Best Dedicated Hosting Providers in 2021 – 100% Real Reviews


Best Dedicated Hosting Providers in 2021 – 100% Real Reviews

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Best dedicated hosting is a kind of hosting in which the user is provided with the full physical server so that he/she can optimize it according to their requirements. The customer gets full control over the machine; it is neither like VPS nor like shared. However, dedicated hosting is a bit more expensive than other hosting because of the reason that the customer gets full control over the machine. It is perfect for large businesses rather than small ones.

If you are stuck searching for the best-dedicated hosting plans then we are at your rescue. We have brought up the dedicated hosting reviews with intense research for you.  

However, there are many best dedicated hosting providers available in the industry but the services provided by the top-notch best dedicated hosting providers are incomparable. We have refined many best dedicated hosting providers to bring best-dedicated hosting providers for you.

Dedicated hosting reviews: best dedicated hosting:

1. HostGator –

HostGator was founded in 2002, since then it has more than 800 employees.HostGator provides best-dedicated hosting. It is the most popular and one of the oldest companies in the industry of hosting providers. HostGator has 8 million domains. It has maintained its average uptime of 99.98% over the past two years. The average page loading time is 1191 million seconds. It supports over 75 apps. It has 24*7 support system. It has unmetered bandwidth and storage. It provides a free domain for the first year. It provides Single Free Site transfer.

best dedicated hosting
dedicated server usa, best dedicated hosting

Let’s look into its cons and pros.

Pros –

  • It provides the most reliable best-dedicated hosting service to its customers. It has maintained uptime from 99% to 100 %. It is so accountable that whenever your website faces downtime it will provide a month of a credit back to you.
  • HostGator provides 45 days money-back guarantee. Unlike other companies which provide 30 days money-back guarantee
  • HostGator provides free migration with all your new accounts. Your website will get transfers during thirty days of signing.

Cons –

  • HostGator provides a free domain only for the first year of signing. Afterwards, you need to pay.
  • There are many extra features that are added when buying it. If one is unsure of buying those extra features you can remove them, however, you can add on these later on by paying extra.

 The page loading time of the website is ok. No, it needs to improve constantly in this front. If the website has many many pages then it will increase the page load time. This provides the best-dedicated hosting in the terms that the average response time is less than 37 seconds. HostGator provides its users with  1 TB of SSD storage, 32 GB of RAM and unlimited data transfer. HostGator dedicated hosting come ins Linux and Windows. It totally depends on users which of them they want to choose. HostGator offers Mojo Marketplace which has email marketing tools such as DaDa Mail, software which allows you to quickly send emails to the subscriber list. It provides both the plane’s HDD and SSD. Users can have access to SSH support and multiple languages. It has 4-8 CPU cores.

Server locations are in Utah, Texas and other places too. HostGator gives DDos support and firewall protection against malware attack.

2. Bluehost – 

Bluehost is one of the top-notch providers which promises best-dedicated hosting.  The company was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah, back in 1996. Bluehost has many server configurations which you can use with increasing traffic. Bluehost provides one of the best server hosting. You get a Linux operating system, there is also an option of windows for you. But mostly the crowd is dependent on the Linux operating system. You will get 1TB of hard drive space,16 GB of RAM and 15 TB of data transfer per month.

bluehost review
best dedicated hosting, best server hosting

It has one of the most robust security systems to offer to its users. It offers three antispam tools – Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer. It also creates filters for email accounts l, it creates IP address blacklists. It also manages private keys and digital certificates. It provides SSH certificates to the users.

It has a very robust average uptime. Your site will not go up or down often except during maintenance. Bluehost offers 24 *7 customer support through a telephone call, chat, and a ticket system. It has a knowledgeable base. It provides professional service to its users, having a dedicated team of people working day and night ensuring to provide customer services in the best possible way.

Bluehost comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. Hence if you don’t like its services then you can ask back for the refund within thirty days of signing in. It has a fast loading time that is 405 million seconds. It provides the best feature in the world. It gives for a free dam for the first year

 Though there is no free site migration feature allowed by BlueHost. It has diverse integration, app and e-commerce features. You can set monthly, weekly or daily backups. You are given one installation app like Joomla, Drupal.

Cons –

  • It has very high renewal rates. It doubles its prices when the plan is renewed. it is advisable for the users to be cautious if the budget is tight.
  • You aren’t provided free site migration, unlike other dedicated services hosting providers, hence it is advisable for you to look at other options if they are better for you than Bluehost.
  • There are too many upsells, though considered quite common, in the web hosting industry, it charges a lot of extra money. So while the payment is cautious of the features you don’t want and uncheck them in order not to pay extra cost. However, you can add them later on according to your requirements

You can use your credit card or debit card for payment methods.

3. A2 Hosting –

A2 Hosting is another best-dedicated hosting provider. A2 Hosting was started under the name Inequet in a small town Ann Borr, Michigan in 2001. It has data centres in the USA, Europe and Asia – Pacific.

The server hosting of A2 constitutes many features which have come in handy for the users. The most important thing that customers want is that their website doesn’t go down. The A2 hosting claims uptime of 99.90%. However, it performed better in comparison by maintaining average uptime by 99.95%. They are in constant improvement to maintain an average uptime of 99.9%. However, if uptime is your first preference then it is better to go for HostGator or Bluehost which maintains uptime from 99.9%- 100%.

A2 hosting provides CDN ( Content Delivery Network) named Cloudflare setup. This will maintain the speed of loading. A2 Hosting comes with a Cpanel and free SSL certificate. A2  Hosting also provides free site migration. A2 Hosting normally provides generous profits to Non-profit organisations. That is why A2 Hosting is being held in high esteem in the market. A2 Hosting has prepared its own Perpetual Security initiative. A2 Hosting includes dual Hosting Firewall, an additional server firewall which can stop unsolicited access. A2 Hosting uses keys rather than passwords that ensure limited access to the server and no one can possibly hack the website.

The support system of A2 Hosting is highly appreciated by experts who are researching and giving dedicated hosting reviews.  According to the ‘Guru Crew’ A2 Hosting customer service providing team is highly professional and user friendly. You can get access to support 24/7.

You get many support features like online tickets, live chat, searchable knowledge base and global phone lines. A2 Hosting pricing plan as a best-dedicated hosting review varies from $ 99.59 per month to $114.09 per month. The renewal plan increases from $119 per month to $193 per month. Dedicated hosting is also the most expensive hosting due to individual access to the server.

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        Pros –

  •  The customer service of A2 Hosting is really appreciable. it has a team of dedicated working members who work24*7, providing the best service to users and helping them to run their firm smoothly.
  • The network is super secure due to additional security tools provided by A2 Hosting.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee. The full money can be refunded within 30 days of signing in. If you don’t like the services you can apply for this within thirty days. However, you can get prorated money after that. It doesn’t matter at which time you sign in the project. You can get back money after it.

                Cons –

  • The revelation of prices, at last, makes it difficult for you to know the prices before signing up.
  • Though it has improved considerably in maintaining the uptime, it needs much more improvement in providing the uptime in order to equate its level with Bluehost and HostGator.

Inmotion – Best Server hosting provider

Inmotion is best server hosting. it was found in 2001 in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach. It is one of the names in the list of best-dedicated hosting providers. It presently has 200+ employees. It has data centres at the East and West coast of the USA. It has grown into 300,000 domains.

  Inmotion has maintained an uptime of 99.98%.  The average speed is 460 ms. Well, this is considered fast enough. They work on Linux Cpanel configuration. Inmotion best dedicated hosting plan starts at 8GB RAM and a 3.50 Hz processor with four CPU cores.

You also have the option to choose between SSD and HDD disks which are 500 GB and 1 TB respectively. It also gives you 5 dedicated IP addresses, with a cheap plan. They are just limited to 6 TB bandwidth. It provides standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, RAID software. Free SSL and preloaded SSP firewall to prevent sites from unauthorized access and malware attacks. The pricing plan starts from Rs.115 per month well it is annually and 146/ per month if you subscribe monthly.

Each plan comes with two launch hour assistance, helping you to transfer your content with zero downtime and also assist you in the operation. Inmotion offered 24*7 support system via live chat, skype, email, dedicated team works days and night. The response time has been very quick. The inmotion support system is considered one of the best support systems in the industry. The workers are knowledgeable and can help you with any question. The wide knowledge base makes the running of your website smooth. You have no fears of getting in stuck due to any complaint or query.


  • Best average time – It has maintained its average uptime above than claimed between 99.95% and 100%.
  • Robust customer support – the technical staff is knowledgeable. Moreover, they have a very quick response time. You can easily send your queries via chat, call, mail.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee – well only In Motion provides you such money guarantee. Other best dedicated hosting providers provide you only with 30 days minimum guarantee. this sets Inmotion apart from others.
  • Free Site transfer – inmotion like many other best dedicated hosting providers lets you free site transfer.


  • It has a very slow server speed.
  • It delays the verification process which troubles the customers

Liquid web –

Liquid web hosting company is one of the best service providers. The twenty-two years old company holds a high name among the best dedicated hosting reviews. It has 250+ employees. It manages more than one million websites. The average uptime of Liquid hosting is 99.99%. it provides 24*7 support system via phone, email, chat. It has 340 ms loading speed. You get features like – Solid State Drives, Gigabit Bandwidth, Integrated Firewall, DDos Attack Protection, Cloudflare CDN, SSL Certificates, Built-In Backups. You get free site migration.

It has apps like InterWorx, cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro.

      Pros –

  • Free Email Accounts

You get emails branded with your domain name which gives you professionalism hence this helps in expanding your network.

These branded emails are provided for free to you.

  • Robust Chat support

There are three chat support systems through which you can ask for help, they are-

 24/7 live chat support, phone and helpdesk.

The most efficient means of communication is the live chat. Liquid Web also has a wide knowledge base. There you can browse through different articles, tutorials and find answers for your problems.

  • Above-average uptime – Liquid Web claims to have an average uptime of 100%. Most hosting providers will guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.
  • high loading speed– Liquid Web provides an average page loading speed of 340ms (0.34 seconds). It’s one of the best-dedicated hosting providers in the industry.
  • Free SSL Security – this ensures security. Encrypted SSL certificate prevents any malware attack and also any unauthorized access.
  • Free Site Migration –  you don’t have to pay for transferring your site. Well, that makes it a bit cheaper in this case.

                   Cons –

  • No free domain. You will not get free domain charges you extra money for this
  • Expensive month to month payment- the month to month payment is a bit expensive than the annual payment


Dreamhost has gained a very high place in the eyes of experts, doing best-dedicated hosting reviews. hosts more than 1.5 million sites.

They provide a built-in control panel, decent servers, in their best dedicated hosting and web server monitoring to make your dedicated servers easy to use. They have data centres based in the US. The average loading speed is 1120ms. Their average uptime is99.87%.It offers dedicated servers with Linux configuration only. They provide 4GB of RAM and a processor with 4 CPU cores.1TB of HDD disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

DreamHost provides features like root and SSH access, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, and 24/7 server monitoring. It offers 24/7 technical support in their best dedicated hosting plans. live chat option is only available from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific time, the whole week.DreamHost’s dedicated hosting plans start from $149/month annually. However, if you take a month-wise plan then it will cost you about $169 per month.basic plan comes only with 4GB of RAM, you might want to upgrade to 8GB of RAM, starting at $189/month.

More features like FEATURES: Unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, free domain 1st year are also present. It has apps likeWordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, and more.Their money-back guarantee is good for up to 97 days. Well you can test for more than three months, if you get satisfied than you can stick to it. Otherwise you can ask for the refund payment. Well that’s a pretty decent number of months where you can test the working and suitability of your work.

However only credit cards can be refunded not money orders and check. So this is the exception which you have to be cautious about in advance. additional services and anything purchased through another party won’t be refunded, either like domain names, SSL certificates, AdWords credits and etc.DreamHost provides a lot of “unlimited” features, including disk space and bandwidth, so no need to worry about disk space, neither you have to pay hefty amounts in buying extra disk space like in other companies. They are carbon neutral.

No higher renewal plan. Well, that’s come as a really nice option when you are required to pay a double price during renewal plans to other companies. Dreamhost is not that exorbitant. However, it has several cons too.let’s look into them before making any further decision

They have limited live chat. Dreamhost doesn’t provide cpanel rather it has its own panel where you have to provide features to it. You aren’t provided the facility of free site migration. You need to pay for the transfer of your website from another company to DreamHost.

The Payment Methods include Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Money Order, Checking Account.there are a few upsells. You are provided free domain for the first year with the one year plan.

InterServer –

It is a cheap dedicated hosting provider in the industry. It was founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, InterServer is a New Jersey-based company that’s been in the industry since 1999. It offers a wide variety of options for your dedicated servers at low prices. Their service is also reliable.

Their data centres are only based on the US.their load time is 520ms on approx. They maintain uptime of 99.99%.InterServer offers dedicated servers with both Linux and Windows. The cheapest customizable plan comes with  8GB of RAM and a 3.2 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You also get 5 dedicated IP addresses. However, you have limited 10TB of bandwidth.

best dedicated hosting
best dedicated hosting, best server hosting

Their main features include standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and 24/7 server uptime monitoring. No RAID 1 storage provided.

highest levels of reliability, and support heavy traffic. The servers support applications/operating systems.InterServer offers  “Quick Servers,”. They are fully dedicated servers which run KVM virtualization. You get access to the server to reboot, you can reinstall the software, and out-of-band console access, InterServer also manages the hardware.

It Manages support for operating system-related issues via control panels. It also provides data migration assistance.

 It has very high levels of bandwidth and power security, you can get access to your resources and a prime location in one of InterServer’s New Jersey data centres 24*7.

They offer month-to-month contracts .

They provide  30 days money-back guarantee just like other dedicated server providers.

     Pros –

  • It is very reliable

InterServer maintains servers at only 50% capacity. Hence they can grow further and get a scalable environment.

  • More than average uptime guarantee – it has maintained uptime from 99.99% to 100%. It does constant improvements in maintaining real uptime.
  • The company guarantees you 24*7 customer support. InterServer, both live chat and toll-free phone support is available any time of day.

       Cons –

  • Ut provides limited services to customers. Many customers have generally complained about this.
  • It has a slow loading speed. It takes a lot of hassle for users to load pages. Customers have often complained that the speed often gets more than the average speed of the industry.


GoDaddy Inc. is an American  Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their speed is 554 ms. They maintain an average uptime of 99.97%. normally the uptime varies from 99.9% to 100%. Their features include unmetered bandwidth,100 Gb storage, free emails and a free domain for the first year. The basic plan provides 100 Gb storage and unmetered bandwidth. It provides 125 services. Well in Godaddy, you will be charged for everything you buy from site migration to SSL certificate to even other extra features. So before choosing for this be cautious. Let’s look more into its pros and cons.

      Pros –

  • Above-average uptime – Godaddy provides above-average uptime. It maintains its uptime from 99.97% to 100%. Hence there are very rare chances when your site will face downtime. This is the reason that Godaddy is being considered one of the best Dedicated hosting providers in the industry.
  • Fast Page Loading Speed – Godaddy offers page loading speed of 554 ms
  • Over 125+ one-click installs – you will get one-click installed features. Which smoother your process and make your work easy to do. Its own website builder follows the drag and drop option, which will automatically fasten up your website building.
  • Good Customer Support- it has a dedicated team of professionals working for specific hours. Yes, you don’t get service of Godaddy 24*7 like other server hosting providers. They have assigned specific hours for it. However, they have made a significant improvement with a constant live chat support system.

           Cons –

  • GoDaddy has a number of upsells which increase the price you’re ultimately going to pay. The three-year plan comes ranging from $4 to 9 per month. while less than three-year plan costs to a hefty amount.GoDaddy will also try to sell you a lot of extra services at checkouts. For backups, for SSL certificate, for office 365 access, for essential website security.
  • Lack of Base Plan – the basic services which are available for non-extra cost on other best-dedicated hosting providers, Godaddy charges forth too. For instance, SSL certificate, and essentiality of many customers are being charged. You’re Not provided backups for free, backups cost you about $3 extra. Even the renewed prices for the same are much too high. Well, a lot of upsells has made Godaddy infamous among the Customers. They don’t offer any free site migrations.
  • Very high renewal rates – the renewal rates double or triple of the main plan. Moreover, the extra cost you have paid for many features also doubles or triples making your plan much more expensive. Sometimes it goes out of budget for the customers and they tend to shift to other server hosting providers. According to the dedicated hosting reviews 2020, Godaddy is very expensive with a few faults in it.

         All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

HostWinds –

Hostwinds was founded in 2010. It is a Seattle, US-based company. It maintains uptime of 99.99%. It provides features like Enhanced Speed, SSL Security, Unlimited Space/Bandwidth, Free Domain/Email, Dedicated IP Address. It has apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Weebly etc. It offers site migration for free within days of purchase. Live chats are available for 24*7.


  •  Above-average Uptime – it has maintained uptime from 99.99% to 100%. Thus this ensures stability for your website. There are nearly no chances of your site going offline which is the manor need of the user.
  • Free Migration – Hostwinds offers free site transfer for 60 days. Migration of the site is handled wholly by the Hostwind tech department. Hence you need not worry about it.
  • Responsive customer service – Hostwind offers you 24*7 customer services. It has a dedicated team of workers working day and night. The responsiveness of the staff is quick and you will get friendly people. They have a knowledgeable base, which gives you all-round information and helps your website have a smooth run
  • Free SSL Certificate – Hostwinds provides SSL certificates for free
best dedicated hosting
best dedicated hosting, best server hosting
  • Free domain and unlimited email accounts – Hostwinds steps up and helps establish professionalism for your company with branded email addresses and a free domain name.
  • Unlimited disk space with all plans– it has no limitations on disk space. All of the shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage.
  • Easy use control panel – there are many icons available on cpanels. It has an easy to use interface. There is also a search bar provided on top of the cpanel which makes your search easy, efficient and quick.


  • Limited Server Location –  there are only three Hostwinds data centers, two are located in the United States, and one in Amsterdam.
  • Extra fee for Backup and Monitoring – monitoring comes at a cost of $24 for one year. Backups too come with an extra cost. Well, there are other best-dedicated hosting providers that provide backup and monitoring for free.
  • Slow speed –

The loading speed is quite slow, with an average 1,115 ms. Well, that is really very low speed. Hostwind accepts payments from Paypal and credit cards.

Questions And Answers –

Ques1) What is a dedicated server?

Ans) Dedicated server is a computer which takes up specific tasks like hosting websites.

Ques2) Whats the best minecraft server hosting ?

Ans ) the top Minecraft server hosting are Hostinger, Shockbyte, BisectHosting, GG Servers, APEX Hosting.

best dedicated hosting
best cheap minecraft server hosting, best minecraft server hosting, best dedicated hosting

Ques 3) what are the best game server hosting?

Ans 3) HostGator,BlueHost,InMotion, GoDaddy,KnownHost,GameServers,com,A2Hosting,LiquidWeb are some of the best server hosting.

Ques4) what is the best dedicated server web hosting USA?

Ans) The best-dedicated server web hosting for the USA is HostGator – Best overall for dedicated server hosting. Bluehost is the best value for money. InMotion is  best particularly for tech-heavy websites. A2 Hosting – Best customer service. iPage, you will get decent features here. GoDaddy Hosting  provides unmetered bandwidth. DreamHost  has the  best storage space.


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