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Whenever we consider search engines, we picture Google first. But did you guys know that there has been a slew of other search engines with almost as much to give?

search engine
search sites

Google is a well-known search engine as well as a market leader; in reality, Google Images is indeed the second-largest search engine.

Even though it’s the largest and very well known, it’s not always the best option. People utilize other search engines for a myriad of purposes, one of which is enhanced anonymity, as Google is notorious to monitor user information for itself and third-party purposes.

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If you’ve already tried Google, try a few of the other name search engines to see if you can discover anything you like more.

Different Name Search Engines: A Tutorial

Ask yourself several inquiries as to what you genuinely need from a name search engine prior we dig in and begin to think about some of the other search engines:

  • Apart from Google, what are all the finest search engines?
  • Which of the search engines is the most secure?
  • What is the finest privacy-focused search engine?
  • Which search tool is the most effective?

Best Search Engines Example Besides Google

Look at a list of different unbiased search engines examples. This includes several best search engines examples that may be familiar with as well as some still might not:


After Google, Microsoft’s Bing is the second most used search engine.

It’s simple to use and adds to the visual experience by including lovely daily backdrop photographs. Bing is fantastic for video searches since it shows results as huge thumbnails that can be hovered over to hear a clip.

Bing, similar to Google, has a plethora of internal functions such as currency exchange, localization, and airline monitoring, making it a highly adaptable tool that competes globally. Please read our comprehensive guide to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Whenever you buy or research on Bing, you accumulate points which you could use to buy applications and films, which is quite convenient.


DuckDuckGo is indeed a popular search engine for people who respect their anonymity and don’t want their everyday queries recorded and recorded.

It offers a simple UI with few adverts and endless scrolling, making for a pleasant and efficient customer experience. There is no user monitoring, so you can also install DuckDuckGo’s browser plugin to make your browsing data secret.

Bangs, a function of DuckDuckGo’s unbiased search engine, lets you explore straight into some other webpage using DuckDuckGo by inputting a prefix.


search engine
Search Engines Example

Yahoo has always been around older than Google, although some consider it antiquated, that is still the third most often used engine. It was even Firefox’s default search engine.

Yahoo is about far more than a best search engine, which is one of its best features. Yahoo’s online portal combines email, entertainment, internet ordering, gaming, and more to provide a comprehensive customer experience.

Because of its combination with Flickr, Yahoo Answers, and Yahoo Finance, it provides superior image results as well as a plethora of knowledge on a variety of subjects.


The easy discussion style of Ask, formerly called Ask Jeeves, enables natural-language queries. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, particularly for individuals who are new to search engines, including such senior personal computers.

In addition, the unbiased search engine results highlight commonly asked a few questions connected to the search phrase, which might give useful information and aid in your quest.


Baidu is China’s most popular search engine, accounting for more than 70% of the country’s online marketplace. It is nearly identical to Google, despite being in Mandarin. It has a similar appearance, is monetized by advertisements, and employs important keywords in unbiased search engine results.

Baidu, on the other hand, is extensively censored. Here on search engines, some photos and sometimes even pro-democracy web pages are prohibited.


WolframAlpha is a closely owned web browser that claims to be able to “calculate specialist responses utilizing Wolfram’s groundbreaking methods, centralized repository, and AI technologies.”

It’s divided into four sections: Arithmetic, Science and Engineering, Social & Culture, as well as Daily Life, and that’s aimed to give expert information. There are other divisions and handy tools inside these divisions that enable you to calculate data, explore figures, and obtain expert solutions to your problems.

WolframAlpha not only has a wealth of professional information, but it also doesn’t trace your queries, giving you peace of mind when thinking about security.


Boardreader is a topic and discussion forum search engine. You may browse for newsgroups and afterwards limit the findings by time and region.

It’s a wonderful resource for material discovery since it makes it simple to access information authored by real people on a certain topic. Boardreader is an excellent starting point if you’re unfamiliar with the speciality and want to find the finest forum to join.


StartPage, likewise DuckDuckGo, was built with rigorous privacy protection in mind. It doesn’t keep records of or save any of your information.

“The worlds largest secure unbiased search engine,” according to Startpage. You’ll measure the outcome that is comparable to what you’d see if you did a fully private Quick google.

Startpage is another best search engine that also provides a tunnel option that lets you visit websites secretly for increased online security. They also offer a better Accessibility creator, so you might not have to set up cookies to surf.

Everything is displayed in a simple, friendly interface that can be customized with multiple themes, like Night Mode, to create a good user experience that is incredibly durable.


search engine
Best Search Engines

Excessive use of search engines has a negative influence on Emissions of co2. This is where Ecosia, a CO2-neutral substitute search engine, kicks in.

The cash gained from each search (powered by Bing) contributes to the company’s forest program. In general, 45 queries are required to construct a mature plant.


Qwant is a privacy-focused unbiased search engine developed in France that will not track your queries or even use your personal information for promotional purposes.

The search results are organized into online, media, and socioeconomic levels, and there was even a special music area that employs AI to help you determine lyrics and discover fresh songs.

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is yet another privacy-focused unbiased search engine that employs internal encryption to prevent users’ identifying information from being traced.

Search Encrypt, like a metasearch algorithm, draws its findings from a network of search providers, resulting in very well outcomes that are just not tailored to your past searches.

One of the best search engines, Search Encrypt, has a distinctive property in that it immediately deletes your personal browser history following 15 minutes of operation. This implies that just because someone else does access the device, you will not have to be concerned regarding your security.

Sear X

SearX is a widely used search engine that attempts to give a free, decentralized perspective of the internet by providing impartial findings from multiple sites.

This is a free software search engine that anybody may use to study the software and contribute to being on GitHub. It’s also possible to alter it and run it with your own search engine with your own computer.

search engine
unbiased search engine

SearX provides a wealth of choices and features not available on some other search engines, resulting in excellent usage and quick, exact results.


Yandex, as the world’s fifth-highest common best search engine, is widely utilized in its home country of Russia, in which it controls over 60% of the eyes of search engines.

It is nearly identical to Google in that it allows you to look for websites, photographs, videos, and information in a user-friendly format. Yandex provides the same functionality as Google but with a better design, including mobile applications, maps, language, cloud services, and much more.


“Uncensored personal search” is Gibiru’s slogan, and that would be precisely what it provides.

All of the queries are routed through a tunnel Internet address when you install the AnonymoX Firefox add-on. This assures that some other internet users will not be capable of monitoring your browsing history and offers you absolutely confidential and impartial unbiased search engine results.

Gibiru’s databases do not keep search requests, as well as the information is automatically deleted after seconds of both the query has been completed.


You may use Disconnect to do incognito inquiries using any best search engine you like.

Whenever you type a search phrase, it is redirected and encrypted via Disconnect’s databases prior to being sent to the web browser you choose. This includes integrating our preferred unbiased search engine without worrying about your security.

Disconnect also provides add-ons and software that allows you to prevent monitoring websites, speed up page loading, view marketing demands, and do a variety of other privacy-related tasks.


Yippy is yet another excellent option for anonymity even though it does not monitor your queries or provide personalized advertisements. It allows you to search for web pages, photos, headlines, careers, forums, and government statistics, among other things.

Yippy enables you to limit the findings using a range of characteristics such as origin, date, or themes to offer you much more relevant websites, even if it doesn’t provide a large number of relevant for any search.


To preserve your safety and confidentiality, Swisscows offers completely secured browsing. It doesn’t save private information, Network connections, or web searches on its databases, which are located in Switzerland and have some of the tightest privacy laws in the world.

It’s especially popular among families who wish to provide a secure unbiased search engine for young toddlers, as the constructed screen for obscenity and aggression cannot be disabled.

It employs semantic data identification using data banks to provide sensible responses to web searches rapidly and effectively. Other related or popular inquiries are displayed on the revolutionary semantic map, which helps to provide you with further data.


Lukol seems to be an incognito search engine that uses Google searches but removes any detectable characteristics to protect your data.

This implies you may continue to use Google’s search engine without fear of being monitored. Lukol guarantees that your queries are completely anonymous, and it serves to maintain you protected by preventing you from visiting sites that are deceptive or improper.

It’s a basic unbiased search engine in terms of capability. You may search online, photographs, headlines, and clips, even though there are no tools to limit the findings.


Itself through the randomized search, MetaGer provides “Security Guaranteed Search & Find.” They are indeed a charity company since they have no financial incentive to follow your queries, plus they exclusively utilize renewable technology, which adds to the impression of security.

MetaGer is a major search engine that searches up to 50 different external search results to provide a wide range of results. When it evaluates a query, it should not consider click-throughs percentage consideration, thus the answers are unprocessed and impartial. They also provide travel choices and directions without monitoring your whereabouts.

You may also install an extension that makes MetaGer your default search engine and home site, ensuring that your queries remain secret at all times.

search engine
open search engine


Gigablast is indeed a confidential search engine that crawls millions of web pages and provides actual information without monitoring your information, leaving you anonymous to advertisers and fraudsters.

It isn’t the most visually appealing search engine, but it does provide a number of choices for limiting or customizing your searches, such as looking by region, precise word, or file format. Gigablast has a catalogue as well as a robust powerful unbiased search engine in addition to web, media, and photos.

So in the end, these are all the alternatives for Google Search engine


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