6 Best WHMCS Alternatives For 2021 [Tested and Reviewed]

6 Best WHMCS Alternatives For 2021 [Tested and Reviewed]

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Do you have a webpage of your own?

If you answered yes, you’re probably familiar with the name “WHMCS” and have used this website services management system to streamline your internet payment process.

And besides, WHMCS alternatives have reduced your manual operations by producing personalised invoices, provided you with a plethora of fantastic billing options, and made your work a breeze with its constructed online payment.

DataServerMarket creates shared rooms that a variety of customers can use on-site.

DataServerMarket connects different clouds and data storage locations for faster connectivity. DataServerMarket also offers cloud videography, global telecommunication services, and IP connection between customers and Service Providers.

We’re all familiar with WHMCS’s features, however, the rivalry that has emerged over the years has been fierce, and that’s no longer the only top website services business management software.

Today, there is a slew of additional WHMCS alternatives for managing your web hosting company in an evolutionary manner.

We’ll show you a comprehensive selection of the finest WHMCS alternatives in this article.

So, let’s begin with a quick overview of WHMCS.

What exactly is WHMCS?

Web Host Manager Complete Solution is what WHMCS refers to. A web hosting firm established it in 2003 as a developer-friendly fully – featured web hosting, server renting, co-location solutions, and domain name registration option. It is one of the most widely used name hosting automation solutions, with all sizes of businesses using it to ease coding and manage their internal processes.

WHMCS ensures customers acquisition is simple and includes all of the tools needed to manage clients, including Billing Monitoring, Customer Service, Data Manager, Order Management, Domain Name registration, and Scam Management.

Apart from that, WHMCS alternatives may be used to create cPanel accounts and turn on auto-provisioning for the following:

  • Virtual Private server 
  • VPN Accounts
  • Domains 
  • Email Ids 
  • Gaming Servers

That concludes our discussion of WHMCS alternatives, their capabilities, and interoperability. Now let’s look at its pricing to get a better idea of what it offers and how much it costs.

How much does WHMCS cost?

The overall cost of WHMCS alternatives is determined by the number of customers you have and the marketing choices you require.

When choosing a billing system that is perfect for your company, it is critical to receive the best value for your money, which is a critical decision for company owners.

Although depending on your budget, WHMCS alternatives pricing schemes would be more expensive, you do not want to pay for services that you’ll never use.

That’s why you should look for free WHMCS alternatives that meet your company’s needs.

Essentially, it’s a ready-made system that automates all of the tasks associated with running hosting services and domain name registration business. It is also extremely interoperable with the majority of service providers and control systems.

Armatic – 1st WHMCS alternatives 

It is one of the top billing, accounting, membership administration, periodic billing, and online payment software applications available.

Armatic’s network of dashboards, services, and workflows complement its SaaS sales product lifecycle technology.

Armatic services are fantastic and have a positive effect on the sales administration, ensuring that your company works smoothly.

Armatic provides automation and data-driven insights to assist companies to improve company efficiencies and increasing revenue.

It can also assist departments such as HR and customer service. This tool can help numerous business departments increase productivity.

  • Invoices 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Payouts 
  • AR Automation 
  • AP Efficiency 
  • eSign 
  • Quotations and Proposed laws 
  • Statement to Money 
  • Client Supervisor 
  • Vendor Manager
  • Records 
  • Contractor NPS 
  • Employee Supervisor 
  • Customer NPS 
  • Employee Endorsement 
  • Roles 
  • Employee NPS 
  • Employee Administrator 
  • Customer NPS 
  • Employee Endorsement

ZipBooks – 2nd WHMCS alternatives 

This is indeed a free accounting programme created specifically for contracts, freelancers, small businesses, and developing corporations. This software can assist businesses with their accounting and finance needs, allowing them to make payments more quickly.

This web-based tool speeds up payments by streamlining financial operations and increasing efficiency. ZipBooks features a vast network of banking partners, allowing users to make transactions and checks.

This software has a lot of features, including a lot of possibilities, time and cost monitoring, invoice generation, and forecasting future income. Google Apps, Asana, Cloud Storage, Slack, and Google Chrome are just a few of the prominent business platforms and applications that ZipBooks integrates with.

This software makes it possible to connect to your online banking, make financial statements, and balance financial records.

This is a free accounting programme that is very useful for small business owners.

No need to register for any monthly subscriptions for the offerings unless you wish to be using the products of their banking institutions, in which case you will be charged a modest fee. ZipBooks is a user-friendly accounting and bookkeeping application with a lot of great features.

Managing time, internet invoicing, team management, recurring payment, and online invoicing software are just a few of the features.

3rd WHMCS alternatives – ClientExec

This is a one-of-a-kind software package for enterprises and hosting organisations, and it includes robust and efficient assistance, administration, and billing services. ClientExec’s major goal is to assist small and medium businesses in managing their online stuff and improving their productivity.

This is a web-based software that can be used from any computer and aids enterprises in responding to customer support concerns more quickly and efficiently. ClientExec simplifies daily work by automating routine operations.

It offers an easy-to-use dashboard that maintains track of all pertinent company data. You can keep track of all invoices and set up a regular fee schedule.

You can utilise invoice administrators to combine several billable items, make credit card validation, and keep a record of credits.

You can acquire ten different sorts of open-source reports to learn more about your company. With ClientExec, you’ll receive two different interfaces: one for the customer and one for the supplier.

ClientExec has an email system to manage your monitor, pathway, and deliver messages. It is simple to install and streamlines everyday tasks to oversee your company. This source code tracks all linked data and helps the combining of billable goods. You will receive approximately 10 accessible actionable insights such as resulting from financial, support evaluations, and so forth.

4th WHMCS alternatives – Blesta Billing Panel

Blesta is a developer-friendly billing administration and automation application for hosting companies all over the world. Blesta provides 100% open source software that is well-documented, object-oriented, and quite well written.

Cloud machines, domain registries, and control systems can all be integrated with this platform. The panel, customer profile, and payment overview are all easily customizable elements of the UI. It allows you to customise, downsize, and maximise widgets according to your needs, and you’ll appreciate the simple and easy ticket system they provide.

From service provisioning to order fulfilment, recurring invoice production, and delivery, Blesta automates every part of your organisation.


  • Payment Processing 
  • Multi-currency 
  • Adjustable bills 
  • Contact Database 
  • Online transactions 
  • Online billing 
  • Billing Gateway 
  • Monthly subscription 

5th WHMCS alternatives – Invoice Ninja

This operating system was introduced in 2014, and the business now has over 115,000 users. They have created software that is competitive with other well-known invoicing solutions. This is among the few invoice management programmes that offer an accessible and free app.

This free trial version is managed to install domestically and can be customised to meet your specific business needs. Invoice Ninja also has a cloud-based SaaS version if you would not want to self-host your invoice management software.

Invoice Ninja is ideal for a seasoned developer looking for a cheap self-hosted invoicing solution. This is a fantastic option because you will receive over 40 online payments, powerful invoicing, excellent customer service, and a free valuation option.

There are innumerable one-of-a-kind options available, such as “buy now” eCommerce buttons and listening commands.


  • Found very effective, projects, and timers.
  • Invoices and citations can be generated in real-time.
  • You can recognise payment arrangements as well as deposits.
  • You can personalise your invoices by adding a logo.
  • And over 40 payment methods are accepted.
  • There is an expert invoice layout design available.
  • You can set up auto-bills and recurring invoices.
  • A specially made URL link can help you build trust.
  • Item and merchandise library systems are available.

6th WHMCS alternatives – Box Billing

This is bill payment and customer service software that allows software developers to regulate the invoicing aspects of their businesses through a variety of features. BoxBilling provides automated invoicing, product configuration management, and invoicing services. This software allows users to use a variety of currencies, allowing them to be used by people all over the world.

There are free options of the apps with constraints, but pro variants could be used for $5 per month. You will have unrestricted access to the features, and users will be able to have their own marketing. This is a useful piece of software that provides automatic invoicing to clients via invoices.

It can be transcribed into multiple languages, allowing businesses to cater to foreign clients. BoxBilling is a low-cost and excellent option to other billing software.


  • Full billing framework 
  • Open-source Templates
  •  Add-ons 
  • Invoice management 
  • Invoice billing 
  • Invoice processing


Today, there is a slew of additional WHMCS alternatives for managing your web hosting company in an evolutionary manner. We have shown you a comprehensive selection of the finest WHMCS alternatives in this article.


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  • DataServerMarket delivers data and processing connectivity business solutions.
  • In addition, DataServerMarket offers expert professional advice as well as electronic adaptability and connectivity services.
  • DataServerMarket also offers cloud video conferencing, global telephony services, and IP communication between consumers and Service Providers.
  • DataServerMarket provides storage options, VPN Clouds, private mail systems, relocation, and data transfer solutions.

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