10 Free VPS Hosting Providers: Linux and Windows

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10 Free VPS Hosting Providers: Linux and Windows

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If you are getting a medium-level traffic hike but are not satisfied to switch yourself from shared to dedicated hosting. So here is an option for you that is Free VPS hosting. Premium VPS hosting servers provide many features however this can seem quite costly for those who want to try new applications or projects. There are options for free VPS servers for students.

Free VPS hosting providers are suitable for them. However, there are concerns regarding the safety and guarantee provided by free VPS  hosting as many cases of scams have been speculated. Thus there are trustworthy issues with VPS providers.

How to get Free VPS Hosting?

Users generally have many questions like how to get free windows VPS or will free Linux VPS to be useful, or free VPS hosting secure for them. Definitely, there are security concerns that come in the first place in the client’s mind with free VPS hosting. If their ideas get stolen and sold to other spammers.

Moreover what if they don’t get proper space on the free shared VPS hosting, what about the returns as in most cases it has been seen that the returns are equal to nothing. For these many reasons all free windows and Linux VPS hosting providers can’t be trusted.

There are some VPS hosting providers that are at very affordable prices and can provide you with more than expected returns. You will also unlock many surprising features.

Let’s discuss them.

1.DomainRacer.com – {100%} Cheap and Inexpensive…As Almost Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting Providers

DomainRacer is the top-rated web hosting provider company. That provides the best quality VPS hosting at an inexpensive cost. If you are searching for a trustworthy mate, then DomainRacer is the best option. DomainRacer comes in the top position because of its superior functions. There are hundreds and thousands of cheap VPS hosting India providers available, find here the best one from market search.

  • DomainRacer offers faster VPS hosting deals as Low-cost VPS hosting, KVM VPS hosting, Storage VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. With VPS hosting plans you get a lifetime concession.
  • DomainRacer is a well-known hosting provider because of its reliability and tire-four data center (India, Germany, Canada, France, UK, USA, Singapore and 2 coming soon).
  • Here you get faster loading speed LiteSpeed technology, guaranteed high server running time, bandwidth and all high-security tools.
  • Receiving a good VPS with excellent quality at this cost is difficult. With DomainRacer you can upgrade or downgrade hosting plans (whenever you required). So, we’ve put all the key info about the cheap Linux KVM vps hosting .

Key Benefits of DomainRacer VPS Hosting:

  • Simple Interface and Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Unrestricted Storage Space and Bandwidth
  • Multi-core Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors
  • Solid 40 Gbps Network Capacity
  • Free On Demand Guidance and Resources [24/7/365]
  • Budget-Friendly Plans
  • Increase Reliability of Websites


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, 10 Free VPS Hosting Providers
  • The Interserver VPS hosting operates on a month to month basis. The cost you will have to pay in the starting month is $6.
  • The disk space is between 30Gb and 448GB.
  • Users are free to select one CPU core or dozens based on disk space. It has been installed with new versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and Ruby.
  • Unlike many VPS hosting providers Interserver provides users flexibility as well as you can get numerous other VPS options and cloud spacing at less than $10.

 Interserver makes the process simple for its users, moreover, you can get a guaranteed hardware network.

Thus you can buy this VPS hosting at a very affordable price assuredly!.

3. Smartasp.net

Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, Get Free VPS Hosting Providers
  • If you are new and still hesitant to pay a huge sum of money because of your tight budget. You don’t need to worry about anything anymore.Smartasp.net is  Linux hosting VPS which provides services at very cheap rates or for free, depending upon the plans.For 60 days smartasp.net provides you Linux hosting for free without any credit card. Thus it is one of the most suitable free VPS hosting providers if you wish to work on the Linux operating system.
  • It will give you 1GB SSD space and 1GB bandwidth support with PHP, HTML, Python, Perl.
  • You will also get a free domain name temporarily. Smartass ensures to provide 24*7 support to its users, hence you can be dependent on it for its accountability.
Free VPS Hosting Providers

4.Gear Host

Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting list
  •         The next comes down the line is Gear Host free VPS hosting provider. It will provide lifelong Linux hosting for free, but with 100 Mb space and 1 GB bandwidth.
  • It supports PHP and MySQL dataserver.No such credit cards are required
  • According to the reviews given to Gear Host, the admin panel is user friendly and one can create apps very easily. So now if you want to test your app beforehand then you can be sure of relying on Gear Host.
  • This is a really very friendly free VPS hosting provider for minimalist works and new websites.
Free VPS Hosting Providers, Get Free VPS Hosting


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting list
  • Very much in popularity these days. Hostinger is considered to be one of the best VPS hosting providers at almost no cost.
  •  You only have to pay 0.99$ per month can you believe it. Yes, It is true! However, it has very limited options.
  • Hostinger is spread in almost more than 170 countries and has experience of providing free VPS hosting, so definitely you can find guaranteed user-friendly systems.
  • The basic plan comes with 100 Gb of bandwidth and 10Gb of space disk. 1 MySQL database, 1 free email account, and 24*7 support system.
  • You can also switch from a free VPS hosting plan to premium VPS hosting plans if you find the basic free VPS hosting plan system unsatisfactory with time. Premium VPS hosting plan includes unlimited websites, free domain name, unlimited bandwidths in addition, and that too at a very low price. So friends buckle up yourself for this VPS Linux hosting provider.
Free VPS Hosting Providers, 10 Free VPS Hosting providers

6. Accuwebhosting

Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting list
  • It is the free VPS hosting provider for the first month of use. Afterward, you need to pay for approx $2 every month.
  • Well, what makes Accuwebhosting unique is its quick setup which includes an operating system, IIS server, Microsoft SQL server database, MySQL server, MailEnable Server.
  • The free Windows VPS server includes some pointers that you will be surprised to learn. The following are- Microsoft HyperV Virtualization, 1 GB sports speed, Hosting in USA data center, Dual Xeon E5 and E7 series server, server firewall, self-managed Windows VPS.
  • You can easily upgrade from free VPS hosting plan to Premium Window VPS too so to unfold many other features.


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS Hosting List
  • It is a  Linux and Windows hosting VPS provider. It is a really user-friendly VPS hosting provider at very low rates.
  • Hostwind has been in the line of VPS hosting for more than ten years and is known for its compatibility with the users at very low rates. Experts review it in one of the tops almost free VPS hosting providers list.
  • Its plans include domain registration, SSL certificates.
  • It provides high uptime guarantee also customer support by 24*7.
  • Customers are really satiated with the server uptime and its support system However you also need to know that it provides very limited data service options.
  • VPS plans allow you to choose between Linux and windows ( windows are a bit costlier than Linux). It has features like SSD drive, free website transfers, protection against DDOS attacks, and many more.
  • Hostwinds takes care of server security, maintenance, and many new updates in managed plans. However, the customer is also free to choose an unmanaged plan with slight variations in rates.

8. X10 Hosting

Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, Get Free VPS Hosting
  • If you are cringing at the limited features provided by the so-called free VPS hosting providers at low cost then here we are with another Cloud VPS hosting provider.
  • X10 Hosting provides you with unlimited storage and bandwidth at very low rates. It is most suitable for the users who want to start their new websites and applications as it has flexible resources and provides a familiar Cpanel interface and with one-click software installation.
  • Known for its simplicity X10Hosting VPS hosting provider has been proved friendly to the clients. It assures you with unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, people who ask its credibility then we would like to tell that X10 Hosting has experience of more than a decade, it serves approx 12 million pages per month and hosts 122 million.(from authentic source) hence stands affront from other free VPS hosting providers in its competition.


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, 10 Free VPS Hosting Providers
  • It promises you a free trial for the first use. It has been succeeded by competitors by loading sites triple times faster. You can get free VPS in very little time without having to wait much.
  • ALA VPS is one of the renowned free VPS hosting providers that has been known for its simplicity and user-friendly environment so the beginners can work upon it without much haggling.
  • Same like other free VPS hosting providers the company provides you with DDoS protections, the choice between windows, and Linux operating systems. However, we need to warn our users to look carefully into its support system as the knowledge section has not been handled very well by the company in spite of its assurance. This can really be a concern for the newcomers.
  • Talking about storage the company provides the storage between 500 GB and 800GB SSD. It provides a bandwidth of 300 GB.
  • Well, you have reasons for relying on the company for its many features and also you don’t need to use your credit card. If you are starting afresh then the company holds many promises for you. Don’t delay and check now this free VPS hosting provider!!


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting Dataservermarket Review
  • If you wish Giga Rocket to continue its free services to you then you have to fulfill certain criteria beforehand. First, the user has to join the online message board with approx 90,000 members and submit at least 25 posts.
  • Not only these 15 posts monthly also need to be submitted if you want a free unlimited VPS server.
  • It is well said that nothing comes for free and here this dictum applies perfectly well. You might have to give your time much more for getting free VPS.definitely this can be crucial for someone who wants to start things as soon as possible. For that, you can check our other recommendations.
  • Due to the limited availability of free VPS hosting users might have to wait a little longer. However, don’t stop at this limitation as we assure you that GigaRocket comes in handy for student VPS providers. Students who want to experiment on their skill sets without much pressure can rely on Giga Rocket. Moreover, It is student-friendly.
  • It provides storage up to 25 GB and bandwidth of 150 GB. It has a wide-ranging Linux server and can be used by students.
  • Thus this free VPS hosting provider has really been proven very useful for the students as we got to know from their reviews.

BONUS: Wo/omhost-

Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting Dataservermarket Review
  • Woomhost provides wide-ranging VPS. The VPS package includes two CPU cores, free domain registration, and chat support.
  • It provides abundant bandwidth and storage. Moreover, if you are naive in this field then Woomhost provides you the feasibility to work on it and definitely it’s simple processing has been very beneficial to the customers. This has been appreciated by its users.
  • However, we want to warn you that Woomhost has previously faced some security issues and has been seen quite lethargic in handling problems of the users and solving them prudently. This has always been in concern about free VPS hosting providers for many of the clients
  • The bandwidth is 1.5 TB and storage is about 120 GB to 170GB.
  • The free VPS comes with an unmanaged plan as usual. You have to have prior knowledge of command lines for you are needed to manage your backups, security, and everything on your own. However, there is an option of a managed plan that Woomhost provides but definitely that comes with a high cost that can’t be expected from newcomers or students.


There are some doubts which keep dwelling into the customer’s mind without proper answers. Here we are providing you with is best to help you.

 Q.1) Are free VPS hosting providers reliable for the long term?

Ans. Thus this question has been asked many times by the clients. So to remind them that freebies are luring temptations for a short time but when you need to sustain in the industry for a long run then you need to loosen your pockets.

There are many issues with free VPS hosting providers, first are the security concerns as many fake addresses have been reported and moreover, your data can be stolen and could be sold to the other party well definitely this will be the worst you would be facing in the industry where you have to struggle hard in the race. You will not be wanting your unique ideas to get stolen.

Another thing is the so-called free VPS hosting providers definitely never come for free, we advise you to protect yourself from getting snared into the fee trap. These free VPS can be helpful for your trial basis or if you are a student and want to experiment with no your ideas and projects before implementing it rest if you wish to unlock their new features then you will have to pay them. The more adaptable and modern features are going to give you a push ahead of others. The managed plan which is provided by the VPS users at some cost also can prove handy to you and can help you to focus on your work without taking any effort in managing the backup, security, etc.

You can buy VPS hosting if you want to continue in the long run as it will be more beneficial to you.

Q.2) which one to prefer linux or windows VPS?

Ans.) It depends on the need and kind of your work. If you want to work on software like Python, Java, Perl, or PHP then definitely Linux is a perfect Vps to work on. However, if you want to work for MYSQL, ASP Classics, MS Access, C# which are windows specific then Windows VPS is best suitable for you.

Regarding security, Linux is more secure however if you have the right setup then you can make Windows secure and protect from any unwanted attacks.

Linux doesn’t need to be rebooted again and again that means it has a capacity of handling loads, however, you may need to reboot windows.

SSH and telnet files can only be accessed on Linux however FTP files are easily accessible on Windows and Linux.

Plesk control panel is used on Windows VPS and Cpanel on Linux. Both are easy to work with a friendly interface.

If we talk about the cost then it is for sure that Linux is available on very lower costs however one has to give a license fee for Windows that is itself included in the cost of VPS.

Thus if you want to get Windows VPS then you have to pay a bit higher prices in comparison with Linux.

Q3) Pros and cons of  VPS hosting?

Ans.)  VPS hosting has been widely known as a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting.

Definitely it has reduced the gap between the two however to critically analyze its working one has to look over the cons and pros of VPS hosting.

Here we are there to provide you the pointers so that you can take your decision carefully.


  • You can get VPS hosting at a very lower cost and if you don’t get much higher traffic on your website.
  • You will be allocated more space than shared web hosting. That means you can have access to many more resources.
  • Moreover, VPS provides you some features that are easy to work with and user friendly especially for the newcomers.
  • You even have access to a root server that is not provided by shared hosting.


  •       Definitely it is costlier than shared VPS in spite of the fact that users have to share the same server.
  • You need prior technical knowledge about configuration settings. That means it is not easy for aspiring users who aren’t technically advanced.

 Q4) How to create free VPS for students, specifically?

Ans.) It is really very difficult and impractical for the students to pay for the virtual servers as first they need it for experimentation purposes, second, they are still in their learning period so spending money is much better for professionals, third they have limited cash which is pretty normal. Considering all these things students are often in search of free VPS cloud server or Linux or windows server.

Well, there are many companies which provide free VPS trial for 1 year also companies take out many packages like free unlimited VPS servers however in this students need to fulfill certain criteria.

The free cloud server can be one of the best options which are provided by companies like AWS Free Tier, HP Public Cloud Test Flight, Microsoft Windows Azure, and many more.

There are many companies which we have listed above with all the features.students can also choose from them as they are affordable, some also provide free VPS on a trial basis and can be proved best for their new ideas.


Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers, VPS hosting Dataservermarket review

Some of the Web Hosting Services which we recommend our user family :

  • For Dedicated Hosting,
Free VPS Hosting Providers
Free VPS Hosting Providers

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