Best Completely FREE Cloud Hosting Services [2022]

Best Completely FREE Cloud Hosting Services [2022]

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Many firms promise to provide free cloud hosting, but only a handful provide anything worth utilising. What good is a “free” solution if it is frustratingly unreliable and painfully slow? The finest free cloud hosting providers or free cloud platforms truly allow you to test their systems without any sleaze or broken promises.

That’s why we exhaustively researched the greatest free cloud platforms before narrowing them closer to the final six. I’ve gone through exactly what you’ll receive with each platform and that you can make the most of it. Have a look at the details below for further information.

However, please remember that each and every cloud-based hosting option has limits.

Before we jump further into the best free cloud hosting services or free cloud platforms, let’s get to know about DataServerMarket:

DataServerMarket creates shared rooms that can be utilised on-site by a variety of users. For speedier interaction, DataServerMarket links several datasets or centralised data streams. DataServerMarket could also provide internet multimedia, worldwide telecommunications services, and IP interconnections to users and information providers. DataServerMarket provides storage, Vpn Networks, autonomous email, transmission, and information exchange solutions.

Now, let’s get back to discuss more best free cloud hosting services or free cloud platforms.

You’ll most probably be working with limited resources, and probably won’t be able to provide any meaningful degree of client assistance. I’d recommend a premium alternative for more significant work. It is possible to pay low fees while still gaining access to the full capabilities of the internet – continue reading to find out how.

What Qualities Do We Seek For within the Best Free Cloud Shared Hosting

Uptime and dependability – Cloud hosting is simple to give out like candy, but it requires the greatest, most cutting-edge technology to actually shine. These organisations provide dependable, multiple servers, resulting in excellent uptime and lightning-fast speeds.

Division of tasks sites — The finest clouds are made up of thousands of servers situated all over the world, not just a handful in Bangladesh. Almost all of the services on our list offer numerous deployment choices, guaranteeing that you always have a neighbouring site that can serve your guests quickly.

Distribution of resources – As previously stated, free cloud hosting has limits. What sets these people apart from the competition would be that the basic tiers have enough capabilities to evaluate the service.

Scalability — With poor hosting, success is your worst concern. It’s not scalable, so whenever you receive any traffic, your site will come to a standstill. With the firms on this list, there will always be room for expansion.

Developer-friendly — In order to create the finest apps in the shortest period of time, you need to have a feature that helps your life simpler. All of the tools on this list are geared for developers, but a few go above and above to make the process as simple as possible.


Considering the absence of a free version for life, Kamatera provides the best total value. For a few bucks per month, you can acquire a fully personalised cloud example with no restrictions – and stellar results to back it up.

Kamatera, like many other free cloud hostings, pays by the hour. This provides you complete control over the total cost of your system – you can rapidly scale it up or downwards to match your particular demands and money.

You can test this one out for yourself with Kamatera’s free 30-day trial, which comes with a special account administrator who really can answer any questions you may have.

Furthermore, our Kamatera review’s speed tests indicated loading speeds of a micro-moment, as well as flawless uptime. Kamatera is one of our highest cloud providers for 2022 for a purpose: it has lower rates than most of the competitors while providing similar, if not better, service.

Quick setup — Setting up a new cloud example takes a couple of minutes, allowing you to begin developing nearly instantly.

Global cloud network – Kamatera has 13 data centres located across the world, covering all major continents. The networks have become increasingly redundant and offer some really fast speeds.

Free static IP – Each server includes a free global static IP address, which adds to the total value.

Autosave feature solution at a low cost — Your user’s memory will be uploaded to the cloud every day for a modest cost. To further safeguard against the loss of data, this is kept on an external storage array.

Let’s discuss more best free cloud hosting services or free cloud platforms.


According to GearHost, it was “crafted with love in Arizona.” While I’m normally wary of goods produced with affection in Arizona, I tested out the service and was really pleased with what I observed. It just took me a few minutes to sign up and create my free cloud example, as well as the entire procedure was really well thought out.

The service offers five different cloud options, the most basic of which is entirely free to use for the rest of your life. After selecting the free version, all that was required to get going was a brief signup form and minimal email confirmation. A few of the other providers on this list need your credit or debit card as an “insurance policy,” but GearHost did not request any payment information.

Remember that there really is no root access accessible, thus you will have to rely only on the interface to complete customizations. This strategy has certain drawbacks. You probably wouldn’t be able to be using development environments other than.NET or PHP, for instance. However, because you will never have to utilise the command prompt, it streamlines the process of putting your cloud example live. For more information, see our in-depth GearHost review.

  • CloudSites, as GearHost refers to them, are server-based plans. A total of five free CloudSites may be established, each with 100MB of storage capacity, 1GB of connectivity, one daily CPU hour, plus 256MB of RAM.
  • Immediate registration and domain connectivity — Because of the simple, user-friendly interface, it only took me a few moments to get going, establish a domain, and link it. Soon later, I had a sample WordPress website up and running.
  • Data on usage and administration – Each CloudSite provides complete information on its functioning. It may be used to monitor your CPU usage, analyse how users engage with your application, and troubleshoot any problems.
  • Upgrade to a subscription plan for access to a larger pool of money, complete website uptime, 64bit CPU innovation, email providers, and more.

Let’s discuss more best free cloud hosting services or free cloud platforms.

Amazon Web Services

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Beanstalk, and Lightsail are the three products that comprise Amazon’s flagship cloud web service, AWS. The final two are intended to be simple platforms that take advantage of the cloud services capabilities provided by EC2.

What’s the best part? EC2 includes a free tier that provides total access to a restricted range of resources, enabling you to become acquainted with AWS’ service and tailor it to your specific requirements. The AWS free tier gives 12 months of subscription and 750 compute hours each month. Amazing, and our specialist agreed. Read more about it in our in-depth AWS review.

The free tier includes a micro example that may run either Linux or Windows and is suitable for relatively low-performance requirements. This will not be sufficient for a production-ready website, but it will allow you to set up and experiment with WordPress and also sophisticated frameworks such as Django and Node.js.

  • t2.micro instance — A cloud service that may be used for anything. Has 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM, and delivers additional CPU bursts in excess of the standard amount.
  • Absolute control — Because EC2 instances are totally customisable, you bear a great deal of responsibility. The UI isn’t particularly appealing, though, so expect to put in extra effort to get things just right.
  • GuardDuty for smart detection systems, RDS (Relational Database Service) for relational controlled systems, and SNS (Simple Notification Service) for push chat apps are among the other services offered for complimentary or demo.
  • Expandable into elevated machines — If you already have an AWS account, you could always add extra computer instances. Simply select an example size and location, and it will be ready to use in minutes.

Let’s discuss more best free cloud hosting services.


None of the firms on our list focuses on offering as clean and simple to use as Heroku’s. There are many limited choices and characteristics to consider: Dynos creates the foundation of their service. “Dynos are segregated, emulated Linux boxes,” according to Heroku. They are intended to run code in response to a user-specified request, and there are only six varieties accessible. The first is entirely free to use.

Heroku’s mix of zero efficiency and high use makes it an excellent choice for academics and programmers. After you join up and activate your dyno, you may instantly launch a runtime environment. Python, Node.js, and Ruby are among the programming languages supported.

Multiple languages and platforms, including Python, Node.js, and Ruby, are ready for launch with no further configuration.

The free dyno comes with 512 MB of RAM and two process types (equivalent to one virtual CPU), making it an excellent platform for homework assignments and casual exploration. You will be able to operate WordPress and comparable platforms on a PHP framework, but Heroku’s cloud instance will be significantly inferior to its rivals. Here are the findings of our testing process.

  • Free dyno – The cloud service example is not constantly active, and you must restart it after 30 minutes of operation. Because its availability cannot be guaranteed, it is limited to circumstances such as programming and app demonstrations.
  • Simple to use — Leveraging Heroku’s slick user interface, dynos and other addons may be quickly and simply installed. Heroku frees you started to concentrate on the actual work by taking care of the technology.
  • Buildpacks — Heroku allows you to deploy software components for PHP, Node.js, Python, as well as many other dialects right away, pre-configured including all essential parameters and requirements.
  • Add-ons — You may install a variety of add-ons on your cloud server, some of it for free as well for a nominal monthly fee. Heroku Redis,, and Mailgun are all free update.

Let’s discuss more best free cloud hosting services.

Google Cloud

GCP, Google’s cloud service, has a plethora of offerings – but it may be quite complicated. The sheer amount of possibilities is guaranteed to send inexperienced developers back to the safe embrace of traditional providers, so take the time to consider whether you’re prepared to have your hands dirty.

Compute Engine instances will be your greatest friends when it comes to developing a WordPress website because the free version has always been free. On the free version, you’ll get one f1-micro example each month with such a surprising number of data storage to experiment with. See what other people think about it here.

If you’re searching for free cloud hosting for programmers, Google’s free GCP tier is a wonderful choice, but you’ll have to live in the United States to just get the best of the situation. You’ll only obtain cloud instances from the United States, and your broadband won’t show up in locations like China or Australia.

  • The F1-micro example has 1 vCPU, 0.6 GB of RAM, 30 GB of storage space, 5 GB of the backup store, and 1 GB of bandwidth.
  • Trials with $300 credit – If you want to try out GCP’s other products, you may get $300 in cash during the first year. All you have to do is create an account, give identification verification, and payment card information. You would not be penalized in any way.
  • Google’s sophisticated technologies are available for free — Google is a market leader in rapidly growing industries including voice recognition, machine intelligence, and diagnosis. Each of them offers free trials or restricted free plans.
  • Connection with Google products — If you use G Suite, Docs, Ads, or any of the other online services provided by Google, it means keeping everything within one place under the same identity.

Let’s discuss more best free cloud hosting services.

Red Hat

Red Hat, well known for the widely used Red Hat Linux system, used to provide a free beginning subscription for their dependable cloud service. Although the starter strategy is no longer accessible, there seems to be a 30-day free version of OpenShift Online Pro, enough that Red Hat OpenShift gets a mention mostly because it is among the most potent multiple clouds obtainable.

It’s a powerful configuration, however, after 30 minutes of operation, your device would go into a dormant state. Your system will automatically restore after your 30-day trial period ends, however, if you withdraw well before the end of the trial period, you will still have the full 30 days to assess Red Hat OpenShift.

Although the abolishment of the free version is a drawback, OpenShift probably is the best free cloud hosting for pupils currently available. The framework is designed for rapid advancement (not quite as much as Heroku, but it is more than AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure), and it can operate almost every prototype or education app you can think of. You can also use it with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – and Red Hat and AWS have formed a deal to incorporate OpenShift more tightly with AWS.

  • 30-day trial version – Includes a cloud example in the United States with 4 vCPUs, 2 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of storage capacity.
  • Customized administration interface — Your free cloud hosting may be controlled and set through the command prompt or an OpenShift-developed customised console.
  • Development support — The OpenShift infrastructure makes it simple to deploy tools and dialects by utilising predefined pods.
  • Git capabilities — Using the OpenShift interface, you can submit code updates and modifications into a background image. Makes it simple to collaborate as a team.

Azure has a free service system that is quite comparable to AWS’: Some are free for a year, others for a lifetime, and some have been offered for trial with credit. Linux virtual machine instances, storage areas, databases, and connectivity are one of the free cloud services available for a period of 12 months.

Azure’s large free resource allocation, particularly bandwidth, makes it an excellent choice for projects looking for power generation. The free options (1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 5 GB space) are considerably beyond what many shared hosting companies give on their beginner to expert plans!

What’s the snag? There is only one catch, and it impacts every one of these cloud suppliers: these systems were not designed for inexperienced users. To get everything operating properly, it needs skill, knowledge, and a lot of effort – read about our expert’s experiences in the entire evaluation.

  • B1S virtual computer with one vCPU and one gigabyte of RAM memory. 5 GB of free storage space is provided.
  • The trial includes a $200 credit – Just use the money to purchase any one of the trial goods and test them out for 30 days.
  • Linux versus Windows – It should come as no surprise that Microsoft’s Azure provides the most extensive support for Microsoft’s proprietary Windows version. Linux servers are also accessible, both of which are included in the free version.
  • Exceptionally high availability assurances — The basic solitary example virtual machines have a 99.9 per cent high availability, with a staggering 99.99 per cent assurance attainable if you update and add additional examples.

It is possible to get excellent free hosting services, however, it is preferable to pay a small fee. There was no need to pledge to a paid version if you’re only wanting to explore, or if you were producing projects for university or even as a pastime. These free blueprints are capable enough to support the majority of how much you can toss at them, and utilising them will teach you a lot. My particular faves are Red Hat OpenShift and Heroku.

On the other hand, if you want to set up a production-ready cloud environment, free cloud hosting companies are unlikely to suffice. Your resources will be severely restricted, you will receive little assistance, and certain facilities are susceptible to slumber after a period of silence.

In such instances, I strongly advise at least checking out Kamtera’s free trial. You will have 30 days to test out a strong cloud server that can be expanded as needed. I’d think about putting up the system you’ll require and seeing how much it will cost outside of the trial period. You may get some extremely inexpensive pricing for entry-level systems. At the end of the article, you have to choose the finest and best free cloud hosting service for you .


DataServerMarket will assist you in locating internet access for just about any IT problems. DataServerMarket creates on-site shared facilities for a wide variety of customers.

Among the programmes offered by DataServerMarket are the hereunder:

  • DataServerMarket connects numerous simultaneous datasets and dynamic memory sites.
  • DataServerMarket provides organisations with data and processing connection alternatives.
  • In addition, DataServerMarket provides competent expert assistance, as well as digital flexibility and system integration.
  • DataServerMarket also provides cloud teleconferencing, worldwide communication technologies, and IP connectivity among service providers And Customers.
  • DataServerMarket offers storage, VPN links, personal email account address possibilities, transfer, and transmitting data services.

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