search provides only one Top List Domain, so if you are in search of many TLDs then you need to switch to other domain name generator tools. Moreover, it becomes very laborious for the users to check availability of the domain name, as you have to manually go to each domain name and click in order to find whether the suggested domain name is taken or not, moreover Lean Domain Search provides a few customization options. If not satisfied with the list of best domain name generators then it is absolutely fine, we have more in our list.

So keep scrolling upward, to explore more options.

3. Domain Wheel

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

When talking about the best domain generators how can we forget Domain Wheel?

Domain Wheel provides various combinations of domain names using the original keyword and also it provides approx fifteen domain extensions. Domain Wheel provides unique domain names, a very easy use- you just have to type keywords of your wish and choose extension and wait for a second, and hundreds of domain names will appear on the screen.

You will find its interface very fast, also many extensions provided to you can be beneficial to you. Domain wheel also suggests related keywords that can extend the base of domain names as you get many options to explore.

However social media searches aren’t available and moreover they are very few filters and customization options. The domain wheel doesn’t charge any fees for its service.

4. DomainsBot

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

DomainsBot features in the list of best domain name generator. DomainsBot was started in 2005 and currently based in Italy, Rome, DomainsBot made the website name suggestion service very popular. Like any other domain name generator you have to type keywords to find the desired result for your website. But what makes it popular is its filtering feature. DomainsBot provides a list of domains using the input you provide, however, it also provides the customization tool which can categorize domain names and filter them according to your requirements. It gives you an option to choose various Top Level Domains, while other domain name generators provide only one TLD.

Moreover, it makes the search for domain names very easy from the domain list. You can get the desired result by typing a symbol or letter. And the tool can provide domain names in eleven different languages making it easier for you if you want to localize your website.

Of course, it provides unique ideas by giving you different combinations. DomainsBot provides various registrars to choose from like-, NetworkSolution,One.Com, Network Solutions, FunkyCamel, Namesco, Fasthosts, 1&1, BlackNight, Weebly.

However you often get a small number of suggestions, it doesn’t provide a wide domain name base per search, that can make your search tedious and you may not reach your result any sooner.

Even if you go for buying the domain name you end up on the registrar home page that means you have to again get through the process of searching your domain name.

This can really become hectic for users. It is free of cost, hence you won’t be charged for its services.

5. Bust A Name

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

Using specific keywords Bust A Name provides original looking domain names. You are allowed to put parameters like if you want the keywords you entered in it at the beginning or at the end of a domain name, how many characters or words your domain name should consist of.  In this way, you can structure your domain name according to your wish. Bust A Name provides a number of Top Level Domains. The domain names it provides are natural, unique, and creative. You can also save domain names for later use. It compares prices at different registrars and serves you. Also, you need not worry if you are completely out of the idea, as there is Make Random Domain Names option available.

But the main problem is that you can’t place your keyword anywhere except at the beginning and at the end of it.

Bust A Name is among those best domain name generators which provide their services free of cost to their users

6. Name Station

Domain Name Generator

Name station provides a list of approx 3000 domain names using keywords and algorithms. It is best suitable for businesses and can provide results for business names. Those requiring additional creative inputs can choose to hold naming contests of $35 or so. With that, this domain name generator provides a list of other words that are related to your domain name. It tries out domain names in different extensions. The name station registrar is Godaddy. After selecting your domain name from the given list you are directed to Godaady to check whether it is available or not.

It was launched in 2010  and presently has approx 1 million registered users. The basic plan of NameStation is free, however, it provides limited search with limited features. You will get only 20 suggestions per page, you can not export your results.

The pro plan comes at $24 for 60 days. You can also purchase a pro year plan at $144 for a year. The pro plan has some additional benefits like NameStation provides you unlimited results and you are.allowed to use some additional filtering features which are restricted in Basic plan. It provides approx 200 results per page. You are even allowed to export your results. You can also ask the NameStation community for the suggestions if you have run out of the idea by explaining your business plan.

7. NameStall

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

In the available list of domain name generators NameStall os one of the best domain name generators. It suggests the memorable domain name for your websites whether blog name, business name, brand name, etc.

Namestall guarantees you the security that the input you will insert will be secured and there will be neither spying nor selling of your data. Hence it is a trusted domain name generator. NameStall provides its service at no cost. It allows you to filter out your results by part of speech, popular keywords, basic English words, industry categories.

Namestall allows you to choose whether you want your keyword at the beginning or at the end.

8. Domainr

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

The domain is the best domain ne generator, it checks the real-time availability of domain from the available domain name list. If you are in search of a domain name for your business website then you are in the right place. The domain provides the best possible suggestions for your business.

After selecting your domain from the given list you can register it by several registrars like Godaddy, Rebel, Google domains, WordPress, Squarespace,1&1, Hover, NameCheap, etc.

It also provides different extensions. It is free of cost. However, users have complained that Domainr has poor filtering features.

9. Domain Puzzler

Domain Name Generator
Domain Name Generator

The last name in the available best domain name generators list is Domain Puzzler. It provides you a whole long domain list by using a few keywords. It is easy to use.

And what is the best part of it, that it comes at all levels- Easy, Advanced, Magic, and Page Rank. So users of all levels can use it. It is user -friendly with an amazing Graphic User Interface.

You can easily set your extension just by ticking the box in front of the various extensions given, moreover, you can switch to any level by easily clicking on the tabs given on the home page. This makes sorting very easy for you and also helps in filtering results of your choices by structurally categorizing them. It is free of cost, hence no worries at all.


Domain Name Generator

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